William Walter Warmath

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I was sent a detailed Warmath genealogy in 1998 by Connie Lane, descendent of the Chesterfield Warmath line. She sent it with the note, "The Rosamon info came from Barbara Morgan and the Warmath info from John Warmath (except my branch)." The information that follows comes from her tree, though I will try to back it up by looking up and adding any official records I can find. Anything in italics in the first section was not part of Connie Lane's original tree. Anything in italics in the framed section is not from Connie Lane's original family tree but should be supported by something within the next section.

William Walter Warmath

8-20-1918 to 8-7-1935 (or 8-20-1913/18 to 9-5-1983)



 1909-John G Warmath Jr




1913/18-William Walter Warmath


sister (Martha Frances) who married Harold McLeary


sister who married J. Brooks Glover






Paula Show





No children known.



William Walter Warmath had an uncle

William Walter Warmath


John Garland Warmath


Georgia Forsythe

spouse's parents:





maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

John Wesley Warmath 1834 &

 Martha "Mattie" Jones

maternal aunts & uncles: unknown


paternal aunts & uncles:

1866-Thomas Q Warmath & Ola Senter; 1868-Julius Frank Warmath; 1870-Albert "Sidney" Warmath & Laura Avery; 1876-James "Clint" Warmath & Jessie Dilliha; 1878-Walter (William Walter) Warmath & Sula Elizabeth Dunlap; 1883-Aubrey D. Warmath


paternal great-grandparents:

Henry Warmath and Elizabeth Fly


paternal great-great-grandparents

Thomas Warmath and Mary "Polly" Wooten

John Dixon Fly and Sarah S. Woodard

Information beyond this point does not come from Connie Lane's original tree.

Note: there is another William Walter Warmath, son of John Wesley Warmath 1834 & Martha Jones. In other words, this one's uncle.

Rose Hill Cemetery in Gibson County has the following adjacent stones: Warmath infant, 1912; John G. Warmath 3-24-1872 to 10-2-1933; Georgia F. Warmath 11-17-1873 to 9-19-1950; J. Garland Warmath Jr. 6-6-1909 to 5-23-1941; William Walter Warmath 8-20-1913 to 9-5-1983; Frances S. Warmath 4-1-1909 to 5-11-1983 (NOTE: these dates for William Walter are not exactly a match to Connie Lane's info. They are taken from a transcription, so the error could be there rather than with CL)