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Transcribed from nearly illegible handwritten original.

Hertz = Richard "Hertzy" Stalzer, friend (photos at 1954 Jan 11)

Les = sister's husband.

Boop = sister Dolores




Dear Boop,


        It's a beautiful day in Chicago? It's a miserable day in L.A. It has been drizzling for the last two days. Ach Himmel.

        I started this on the 17th but the above is still applicable. It has rained all day. Ach double Himmel.

        The other day Hertz and I went to the show and the place was jumping. An earthquake, no less. We decided to pull the folks' legs a bit, and when they mentioned it to act as if they were joking; instead we had to casually steer the conversation onto the subject and it turned out they hadn't felt it at all. Hertz explained the discrepancy by punning, "We were in the rumble seat." Send flowers.



        Went to Santa Anita today (nice sunshiney day for a change) and what a cleaning establishment they have there. We had nothing but losers. The track was sloppy, and th eonly way my horses could stay dry was by keeping way back of the others; guess they didn't think that the first horse stays clean too. Stupid horses...

        The only tournament I am involved in is the continuous work-for-pay whirl. I attended the L.A. Open to see how the game should be played and left vastly discouraged. Those pros are actually better than I am. Oh, woe, grief grief, near par, no beef. Translated, that means the last round I shot was a decent 78. That's better than normal for me.

        When you get Les a set of clubs you should think seriously of getting yourself a set; read a book, practice a little and you'll find it wondrous relaxation. Not strenuous; it's a good leisurely outdoor excercise. You might find yourself making Les a golf widower. New twist.

        Glad to hear you are finally getting house-broke. Thought for a while you might be gravy-shy. Thanks for the offer, but don't bother sending any cans. Mom always has plenty of goodies around the house. C'mon out and see for yourself.

        Keep up the work writing




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