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Key to those mentioned:

Bunk = son Frank

Hertzy = Richard Stalzer (his photo at 1954 Jan 11)

Sabina = Sabina Hojnaski Masonick, cousin of his daughter-in-law, Art's wife, Irene Safranski Wachdorf (her photo at 1954 Mar 1)

replaced name of grandson with "your son"



(Newspaper clippings enclosed showing LA 86 degrees, Chicago 37 degrees, etc)


Lawndale Calif




Hello dear trio,


        As you can perceive from the enclosed clippings, the weather is just a little on the balmy side, meaning nuts. Somehow things are all topsy-turvy with the climate, as they proclaim over the news network that it's abnormal for this kind of tropical climate at this time of year. Someone is trying to be extra supreme from above to encourage our hopes of lovely California. By April, when you all arrive, even the concrete walks should be disintegrated and alas your poor Mom.

        She is worrying now about being dehydrated, that's why she submerges now under water and also has taken to drinking. No, not intoxicants, as that would only pickle her. She drinks the same water you bathe in.* Actually has lost her complaisance and is now berating the oppressive heat wave. I am grateful that we have a high concrete block fence high enough to preclude peepers. Guess you can surmise what I am leading up to. Lady Godiva of course, barefoot and on the ground, flitting from flower to flower, ever mindful of her virginity as she darts to cover as the planes roar overhead.

        Don't you get caught prognosticating from our clippings or you are liable to forget to bring along your long undies. Start wearing, or don't quit your red flannels back there. Out here you can run around like your Mom, a smile, plus a little dexterity, but don't forget that's only in our high board fence, as we have laws out here that forbid obscenity.

        That reminds me, I am still smarting aobut paying $31 for my state license plates. Luckily that's all, as the city lets you get a free ride for a city sticker. Even thought hey don't have B.O. they're still a bunch of stinkers.

        Hertzy shoved off Tuesday for his fling of vagrancy once more. This time he is heading for Frisco, Spokane, Reno, Yellowstone Pk, Denver and home probably. Could not find work here on porch or watching television. You previously mentioned that in your letter. See how smart you are?

        Wednesday we drove to Anaheim to see Sabina and it's a beautiful "plus" little town. The drive is fine and the sight of orange groves, limes and lemons along the route was also grand. She has orange trees in her back yard loaded with oranges. We will show off the place to you so you can judge and admire it as we did.

        Bunk is supposed to fly out here for Mom's birthday, which is about one I said one of the most pleasurable anxieties to anticipate. See how we welcome the thought, even though it's in the formation of maturing, just like expecting. As the savior would say, come one, come all unto our paradise, which we will prepare for you of which you are so deserving. Shake off the Des Plaines mud and wallow around in our adobe as it is very faithful, it won't leave you, it's so tenacious.

        Had to take time out as Mom was in a tantrum because I would not lay this important task aside to carve up a poor little lamb roast we had for dinner. It was one grand roast, done to perfection with red beets, biscuits, tomatoes, potatoes, corn on cob and coffee. Thinking of that meal and continuing writing has made me confused and ready to lay down the pencil for a later time. Nope, can't, endurance must win out so I'll stick it out to the last.

        As we have a lot of time to keep you informed about your traveling wardrobe, we will just keep that in abeyance for future reference. I'll start picking things up to amuse your son such as a few seals, an octopus or see spider and some lobsters. Won't that thrill the little treasure hunter. Better get a little stick, a piece of string, and a bent pin to get him practice fishing in the bathtub so I won't have to miss a big one while teaching him.

        Anyway, all you need is determination to get here so start storing up pep, vim and vitality and don't leave it behind. We shall furnish the rest for your memoirs and complete contentment. Hurry along and don't tarry.


Love from all of us,

Mom, Dad and Larry


*a joke, because she always said water was only good to bathe in, didn't like to drink it.


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