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Jesse Hardison

born c. 1780-1790



Working from this: Jesse's great-granddaughter said her grandfather's brother Dave visited them once from NC, so we know Jesse had sons Asa and Dave for sure. The Robeson Bible (family of Asa's wife) listed births for David (1820) and James (1814) and an illegible son (1818) who must've been Asa, all children of "Jesu" Hardison and Anna. It also listed a Noah (1816), son of "Luke and Anna."



Anna (Leggett?)





  c.1813 dead/dumb/idiotic

       male (see 1850 census)



  1818-Asa Hardison


  1829-Mary Ann



Jasper Hardison III


perhaps Alice Evans

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Jasper Hardison II

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

Tyrell County Marriage Bonds 8-12-1793 Jesse Hardison and ---Leggett. Bondsmen/Witnesses: Edmund Blount Jr. (w) T. Mackey.


Tyrell County marriage bonds has Penny Legitt marrying William Earl 8-11-1798 with bondsman Jesse Hardison (witness S. Chesson).


1-16-1797 will of William Hardison, Martin County, names wife Mary, daughters Mary Hardison, Elizabeth Everett, Hannah Gardner, Sarah Blount, sons Benjamin & Cullen. It is witnessed by John Hardison. The land he names includes the Devil's Gut, Deaded Island, swamp adjoining Edward Cooper's line. (NOTE: if you do a google image search for "Devil's Gut" "Martin County" you can see photos of the place. The Nature Conservancy bought it. Not exactly hospitable looking.)


The 1800 census for Martin County's Halifax District shows a Jas. Hardison followed by a notation that probably is "Sen" with a little curlicued r on the end, but could be "son." Also within the district are the following Hardisons: Benjamin, David, John Jr & Sr, Joshua, Luke, Mark, Richard, Thos., Wiggins. Note that only one Jasper is listed as the head of a household. I am not sure if this represents the full census of Martin County, or if it is only a surviving fragment.

    Anyway, Jas' household is three males under 10, one 10-15, one 26-44; females--two under 10, one 26-44, and four slaves.


The 1810 census for Martin County (again, possibly a fragment) lists no Jasper Hardison at all. It shows Benjamin, Cullen, Edward, James, John and Luke Hardison.


The Robeson family Bible records the following (because Clara Robeson wed Jesse Hardison's son, Asa):

Noah Hardison, son of Luke Hardison and Anna his wife was born Feb (illeg) 1816.

(illegible) Hardison, son of Jesu (?) Hardison and Anna his wife was born July the 30th 1818.

David Hardison, son of Jesu (?) Hardison and Anna his wife was born December 2, 1820.

James Hardison,son of Jesu (?) Hardison and his wife Ana was born Febr. the 22 in the year of our Lord 1814.

NOTE: Noah, son of "Luke" and Anna could be a transcription error, a second name for Jesse, or it could mean Noah is not Jesse's son. There is a Luke Hardison in the 1800 and 1810 Martin County census, Halifax District.


The 1820 Martin Co census was destroyed.


1830 Martin County NC Jameston District

Jesse Hardison household

one male under five, two males 5-10, two males 10-15, one male 40-50

one female under five, one female 20-30, one female 40-50, no slaves, nine total

(same district also has households of Richard Hardison, Josiah Hardison and James Hardison Sr. The Hamilton District of Martin County is where the bulk of the Leggetts are in 1830, though there is a Bethel Leggett--guessing at that first name--in the Jameston district)


Didn't check slaves on many of these

Martin County 1840 Williamston has Mary Hardison household, one female 30-40, one female 70-80, one female slave 55-100.

There are no Hardisons in Martin County District 4 or 6 or 8.

District 1 has the following Hardison households:

    Ebenezer: males: 2 under 5, one 30-40; females: 1 under 5, one 5-10, one 20-30

    Richard: males: one 5-10, two 10-15, one 30-40; females: one under 5, one 5-10-, 0ne 15-20, one 30-40

    Samuel: males: one 10-15, one 15-20; females: two 10-15, one 30-40

    Jesper "Harrison": males: one under five, one 10-15, one 60-70; females: one 5-10, one 30-40

    John: males: one under 5, three 5-10, one 10-15, one 20-30, one 40-50; females: two 15-20, one 20-30, one 70-80

District 2 has the following Hardison households:

    James: one male under 5, one 5-10, two 10-15, two 15-20, one 20-30, one 50-60; females: one 5-10, one 15-20, one 20-30, one 40-50.

        with male slaves one 24-36, and females three under 10 and one 24-36, total of all people in household 17

    Wiggins Hardison is also on page, but didn't mark down his household details

District 3 only has (next to Harmon Robason):

    James Hardison with males: two 15-20, two 20-30, one 50-60; females one 10-15 and one 50-60.

District 5 has the following "Harrison" households: Reuben, Nancy, Ridmond?, D(?)B, John B.


1850 Martin County census, page 9 of 118, household 62 (looking for Jesse's sons, James and David)

James Hardison, age 36, farmer, estate value $300, born NC

Mary , age 30

John E?, age 12

Thos Cook, age 7

David, age 1

Hannah, age 9 months

John, age 62

Amy/Anny? age 62

page 17 of 118

Jason Tice, age 46, farmer, estate value $300

Wm. Corey, age 60, estate value $300

Charity Corey, 45

Noah Hardison, age 35

Milly Hardison, age 23

Kinchen Hardison, age 7

S.D. Hardison, age 5 (male)

Asa Hardison, age 3

Lasley/Labley? Hardison, age 1 (male)

James M. Hardison, age 1

Eliza Corey, age 9

Harris E/C Robason, age 29

Nancy Rogerson, age 65

(many Robasons on same page)

page 91 household 343

David Hardison, age 29, farmer, estate value $480

Aphe, age 24? (was sent a family tree giving her maiden name as Peal)

Margrett A, age 6

Seth R, age 4

M.E. (marked male, but I think that's an error), age 3

Wm. A, age 1

name that looks like Mah (maybe says "Mad"? Hardison age 37, male, marked DDI in final column, deaf, dumb, idiotic


1860 Martin County District 3 PO Williamston

household 313

Noah Hardison, age 44, farmer 44/450

Milley, age 38

James, age 18

Standley, age 16

Asa, age 14

Joshua, age 12

Ann, age 10

Nancy, age 8

Sopha, age 6

(household 316 is Hyman Robason and 319 is Noah Robason, etc)

household 331

David Hardison, age 40, farmer, 750/1200

Afa, age 34, wife

Margrett, age 16

Seth, age 14

Elizabeth, age 12

William, age 10

Pency L (female) age 8

Susan, age 6

Salley, age 4

Romulous? age 1


David Hardison Martin Dist 3 has one 17 yr old male black

household 335

James Hardison, age 40 (maybe said 46?), day labor

Polly, age 40, wife

David, age 12

Hanner? age 10 (female)

Salleyan age 8

Jesper/Jesse age 6

Thomas, age 1

Anna Hardison, age 74, widow (others have " instead of surname, she has Hardison written out)

NOTE: This could be his mother, Anna (Leggett?) or it could be the Amy/Annie matched with John in 1850

household 347

Elizabeth Peal, age 68, widow, 500/4000

Lawrence, age 5

George Hardison, age 17


1870 Martin County Jamesville

household 211

Noah Hardison, age 45, farmer, 500/300

Milly, age 40, keeping house

Sophia, age 19, at home

Nancy, age 16, no occupation

Joshua, age 21, no occupation

(note relative to those he lived with in 1850 that household 207, 210, 213=Corey, 208=Tice, 214=Robason)

household 212 (Noah's son)

"Stanly" Hardison, age 24, farmer, 400/100

Louisa, age 20, keeping house

(next households Corey, Robason, Lilley, Daniel, Peal)

household 218

David Hardison, age 49, farmer, 1000/400

Aphia, age 44, keeping home

Margaret, age 24, at home

William, age 20, working on farm

Pruey/Pency L, age 18, at home

Susan F, age 15, at home

household 219

Seth Hardison, age 23, farmer, 200/300

Frances L, age 22, keeping house

Mary E, 11 months, born July

household 225 (221 & 223 were Robasons)

James Hardison, age 57, farmer, 500/400

Mary, age 50, keeping house

David R, age 22, working on farm

Hannah F, age 21, at home

Sallie A, age 17, at home

Jesse/Jesper H, age 15

Mary, age 11


1880 census, Martin County, Griffins, District 96 (enumerator Seth R Hardison)

household 6 (Noah & Wm Robason also on page)

David Hardison, age 60, Miller

Apha, age 54, wife, keeping house

Margaret A, 35, daughter, at home

William, age 27, son, farmer

Lucy J, age 17, wife, keeping house

Anner? Robason (female), age 12, orphan (note there is an Adener Robason on page)

Joseph Hardison, age 14, no relationship listed, farm hand

household 78 (all checked as "cannot read/cannot write")

S.D. Hardison (Noah's son), age 36, farmer

wife Louezer, age 31, keeping house

daughter "Mada"? age 8, ate home

son Joseph, age 6

daughter Sarah M, age 4

daughter Mary B, age 2

household 79 (all checked as "cannot read/cannot write)

Milly Hardison (Noah's wife), age 59, widow, keeping home, feeble (all others on p. marked "active")

son Joshua, age 30, single, farmer

"sister" Nancy, age 28, single, at home

"sister" Soph, age 26, single, at home

John H. Griffin, age 18, hireling

also in district 96 between household 89-94

(but page wouldn't load so I could only look at summary)

James Hardison, age 66, Miller

Mary, age 59

David R, age 31

Sarah A, age 26

Jessee H, age 24

Mary E, age 20

household 105 SS Perry & wife Martha (54) has 10 yr old Jane Hardison, orphan

household 111, Manning, has within it 15 yr old Sam'l Hardison, orphan farmhand

household 119 (all checked as not able to read or write)

George Hardison, age 40, farmer, broken leg (others on page listed as "active")

wife Mary, age 34, keeping house

son James S, age 7, at home

son William G, age 5

daughter Mary L, age 9

Niece Aleasuer (Alice Sue?) Brown, age 14

household 124

S.B. Hardison (Dave's son Seth), age 33, farmer and miller

wife Frances, age 31, keeping house

daughter Mary E, age 11

son George R, age 9

daughter Sarah A, age 7

daughter Ida F, age 5

daughter Henryetter, age 4

(the enumerator--Seth himself--began to list Dave's family in the same household, then crossed them out)


The book, "Bible Records from Eastern States," published by the BW Genealogy Club in Greenville, NC. and transcribed on the Martin County, NC page of Rootsweb, lists the following deaths:

Mary L. Coltrain Hardison 2-15-1920

Jesse Hardison 5-27-1915

Seth R Hardison 1-16-1919

Joshua Hardison 1-5-1924

It also shows a marriage (date private because it was after 1920) between Rufus A. Coltrain and Mary Elizabeth Hardison.

The Bible belonged to John Robert Coltrain and Lidia Baynor Coltrain.