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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

people mentioned:

dad = her husband, Ed Wachdorf Sr

Larry = her son

Ruth & Leo Kelly, neighbors

Marsha & Les, dinner guests of Kelly's

Michael Kevin, baby of either Kelly's or Marsha & Les

Les #2, her son-in-law


Lawndale Nov 27 --64


Dear Ones:

    Was I ever happy when dad came over to tell me you were on the phone. I knew dad was sure kind of lonesome being over here all alone when we were over next door singing + playing like mad. Ruth just got a new piano a couple of months ago and every time Larry goes over there he plays and sings at the top of his voice (course I don't have to tell you how he can sing and play) but anyway he enjoys himself and everyone else enjoys seeing him so happy even if they would like to stuff their ears with cotton.

    As usual Larry won a 12 lb 3 oz turkey at the bowling alley and as Ruth always invites us over we furnish the turkey and just about all the trimmings too. Dad doesn't go over (he just won't) but Ruth fixes up a nice hot plate for him and Leo brings it over while we are eating. I really think he eats more that way than when he used to go over there. She always has Les + Marsha over there too and I think that's why dad doesn't go over he's always taking his teeth out and it embarrasses him.

    They now have a little son Michael Kevin born July 3rd and Larry really spoils him rotten he carried him around and bounces him up + down as he was riding on a pogo stick and besides that believe it or not he always washes the dishes over there too.

    He didn't have to go to work today but of course he did have to go golfing just got home and is resting on the couch with the evening paper and that reminds me they will both be hollering in a minute when do we eat so I think Dolores honey I better close this letter and start getting something ready for supper--you know we can eat meat today and I suppose you in Chgo can too. I have never taken advantage of eating meat on Friday no time and I don't want to start now so I'll fix myself some eggs and some pork chops for dad + Larry.

    Say hello to all the kiddies and give them a big hug + kiss from me and maybe I'll write soon again, wish I had some of your fish so while I'm drooling I'll say toodle oo and God Bless you all


Larry wants to know if the kiddies have gone ice fishing yet and good luck to Les in his hunting

Love Mom


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