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Information on this page taken from posting on the Tipton County page of tngenweb.org written by Jeffrey Gatlin, great-great-great-grandson of Mollie Warmath Eckford. The email address associated with the postings was, unfortunately, out of date, but I'd love to hear from Jeffrey Gatlin or family. Conversely, if Jeffrey Gatlin does not want this information reproduced here, please contact me. To all others, check out his postings on the Tipton County page, which go into detail about the Civil War careers of the Warmath brothers and the Eckford brothers.

 Anna E. Warmath Eckford

born 11-27-1843




1836-Robert H. Warmath 1836

1842-Mollie Warmath Eckford

1846-Thomas Boardman Warmath

1847-James C. Warmath

1850-Judson Nathan Warmath

1853-John R Warmath

married 12-12-1865

in Tipton County TN


William Wallace Eckford



c.1865-Willie B. (daughter)

c.1871-Frederick T.

Aug. 1876-John T.


Willie B. married 6-3-1890 to R.S. Maley, funeral director.


Thomas I Warmath


Ann McFaddin

spouse's parents:

Thomas Eckford



maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Thomas Warmath & Mary Wooten

maternal aunts & uncles:



paternal aunts & uncles:

1799-Henry Warmath, c.1813-Willie Rains, 1818-Martha S. Patsy Warmath Baker, Sarah Warmath (Hamilton), 1820-Mary Warmath Shumate


The post by Jeffrey Gatlin says that his great-great-great-grandmother Mollie married Becton Eckford, and her sister Annie married William Wallace Eckford, and her brother John married Martha G. "Mattie" Eckford.

1870 census, Tipton County TN, district 1 (same page as her mother & brothers still at home)

W.W. Eckford, age 28, farmer, born MS?, real estate value $2000, personal estate $800

A.E., age 25, female, born TN

W.B. (or R), female, age 4

J.B. Warmath, age 26, farmer, born TN, real estate value $200 (note he is listed after those below)

also in the household Isaac Eaton (25) and Cooper Eaton (28) both black and from NC Rufus Savoy, age 23, black, from TN


1880 census Tipton District 1

W.W. Eckford, age 38, born in TN, father born in Scotland, mother in TN, profession: butcher

A.E. Eckford, age 36, wife, keeping house, born in TN of parents born in TN

W.B. Eckford, age 13, daughter

F.T. Eckford, age 9, son

J.F. (or T.) Eckford, age 4, son

(cursive initials not always clear, so these may not be accurate transcriptions)

also in the household, F.D. Lane, age 35, boarder, profession: servant; Alfred Hunter, black, age 35


1900 census, Tipton County, Covington

W.W. Eckford, age 58, born June 1841, married 35 years, born in TN of parents born in TN, occupation: cattle buyer

Annie E. Eckford, age 56, born Nov. 1843, married 35 years, mother of 4, three of whom survive TN-TN-TN

John T. Eckford, age 23, son, born Aug. 1876, occupation: assistant undertaker