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Some of the information on the Sims family is taken from the book, "The Pariss Sims Family & Related Families 1765-1965" by Almon J. Sims. While this is a wonderful book and an invaluable resource, I take it with a grain of salt because the information on my grandmother in that book is not entirely accurate (he put that she died in 1955 instead of the correct 1958, and that her daughter was Ann when, in fact, she's Ida Ann).


Matthew Sims

born c. 1792 NC














born c. 1795 edge of TN/ALA.

(also possible wife Nancy Bradford)



  c.1822-John Sims

  c.1825-Martha Sims White

   1826-William Sims



William's mother's name (Sarah)

taken from

1850 and 1860 census

in household of her  daughter Martha & son-in-law Erastus White and

the 1870 census

in household of her

 son William.


Pariss Sims


 Keziah Royster

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

Regarding wife's name Sarah: taken from 1850 and 1860 census listings of his daughter Martha & her husband Erastus White who have in their household Sarah Sims (shown as 49 and born in TN in 1850, and 65 in and born in TN in 1860). In 1870 she is with William Sims. Also (unconfirmed) the internet shows a first wife for Matthew Sims named Nancy Bradford, by whom he had son Absalom (born 9-8-1809 in TN, died 1-6-1877, married Sarah Harp and had 7 children). I take this with a grain of salt, because Matthew would have been 17 when his first son was born if this is accurate. Also, this same source lists Martha as dying the year she was born, when she instead lived and married Erastus White. This source says Matthew Sims died in Lauderdale County, TN (Lauderdale was created in 1835 from Haywood, Dyer and Tipton Counties).

From "The Pariss Sims Family and Related Families 1765-1965" by Almon J. Sims (1965):

        He was a circuit-riding Methodist minister and farmer in the Florence-Tuscumbia area of Alabama, where he married--name of wife unknown--and had three children of which we have a record.

        About 1828 he emigrated from Alabama, with his family and several other families, to Fayette County, Tenn., where they purchased a large block of land for settlement. In 1952 Leslie Sims [son of John P. Sims], a great grandson, of Alamo, Tenn, gave me the following information on his branch of the family:

        "My father's name was John Sims. He had three brothers, James, William and Robert, and all of them, including my father, were doctors. They had one sister, Susie, who never married. My grandfather, William Sims, was a farmer and he had one older brother, Dr. John Sims, who lived in Lauderdale County, Tenn, near Double Bridges where he was a country doctor. He had two sons, William and Edward.

        Dr. John Sims and my grandfather, William, had one sister, Martha, who married Erastus White of Crockett County, Tenn. She was the grandmother of Dr. Robert H. White, Tennessee State Historian and the author of a State history, "Tennessee, It's Growth and Progress' which is used in the public schools of the State.

        I am almost sure that my great grandfather was Matthew Sims. I never heard my father say much about him for he died years before my father was born, but I understand he was a Methodist circuit-riding preacher in North Alabama. He came to Fayette County, Tenn. about 1828...Robert W. Sims, the lawyer of Gadsden, Tenn. was a relative of ours. I never knew him personally but my father did and I know that we are of the same family. Also father met Congressman Thetus W. Sims several times and they figured out the family connection."


1850 census, Haywood District 12, page 6 of 23

Erastus White, age 36?, born NC, farmer

Martha, age 25, born Alabama

Prilla age 8

Thomas, age 6

Louisa, age 4

Henry, age 2

Martha (his mother at a guess), age 74 born NC

Sarah Sims, age 49, born TN (Martha's mother)


1860 census, Haywood County District 14, page 8 of 12

Erastus White, age 44, farmer, born NC, 1800/1350 real estate/personal

Martha J, age 35, born TN

Priscilla, age 18

Martin T, age 16 (must be Martin Thomas)

Margaret, age 15 (must be Margaret Louisa)

Henry, age 13

John W, age 7

Ellar, age 5

Edmond, age 3

Cloetha? age either 2 months or 8 months

Sarah "Simms", age 65, born TN


1870 census, Haywood County TN, District 12, Johnston Grove Post Office

William Sims, age 43, farmer, born Alabama, real estate value 4200, personal estate 600

Julia, age 33, keeps house, born TN

James, age 17, farm hand, born TN

William, age 13

Susan, age 11

John, age 9

Robert, age 7

Ida, age 3

Sarah, age 74, at home, born Alabama