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information for this page taken (with permission) from an extensive and detailed family tree posted on Rootsweb entitled "Polo Illinois Fennells." It is a beautifully done family tree, detailed, comprehensive, and best of all, filled with little personal details that turn names and dates back into people.

Patrick Joseph O'Connor 1-13-1880 Ireland to

parents: Patrick "Paud of Clarr" O'Connor and Mary Fennell

spouse: Blanche Estelle Crouch 10-13-1892 to 11-18-1963, daughter of George Crouch and Emma Gibbons/Givens

children: 1908-John Francis, 1911-Mary Margaret, 1912-Blanche Elizabeth Heimbuck, 1915-Patrick Joseph, 1917-Elizabeth Irene, 1926-Agnes C

Connection: Patrick's daughter Blanche Elizabeth married twice, to Heimbuck & Hudson. Her grandchild married in.

1910 census, Chicago, Ward 14, Artesian Ave.: Patrick O'Connor, age 30, born in "Ire-Eng" of parents born same, immigrated 1904 (AI, not naturalized yet), married 4 years, freight handler for a freight house. Wife Blanche E., age 20, born in IL of a father born in PA and a mother born in OH (slight variant from 1930). Son John F. O'Connor, one year and 11 months. Also in the house: John J. O'Connor, brother, single, age 27, born Ire-Eng, immigrated 1905, AI, freight handler for freight house. Also in the house Richard O'Connor, brother, age24, born Ire-Eng, imm. 1905, AI, freight handler.

I found a 1918 draft registration for a Patrick Joseph O'Connor, age 38, of 7617 (or 2617) Iowa St. Chicago, born either November or December 13 (one is written over the other), 1879 (not quite a match, but the birth date on draft cards are notoriously inaccurate, in my experience. Always close, but often fudged a bit). Not a citizen, but an alien declarant, subject of Ireland. Occupation: checker for Chicago, Mil & St. Paul RR (I think that's what it says). Nearest relative: Blanche O'Connor of 7617 (or 2617) Iowa St. Description: tall, stout, with gray eyes and dark hair. 

1930 census, Chicago, looks like North Ave: Patrick J. O'Connor, age 50, born in "Ireland Free State" of parents from same, immigrated 1904, naturalized, married at 26, occupation: clerk for RR. Wife Blanch, age 39, married at 16, born in IL of parents born in PA. Children (all born in IL): Mary, age 19, information operator for telephone co. Blanch, age 16, clerk for telephone company. Patrick, 14. Elizabeth, 12. Agnes, 4.

Based on the brothers listed in the 1910 census reporting they immigrated in 1905, I tried to find their immigration info (Patrick's I could not find). I did find a Richard O'Connor, age 21, on board the Campania which left Queenstown, Ireland on April 23, 1905 and arrived in NY on May 1st. This Richard O'Connor listed his destination as Chicago, IL, for which he had a train ticket paid for by "brother Pat. O'Connor" of 150 Ohio St., Chicago. It's not an age match, however, so this might not be the right O'Connor, but the hometown is listed as "Newtownsands" which is Newtown Sandes, which is Moyvane (a match for the correct O'Connors). 

From the Polo Illinois Fennells family tree: Blanche Crouch O'Connor died of uterine cancer, but also had diabetes and hypertension and had numerous strokes. She "lived in a top flat of 3 flat apartment building with Agnes, Blanche, Patricia Hutson, and Mary Lou Danis (until Mary Lou's marriage...)" Patrick O'Connor died of a heart attack 8-14-1949 on a CTA bus (the Austin bus, near Madison). He was a railroad detective.

Paud of Clarr

Patrick "Paud of Clarr" O'Connor born 1850 died 2-13-1931

parents: Michael O'Connor 1822-1897 and Mary "Maudie"

paternal grandparents: Bartholomew? and unknown

paternal great-grandparents: Michael O'Connor 1775 to 10-27-1814 and Catherine 1775 to 4-12-1829*

siblings: John O'Connor

spouse: Mary Fennell, daughter of Michael Fennell and Elizabeth Bunce

children: 1876-Michael, 1878-David, 1880-Patrick Joseph, 1881-Richard, 1883-John, 1883-Elizabeth, 1885-Mary,1901-Bartholomew Joseph, also Thomas, Morris "Mossy," Delia, Margaret, Hannah, Catherine, Willie, Ned 

Born and died in Clarr, Moyvane, County Kerry, Ireland, buried in Knockanure Churchyard. Died of old age, no medical attendance. Moyvane, by the way, means "the middle plain." The Gaelic spelling is Maigh Mheáin.

From the Polo Illinois Fennell family tree: "Patrick's grand-daughter, Mary O'Connor-Bray, stated that her teacher in grade-school, Mrs. Nolan, said that she had learnt all the Irish she knew from Paud of Clarr; Mary further stated that he was both an Irish scholar and a musical composer. Johnny McAuliffe of County Kerry played a piece of flute music for us in 1986 that he said had been written by Paud of Clarr.--(Prof.) Patrick J. O'Connor."

*Both buried Knockanure Cemetery, County Kerry