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Some of the information on the Sims family is taken from the book, "The Pariss Sims Family & Related Families 1765-1965" by Almon J. Sims. While this is a wonderful book and an invaluable resource, I take it with a grain of salt because the information on my grandmother in that book is not entirely accurate (he put that she died in 1955 instead of the correct 1958, and that her daughter was Ann when, in fact, she's Ida Ann).


Martha Sims White

born c. 1824




  1826-William Sims

married after 1840


Erastus White





 c.1844-Martin Thomas

 c.1846-Louisa Margaret


 c.1853-John W





 1870 census also shows

 (probably not Martha's)



 c.1866-another John W


Matthew Sims




spouse's parents:

unknown White



maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Pariss Sims & Keziah Royster Sims

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1840 census, Haywood County TN (her husband apparently living with his mother before their marriage) shows Erastus White in a household consisting of one male age 20-30 and one female age 50-60. No slaves.


1850 census, Haywood District 12, page 6 of 23

Erastus White, age 36?, born NC, farmer

Martha, age 25, born Alabama

Prilla age 8

Thomas, age 6

Louisa, age 4

Henry, age 2

Martha (his mother at a guess), age 74 born NC

Sarah Sims, age 49, born TN (Martha's mother)


1860 census, Haywood County District 14, page 8 of 12

Erastus White, age 44, farmer, born NC, 1800/1350 real estate/personal

Martha J, age 35, born TN

Priscilla, age 18

Martin T, age 16 (must be Martin Thomas)

Margaret, age 15 (must be Margaret Louisa)

Henry, age 13

John W, age 7

Ellar, age 5

Edmond, age 3

Cloetha? age either 2 months or 8 months

Sarah "Simms", age 65, born TN


1870 census, Haywood County TN, District 14, Chestnut Bluff post office:

NOTE THE ODD THING WITH WIFE'S POSITION--Normally right after husband with mother-in-law or other odds and ends relatives tacked on at the end. Why is Martha down at the bottom? Why are there two sons named John? Did he divorce Martha and keep her on? Who is Allis, who comes where Edmond should be?

E. White, age 55, farmer, born NC, real estate value $3000, personal $1000

Jane, age 36 (might say 56?), born Arkansas, keeps house

John, age 17, born TN

Ellen, age 15

Allis (female), age 14

Marshal, age 6

John W, age 4

Martha J, age 45, keeps house, born Alabama

(NOTE: her mother Sarah is now in the household of her brother, William, Haywood District 12, age 74)