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By Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter

People referred to:

Larry-- her son

Char + Jerry--son Jerry & daughter-in-law Charlotte Plaehn Wachdorf

Les--son-in-law (his father's death 6-25-1965 used to date this undated letter)



Dear Ones:


Just a few lines to let you know Larry is leaving here Friday sometime for Chgo. He is driving as he wants to take his golf clubs + bowling ball along. Will stay at Char + Jerry's if they are home + will have him. He has 3 wks vacation this year so it will give him a little more time in Chgo. Sorry to hear of Les' dad's death. I didn't think when you wrote that his illness was anything serious but one never knows. How is everyone at your house--well, I hope, as we are here. When are you planning on coming to Calif. We are expecting you, you know, and now I want to give this to the mail man so I won't have to walk to the mail box so I'll say toodle oo for now + will just keep on thinking about you all coming out here soon


Much love to all,



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