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Key to those mentioned besides wife and son Larry:

Harry = his brother Harry who died in 1953.

Hertzy = Richard Stalzer, Larry's friend (his photo at 1954 Jan 11)

Irene = Irene Safranski Wachdorf, wife of his son Art

Sabina & Larry = Sabina Hojnaski Masonick & husband Larry Masonick. Sabina = cousin of Irene (above) (her photo at 1954 Mar 1)

Replaced name of granddaughter with "Jerry's 2nd daughter" and grandson with "your son."

Landlady, name unknown


Lawndale Calif

Jan 27th 1954




        If I don't want to pick a fight I'd better start now and get busy and write, as your mother keeps getting bolder and bolder. So this is one way to forestall the big scolder. You get a letter more consecutively than your big brothers as you are such a dear and console us with your cheery letters.

        Today is a very beautiful one with the sun shining brightly, and not a cloud in the sky, well maybe a few cirrus ones. The landlady here is pruning the rose bushes, laying bare all our vines. Said in about two months they will be out again with roses galore and as ecstatic as ever. It rained like heck Sunday and Monday and now we are compensated with God's best, the wondrous sun beaming thru.

        Last night about 8 PM we heard our bell ring and as we were all at a show or at least we thought so. That's our new television, and we see shows aplenty. Soon a knock and Larry was closest so he was the doorman. As he opened the door, there stood Sabina, Larry, and their two children. In case you want more elucidation, that's Irene's cousin. Her mother and Irene are sisters. They moved out here about three weeks ago, settled in Anaheim, a small town near Santa Ana. Oh, you want more explanation. It's about 20 miles S.E. of here. Uncle Harry used to take us thru there on trips into the orange groves.

        Their name is Masonick, 400 N. Rush St. Anaheim Calif. He got a job and they rented a house while they were looking around to buy a place. Seems like they bought the place mentioned and moved in Sunday 1-24-54 without much furniture and are living that way until they can get what they need. They were visiting a girl friend of hers north of us and on the way back stopped at our place as Irene and Art gave the address. So you see, surprises are getting to be a regular routine out here with us.

        She is determined to have us buy a home in Anaheim and already has struck a responsive chord with Mom. Church is only 3 blocks away and they know of a lovely place for $10,000 near their place. Rent for about $60 and a small down payment. You can always sell so it would be much better than paying the exorbitant rent we are now paying. Of course we would have to buy furniture again as we only have a few boxes now, mostly clothes. We have our living room furniture, one gorgeous telefision, using Mom's mimic vernacular, as Jerry's 2nd daughter would always say, Mommy can I turn on the telefision.

        Will drive you out that way real soon I hope and you can buy one also. I'll connive somehow to get your Mom company besides old grizzly me. Bet she would baby sit with your son and maybe Dolores Junior some day. No use letting some of your sister-in-laws get the better of you.

        Good think Hertzy is not over the nut. Him and goofy Larry sit up half the nite on television, then retire and laugh for another hour in their rooms or play the victrola, just to keep Mom and I awake. And still we're not shagging them out so it cannot be too repulsive.

        They're both out golfing today on such a gorgeous day. Yesterday they claim they drove to San Diego which is over 100 miles from here, the nutty saps.

        Hertz is desperate about work and if he don't find it soon, it's possible he will send Mom out to work and will stay home and do the cooking and housework and baby sit with me. Ho hum and a bottle of rum. I'll start drinking first. But if I lift too many schooners, the sailing might be too rough. On the upgrade and gaining more. Now total 144 pounds but Mom said, sure, you just got thru eating, no wonder you gained. How can you win? Even Hertz knows that by now. Larry says to him, just acquiesce if you to keep happy, you know it's good for you. How many repetitious ways have we learned this? It's searing into my memory and if any of you ever forget it, the miraculous thing has happened. Poor mother's admonitions went unheeded. Oh no, it can't be that way. Not after all those preachings.

        Mom's got the garbage disposal operating and it's making so much noise I can't think clearly. Well, it's getting close to the bottom of the page anyway and that's a perfect alibi to abruptly end this little note with the greatest love,


From all of us,

Mom, Dad, Larry and Hertzy

3845 W. 154th St.

Lawndale Calif


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