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Coletta Wachdorf Howicz

born Feb. or March 1915







after Joe's death,

the girls went into the Angel Guardian Orphanage


married in 1937


Steve Howicz

or Wojciechowicz







Stephen Jr.


her parents:

Joseph Wachdorf


 Jessie McCormick

his parents:

Chester & Josephine Wojciechowicz


Her paternal grandparents:

Anton Wachdorf & Anna Klein


Her maternal grandparents:

Charles McCormick & Mary Drouen

Her paternal aunts & uncles:

1883-Clara Roster & Henry; 1884-Kitty Hochertz & Tony; 1886-Harry H. Wachdorf & Dell; 1888-Edward Wachdorf & Irene; 1895-Lettie Myers & Harvey; 1897-Mae Wachdorf; 1899-Frances Stevens & Frank; 1902-Madge Wachdorf


Her maternal aunts & uncles:

Charles, Chester, Mamie & Pearl


Her great-grandparents: John Klein and Christina Alberg Klein

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photo of Joe, Jessie and unknown dated 10-3-1915, so the baby is probably Coletta

the four girls and their father

Coletta far right in wedding of her cousin Irene "Sis" Wachdorf (Edward's daughter) to Dick Heagberg, 1935

two shots from 1936 of Coletta and her Aunt Lettie (Joe's sister, her namesake)

c. 1936, next photo is same with labels

same as previous, with labels

probably Harry Wachdorf and Steve Howicz (original sent by Blanche's daughter, labeled "Uncle Harry and Uncle Steve"

The bride

bride Coletta and groom Steve 1937 (full caption beneath photo gallery)

The bride and groom

Ruth, Leona, Coletta, Blanche 1937

Coletta in the wedding party for her cousins Shirley and Marge Stevens (Fran's daughters)


Who's who in Coletta's wedding photo, left to right (with the exception of Steve's brother, John Sylvester, everyone seems to be related to Coletta). The two seated on the ground are Marge Kary Wachdorf (wife of Coletta's cousin,  Edward Wachdorf Jr.), and Coletta's aunt Madge Wachdorf. Of the three girls, I can only identify the littlest one: Dolores Wachdorf on the left, between bride Coletta and bridesmaid Leona Wachdorf (Coletta's sister). The back row, from left: Coletta's paternal aunt, Lettie Myers, Coletta's sisters Blanche, Leona and Ruth, Coletta's paternal grandmother Anna Klein Wachdorf, Steve's brother John Sylvester Howicz/Wojciechowicz*, bride Coletta Wachdorf Howicz/Wojciechowicz, an unknown woman, groom Steve Howicz/Wojciechowicz, then possibly Coletta's paternal uncle Frank Stevens and her aunt Frances Stevens (nee Wachdorf), then an unknown old man behind two unknown girls who are probably two of the Stevens girls.

*John Sylvester Howicz identified by his son in an email March 2007.

The only paper trail I have for Coletta, besides photographs, consists of the 1920 census, in which she is a child living with her parents on Shields Ave, and the 1930 census, in which she is living with her grandparents, Anton and Anna Wachdorf, on 58th St. One of her daughters got in touch in 2007 and added some information, most of which is on the Howicz/Wojciechowicz page.