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Paper Trail (marriage record, census, etc)

McCormick family info


Jessie McCormick Wachdorf

middle initial either J. or M.

Dec. 1892 to 9-18-1922



  1891-Mamie E.

  1894-Charles H.

  1897-Chester M.

  c.1903-Pearl M.


Orphanage records indicate that in 1921 the mother of Jessie McCormick was

"Mrs. Pilcher," indicating perhaps that Mary Drouin McCormick remarried sometime between 1914 and 1922.


Jessie died 9-18-1922 of peritonitis

married 10-6-1914

in St. Mary's on Wabash


Joseph Wachdorf


Jessie & Joe's children









her parents:

Charles H. McCormick


Mary B. Drouin/Druien

his parents:

Anton Wachdorf & Anna Klein


Her paternal grandparents:

Thomas & Emily McCormick


census info for McCormick family at bottom of this page.


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1891 marriage license of Jessie's parents, Charles McCormick and Mary Drouin

1921 marriage license of Jessie McCormick and Joe Wachdorf

Jessie McCormick Wachdorf

Jessie, probably, 9-7-1916, which means the baby is probably Ruth

10-3-1915 Jessie, her husband Joe on the right, and a man who looks related to her on the left

Probably Jessie on the lower left, with her mother-in-law Anna Wachdorf to the right, and her sister-in-law, Madge Wachdorf behind. No i.d. for kids.

8-8-1915 Jessie between her sisters-in-law, Mae (on left) and Lettie Wachdorf

Paper Trail

9-21-1914 Marriage License (above in photo gallery) lists Joseph G. Wachdorf, age 22, permitted to marry Miss Jessie McCormick, age 21. At the bottom Edward Mallon, priest, certified that he performed the marriage 10-6-1914, but I can not make out the name that Old St. Mary's is listed under.

10-6-1914 (per Archdiocese records, register of Old St. Mary's, Chicago, obtained by Joe's granddaughter): husband = Joseph G. Wachdorf of 316 W. 58th St., shipping clerk, age 22, son of Anton Wachdorf from Germany and Anna "Kline" from Chicago, religion Catholic. Wife = Jessie J. McCormick of 346 W. 58th St., age 21, single, daughter of Charles McCormick from Boston, Mass. and Mary Drouin from France, religion Catholic (Note: license 677405 bride a convert, banns dispensed). Witnesses = Andrew P. Miller and Coletta Wachdorf. Priest = Edward T. Mallon C.S.P.

1917 draft registration: Joseph George Wachdorf of 216 W. 61st St, born 6-6-1892, shipping clerk for Tricolator of 64 E. Lake St. Medium height and slender with brown eyes and dark brown hair. Dependents: wife and two children. Reason for exemption: sole support of family.

1920 census Chicago Ward 31 District 1896 5568 Shields Ave, renting (appears to be a 3 flat, around the corner from 58th St)

Joseph Wachdorf, age 27, packer--clothing co

wife Jessie, age 27, born IL of father born MA, mother born IL

daughter Coletta, age 4 yrs 10 months (census taken in January), born IL

daughter Ruth, age 3 yrs 10 months, born MI (her death certificate also says born Michigan)

daughter Leona, age 1 yr 11 months, born IL

daughter Blanche, age one month, born IL

One of Joe's granddaughters sent for her mother's orphanage records. They show that Jessie and Joe separated (as in the framed info box above) and she died in 1922 of peritonitis. She is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Chicago.

McCormick Info

In reverse chronological order:


brother Chester 

1947 Death Certificate (thanks to Joe's granddaughter Laurie for sending this):

Chester M. McCormick, veteran of World War I, birth date February 12, 1897, age 50 years 9 months 19 days, born Chicago, employed as Electrician. SSN 362-22-2939, married white male.

Name of spouse: Lillian, age unknown.

Name of father: Charles McCormick (dec.), birthplace unknown town, NY.

Mother's maiden name: Mary Druien (dec.), born Chicago, IL.

Informant: Juanita A. Backe of Hines Veterans' Hospital.

Place of Burial: Beverly Cemetery in Worth, Cook County IL, on Dec 4, 1947, funeral director Phillip Angellock 7111 Halsted #47

Date of death: December 1st 1947, 10:11 a.m.

Physician W.F. Dobyns attended from Nov. 28 to Dec 1.

Immediate cause: Coronary arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease of 6 months duration

No other conditions listed. No autopsy. No operation.


brother Chester M

1930 census, Chicago Districts 1501-1750, 2108 Montrose Ave, renting for $60

Ches E McCormick, age 32, sub-str operator for Edison Elect Co, age at 1st marriage-32, born IL of parents born IL

wife Lillian L (or D), age 31, no occupation, born IL of parents born in Germany, age at first marriage-31


1910 census, Chicago, Ward 32, Lowe Avenue:

Chas H. McCormick, age 47, married 19 years, born in NY of parents born in NY, carpenter--house

Mary McCormick,a ge 37, mother of 5, all living, born in IL of Can-French parents

Daughter Mamie, age 18, born in IL, occupation: office work--printing

Daughter Jessie M, age 17, occupation: helper--millinery

Son Charles H., age 15, born in Massachusetts, clerk in drug store

Son Chester M, age 13, born in IL

Daughter Pearl M, age 7, born in IL

Mother (actually says incorrectly "mother-in-law") Emily McCormick, age 82, widow, mother of 4, 3 living, born in NY of parents born in NY


1900 census, Calumet township, Cook County, IL, possibly says Hanover St.

Chas H. McCormick, age 37, born Feb. 1863, married 10 years, day laborer, birthplace info same

Wife Mary B. McCormick, age 26, born Aug. 1873, mother of 4, the rest the same

Daughter Mamie E., age 9, born May 1891 in IL

Daughter Jessie M, age 7, born Dec. 1892 in IL

Son Chas Henry (not sure of the cursive script, transcriber said "Hence"), age 6, born Apr. 1894 in IL

Son Chester M, age 3, born Feb. 1897 in IL

Mother Emily McCormick, age 71, born Oct. 1828, widow 8 yrs (presume 8 yrs married before becoming widowed) mother of 4, 3 surviving, born in NY of parents born in NY


6-10-1891 Marriage License (in photo gallery above) allows marriage between Charles H. McCormick, age 28, and Miss Mary B. Drouin, age 18. Reuben A. Torrey, minister of the gospel, certified that he performed the marriage 6-10-1891, though where a location would normally be listed (for example, "at St. Martin's Church") he has filled in "at Chicago." Research by Jessie's granddaughter shows that Reuben A. Torrey is listed on the Maromatha Bible Church website at the successor to D.L. Moody (D.L. Moody's ministry was supported financially by Nettie Fowler McCormick, the widow of the famous Cyrus McCormick).


1880 census, Hadley township, Hampshire Massachusetts

Horace T. Hannum (not sure of cursive script), 45, widowed farmer

Daughter Jennie S. Hannum, age 13

Housekeeper Emely McCormick, age 50, born in NY of parents born in MA

Employee Charles McCormick, age 17, laborer, born in NY of a father born in MA and a mother born in NY


1870 census, Lewis, Watson, NY

Thos. McCormick, age 50, farmer, real estate value $100, personal estate $25, born in NY

Emely McCormick, age 38, born in NY

Charlie McCormick, age 7, born in NY