Jasper III

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Credit: I lifted some of the documentation on this page from the website of BJ Hughes, specifically this page: www.bjhughes.org/hardisdoc.html



Note that Albermarle County dissolved, and that Martin County was born out of Tyrell County

Jasper 1 died 1733, internet sources say born 1691 (not verified, source not known) so kids born prob. 1710-1733.

Jasper 2 therefore born 1710-1733. Make it 1710-1723 because he becomes legal guardian of Sarah Hill/Nile in 1743, which he couldn't have done if too young. Also presume he is married by then or he wouldn't be taking on a child? Guessing he's closer to 1710, because he is the second child named in his father's will, after first born John. 1755 tax list has only one Jasper Hardison, but that is most likely because his son didn't marry until 1763, and so would still have been part of his father's household. 1779 petition, however, has only one Jasper Hardison, which suggests Jasper 2 has died before 1779.

Jasper 3, father of Jesse presumably at least 20 when his son was born c.1780-90, so born 1760 or earlier. If he is the one who marries Alice Evans in 1763, then born c. 1743 or before.

From the 1830 census, it looks like Jesse, father of Asa, was born 1780-1790. 

Dad speculates that there were not three Jaspers, but only two--that Jesse is the son of Jasper 2. This would mean Jasper 2, born c.1710-1720, married Alice Evans as a second wife in 1763 when about 40-50 years old. There are about 18 children attributed to Jasper 2 and Jasper 3, so if he's one guy, he was some guy.


1726 (Deeds of Tyrell County NC 1735-1760 Abstracted, by Stephen Bradley Jr) 6-26-1726 Cullen Pollock deeded 1000 acres joining Rosco Creek & Morattock River to Mr. Jasper Hardison of Tyrrel Co

1727 The Poplar Branch Cemetery inventory on Rootsweb's Martin County page, contributed by Diane Sottilare, says, "This cemetery is located...in Jamesville, NC. It is on the 640-acre tract that Jasper Hardison was granted from England in 1727. Jasper Hardison's eldest son, John Hardison, inherited this tract per the will of Jasper Hardison...There is an old cart path that runs near the cemetery. The path resembles an old creek bed. This road was the main road in the 1700's and 1800's. Poplar Branch is mentioned in many old Martin County Deeds. The very early deeds refer to it as Beaver Dam Branch. The early deeds refer to the cart path as Chappel Road...There are approximately 25 to 30 unmarked graves in this cemetery. Some have wooden markers, which are illegible." Marked graves are for those born c. 1830 or later.

1730 (Province of North Carolina 1663-1729 Abstract of Land Patents by Margaret M. Hoffman) "Jesper Hardinson" 4-16-1730, 640 acres Southerly of Morattock river, joining William Rhodes and the west side of Deep Run.

1733 Will of Jasper I (abstract from NC Gen Web transcription, Albermarle County NC) says the will was entered 5-8-1733 and probated 11-5-1733. Sons: John ("land on South side of Deep run"), Jaspar (200 acres of land on Cheat Neck), Charles ("piece of land called Cheat Neck Island"), Joshua and Thomas (land on Cheat Neck branch), Richard and Joseph ("rest of plantation known by the name of Roses Plantation"). Other legatees: Mary Carkeet, Judah Sutton. Executors: Mary Hardison (wife), John Hardison (son). Witnesses: Joseph Hudson, Samuel Durrance. Will proven before Geo. Burrington. (More on this will under Japser II, at 1740)

(Regarding Jasper's daughter, Mary Carkeet, the will of Edmund Smithwick of Martin County, dated 5-11-1774 mentions daughter Mary Carkeet and grandchildren Lydia, Sarah and Clony Carkeet. Mary Carkeet is one of the witnesses to the will. The will also mentions daughter Africa Blount and grandson Edward Blount. He mentions daughter Hannah Jordan. The sons mentioned are Edmundson Samuel, Edmundson Edward, Edmundson John and Edmundson. He mentions land he bought from James Smithwick Gardner, James Gorton, William Robeson and John Hoildy Hudson, and his land borders on Robeson swamp and the Mizell line and the land of Timothy Lilly. His witnesses, along with Mary Carkeet, are Isaac Gardner and Jesse Dugan. Note that 1785 will of John Hardison has Edmund Smithwick as witness. Note also that Tyrell County marriage records show "Afraca" Smithwick married Benjamin Blount 4-4-1750 and Mary Smithwick married William Carkeet 9-18-1753.)


1734 will of William Garret 3-24-1734 (Abstract of NC Wills, Grimes) in Albermarle County names wife Mary, is witnessed by John and Jasper Hardison, and names legatees James Chason (Chesson?), Thomas Hardison, Richard Hardison, and Joseph Hardison.


1740 (Deeds of Tyrell County NC 1735-1760 Abstracted, by Stephen Bradley Jr) states that Jasper's deed was not acknowledged so Cullen Pollock signed over his rights to the heirs that Jasper intended 2-17-1740, witnessed by John Hardison and Robt. McCrie. Jasper 2 sold his 200 acres on "Cheet Neck" to Benj. Carkeet, and Charles sold his 100 acres to Carkeet as well. Thus in 1740 Cullen Pollock made over his right to 400 acres to Benj. Carkeet and the others as Jasper had willed it.


3-2-1743 in Tyrell County Jasper Hardison posted 500 pounds guardian bond and became guardian of Sarah Nile or Hill, orphan (have seen it transcribed both ways, her parents not listed). The witnesses were Barrett and James Jones. The fellow bondsmen were Thomas Lee and John Chesson.


7-1-1753 Tyrell County marriage records show Mary Carkeet (widow) wed John Daley. Believe this is Jasper's daughter.


6-6-1753 John Hardison posted bond to become guardian of Wm Carkeet, son on Benjamin Carkeet. (From Jasper 1's will, John is Jasper 2's brother, and Wm Carkeet is likely nephew of both John and Jasper 2)


1755 tax list Tyrell County included Joseph "Hardeson," Jasper "Hardesson," Richard Hardesson and Thomas Hardesson, as well as James, John, Stephen, Thomas and Wm "Haresson."


In 1755 there is only one Jasper Hardison mentioned in the tax list. Presuming it is his son who marries in 1763, the son is not listed because he is part of his father's household. The 1779 petition to have Tyrell made into a county has only one Jasper Hardison. If the one who married in 1763 is the son of Jasper 2, out on his own with a wife, that strongly implies that Jasper 2 is dead by 1779 (or no longer in Tyrell County). Some internet sources list him dying in 1798. I'm suspicious of that date, and wonder if it's Jasper 3's death date (Jesser being born 1780-1790). Looking for verification.


1759 birth of James Hardison according to his Revolutionary War pension. "James Hardison was born in 1759 in Martin County, NC. He enlisted, date not stated, in Martin County NC, served six months as a private in Captain John H. Jones' Company, Colonel Eaton's North Carolina Regiment and was in the Battle of Brier Creek. He enlisted in 1781, served three months as a private in Captain Benjamin Hardison and James Evan's companies, Colonels Hill and Davie Stitt's NC regiments and was in the battle of Guilford and Camden. He was allowed pension on his application executed 9-10-1832 while a resident of Maury Co TN. Soldier died 7-23-1842, leaving a widow, her name and date of marriage not stated." (File contributed to Rootsweb by Connie Ardrey, from a letter written by EW Morgan, Acting Commissioner, to Louise Hardison, posted on HeritageQuest). 


2-16-1760 Tyrell County marriage records, William Hardison wed Mary Mizell, bondsman John Mizell, witness Ann Davenport

7-7-1760 Tyrell County marriage records, Lydia Carkeet wed James Johnston, bondsman James Hardison, witnesses Fr & Rachell Ward



(Not sure if this is Jasper 2 or Jasper 3.) Tyrell County NC marriage bonds show Jasper Hardison marrying Alse "Evins" 9-3-1763. Bondsmen/Witnesses: Everett Stubbs (w) Fr Ward.

    NOTE: the will of Thos. Evans, 1744, Tyrell County, names his beloved wife Mary, and daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Alice, and Sarah. Suspect they were young because their father also left land to his own mother (one of his executors was Samuel Durrance, who also appears to have been--or his father was--witness to the will of Jasper 1).

    NOTE ALSO: regarding bondsman Everett Stubbs--Tyrell marriage bonds also show in 18 years Mary Hardison wedding Levi Stubbs in 1781, with Jesse Stubbs bondsman and Thomas Hoskins witness.

    NOTE LASTLY: Jesse was born 1780-1790 (according to the 1830 census) or 17-27 years into the marriage of Jasper & Alice. Unless, of course, it was his grandfather marrying a new bride late in his life. Or, on the other hand, if Alice was Jasper 3's wife but she died and he remarried...


1765 Tyrell marriage bonds 4-20-1765 between Mary "Evens" and Crossley Ray had bondsman Jasper Hardison Jr (witnesses Rachel Ward and Fr. Ward) Note that the will of Thos. Evans mentioned above showed Mary and Alice as sisters. In theory, then, the bondsman at this wedding is the bride's brother-in-law.


11-13-1765 Joseph Hardison wed Mary Ann Collins, Tyrell County marriage records, bondsman John Collins, witnesses Fr Ward and Ann Davenport


12-19-1766 Tyrell County Marriage bonds, Elizabeth Hardison (d/o John?) and Ezekial Moore, bondsman John Hardison, witness Fr Ward


12-19-1767 John Hardison (presumably brother of Jasper 2?) paid bond to become guardian of Richeson Swanner, son of Lamuill Swanner. A fellow bondsman was James Leggett. (Jesse Hardison, son of Jasper 3, in 1793 married Anna Leggett)


11-27-1778 will of John Hardison, Martin County, names wife Olive, sons William, Benjamin, John, youngest daughter Frances and child his wife is carrying "if a son named Robert" get the land between Deep Run Benjamin Hardison's line and the mill pond divided between "Robert" and Frances. Also names daughters Mary Beasley, Elizabeth Moore, Sarah Meagle, Ann Mizell, and Hannah Hardison. Also names grandson John Hardison. Mentions his "ten children" so presume he is counting the unborn "Robert." Mentions land joining James Moore known by the name Mannings Old Field. Witnessed by Wm. Ushere and Wm. Carkeet.


1779 petition to make a new County included signature of Jasper Hardison. Only one. If Jasper 3 is married and on his own, he should also have signed, unless, of course, Jasper 3 is the signer, and it is Jasper 2 who has vanished/died.


1779 tax list for Martin County includes in District One (number following is British pounds): Joseph Hardison 4151, Benjamin Esqr 3895, Richd 305, Thos 2076, Richd Sr 2445, Joshua 3820, David, 602, Wm Carkett 3192, Wm Hardison 1515, Benjn single pole 400. District Two: John Esqr 2678, and John jr 621. None in other districts but the insolvents list included John single pole in the service 400, and James single pole in the service 400, and Benjamin "gone nothing found" 400. Note the lack of Jasper


1781 Tyrell County marriage bonds, Mary Hardison & Levi Stubbs, bondsman Jesse Stubbs, witness Thomas Hoskins


1782 tax list for Tyrell County included Jasper Hardison with 50 acres land, 320 acres land piney, 2 head of horse, 8 head of cattle (his neighbor was Luke Leggett). Again, only one Jasper, perhaps implying Jasper 2 is dead or Jasper 3 is not out on his own.


6-25-1783 Tyrell County marriage records Sally Hardison wed Henry Robeson


1784 tax list for Tyrell County included Jasper Hardison 50 acres. Again, only one Jasper.

1784 Tyrell county marriage Elizabeth Hardison to Thomas "Harrison"


1-28-1785 will of Henry Robason (grandfather of Clara Robeson who married Jasper 3's grandson, Asa) is witnessed by Benjamin "Hardisson" and Joshua "Hardisson." He mentions the grist mill and land which he "bought of John Hardison." The full will is quoted on the Henry Robeson page.


3-5-1785 will of Benjamin Hardison, Martin County, mentions wife Elizabeth, sons John, William and "the children I had by my wife Elizabeth Hardison" listing Ezekial, Hardy, Seth, Samuel, Martha, Thomas and Elizabeth (strongly implying a different wife mothered John and William). Appoints as executors his brother William and friend John Stewart and wife Elizabeth. Witnesses Paul Ross, Edmund Smithwick, John Hardison


1786 tax list for Tyrell County (again, only one Jasper):

Jasper Hardison 370

Benjamin Hardison 40


1784-87 Tyrell County census has Jasper Hardison's household with one male 21-60, two males under 21, five females, zero slaves. The same census also shows (wonder if this is a transcriber's mistaken reading of "Luke") Cuba Leggett (one male 21-60 and one female) and Daniel Leggett (one male 21-60, one male under 21 and five females, zero slaves). There are also two "Harrison" households, Josiah (1-3-4-0 slaves) and James (2-2-4-0 slaves).


1790 Tyrell County NC census shows a Jasper Hardison with one male over 16, three under 16, three females, and two slaves. This could be Jesse's father. Tyrell County in 1790 also has a Daniel Legget (one male over 16, one under, and five females, no slaves) and a Luke Leggett (one male over 16, two females). Tyrell County 1790 also has Benjamin Hardison and Mary Hardison and the following "Harrison" families: John, Edmund, Joshua, William, Benjamin, Thos Sr & Thos Jr, Frank, and Susannah.


1790 census also shows the following Hardisons in NC:

Craven County: James

Dobbs County: James

Hyde County: Charles, Isaac, Samuel

Martin County: David, James, John, John, Joshua, Richard, Thomas, William

Onslow County: Charles, Gabriel, Jesse (Hardeson)

Pitt County: Joseph, Joshua


1-14-1792 Tyrell County Marriage bonds, Asa Hardison and Nancy Garrett, bondsman Benjamin Hardison, witness T. Mackey.


A Leggett researcher speculates that Ann Leggett who weds Jesse Hardison in 1793 may have been the widow of Lewis Leggett. Bertie County Court Minute Book 1 #959 Aug 1792 "Ordered that Ann Leggett have leave of adm on estate of Lewis Leggett dec'd on her giving bond and security 500 pounds given by Henry Speller and William Standley and sd Ann Leggett qualified to execute the same." This Lewis Leggett was primarily of Beaufort County, NC, and his wife was Ann Hawkins Leggett (according to the Leggett researchers online). They cite a marriage bond 5-3-1780 between Lewis Leggett and Ann Hawkins. Considering Jesse Hardison's known children were born 1814-1818 for sure, and maybe Mary Ann in 1829, and the Robeson Bible states "and his wife Anna," I find the Leggett research unlikely. To marry Lewis Leggett in 1780, being generous, she had to be at least 12, so born 1868 or sooner. This means at the birth of the first known child she would have been 46. Doubtful. Very doubtful.


Tyrell County Marriage Bonds 8-12-1793 Jesse Hardison (s/o Jasper) and ---Leggett. Bondsmen/Witnesses: Edmund Blount Jr. (w) T. Mackey.


Tyrell County marriage bonds has Penny Legitt marrying William Earl 8-11-1798 with bondsman Jesse Hardison (witness S. Chesson).