Robert Thomas Warmath

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I was sent a detailed Warmath genealogy in 1998 by Connie Lane, descendent of the Chesterfield Warmath line. She sent it with the note, "The Rosamon info came from Barbara Morgan and the Warmath info from John Warmath (except my branch)." The information that follows comes from her tree, though I will try to back it up by looking up and adding any official records I can find. Anything in italics in the first section was not in Connie Lane's original tree but is supported by something in the second section.

Robert Thomas Warmath born 4-5-1899 to 2-29-1976

parents: Robert Wilson Warmath and Roberta

paternal grandparents: Robert H Warmath and America Susan Clement

siblings: 1893-Ruth, 1895-Cecil Warmath, 1897-Emma, c.1905-Bertie Lou, 1915-twins Frank & Frances, 1918-W.T.

spouse: Jessie Velma Craft born c. 1900 daughter of Wesley & Lillian Craft

children: 1919-Velma, c.1921-Robert Jr., c.1923-Harold, c. 1925-Lillian

Information beyond this point not part of Connie Lane's original tree.

1900 census Gibson County District 2: "Willie" Warmath, age 29, born Feb. 1871, married 7 years, farmer, born TN of parents born in TN (as is everyone in his household). Wife Berta, age 24, born June 1875, married 7 years, mother of 4 all of whom are living. Daughter Ruth, age 6, born Sept 1893. Son Cecil, age 5, born April 1895. Daughter Emma, age 3, born Feb 1897. Son Robert, age 1, born Apr 1899. Also in the household, boarder Jesse Mullens, white, male, single, age 27, born Mar 1873, farm labor.

1910 census, Gibson District 18: RW Warmath, age 37, married 17 years, farmer. Wife Berta, 34, mother of 5 of whom 5 are living. Daughter Ruth, age 16. Son Cecil, age 15. Daughter Emma, age 13. Son Robert, age 11. Daughter Bertie Lou, age 5

At some point right about 1918, Robert marries Jessie Velma Craft, as seen by his draft card and 1920 & 1930 census

1918 draft registration: Robert Thomas Warmath, age 19, of Martin, Weakley County, TN, born 4-5-1899. Occupation: stenographer for (illegible) Cotton Gin Company of 73 Monroe, Memphis, Shelby County. Next of kin: wife Jessie Velma Warmath. Slender, of medium height, with blue eyes and dark hair.

1920 census, Humphreys County TN, district 2: Head of household-Wesley Craft, age 53, born in Indiana of a father born in IN and a mother born in OH, occupation: farming. Wife Lillian, age 48, born in TN of a father born in OH and a mother born in PA. (all children born in TN). Daughter Marie, age 17. Daughter Edna, age 10. Daughter Eunice Bryant, age 25, teacher in public school. Son-in-law Robert Warmath, age 20, born in TN of parents born in TN, farm hand. Daughter Jesse (actually it says "granddaughter"), age 20, born in TN of a father born in IN and a mother born in TN. Granddaughter Velma, four months (census taken in January, so born c. Sept 1919).

At some point between 1911 and 1913 the family moves to Graves County KY.

1930 census, Graves County KY, district 5 (his father is in Graves KY Dist 6 in 1930): Robert Warmath, age 31, born in TN of parents born in TN, married at 18, truck driver for feed & coal co. Wife Jessie, age 30, married at 18, born in TN of a father born in Michigan (not what 1920 says) and a mother born in TN. Daughter Velma, age 10, born in TN. Son Robert Jr, age 9, born in TN. Son Harold, age 7, born in KY. Daughter Lillian, age 5, born in KY.

Kentucky death index: Robert Thomas Warmath died 2-29-1976 in Graves County. Social Security Death index adds birth date 4-5-1899, and last home address in town of Mayfield. His brother Cecil, who died in 1974, also had a last address of Mayfield.