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By Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter

Ruth--Ruth Kelly, Irene's California neighbor, w/o Leo and m/o John



postmark 10-12-1965


Dear Ones:

    Have been waiting to get your new address as I wanted to let you know that you shouldn't send Ruth very much as I took her out to lunch + told her the treat was on you and I also bought her a spread for John's bed not very expensive but what she wanted as that was enough I told her too that you would probably send her some cheese as Wisc is the cheese state and I know if you sent her some it would be real good and she said that wasn't necessary, she was just happy that you enjoyed being over there. She said too you had cleaned her house so good it looked much better when they got home than it did when they left there. She is going to write to you and thank you for everything + please don't you dare to send me anything for what I gave from you as the lunch I took her out to was for her birthday too.

    So glad Dolores to hear that you like your new house so well and that you have already found a nice neighbor. I hope you find them all nice and that the kiddies like Bloomer as well as they did Chippewa Falls.

    We are pretty good here and hope you are all well there. So sorry I missed seeing your new baby boy but if I live long enough to go to Chgo next year I'll see that I don't miss seeing him then.

    Well darlings I want to give this to the mailman so I'll have to say toodle oo as he is about due any minute. Will write a longer letter soon. Please write to us soon as our mail from our children is few and far between

Love and God Bless

you all



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