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Many thanks to Andy Harris for permission to reprint information he has posted to Rootsweb as part of the Andy Clay Harris Family Tree.


Alexander Averet Sr.

born & died Johnston Co. NC, c.1739 to 1832




c.1736 Sarah (Tomlinson)

c.1740 Daniel Averytt

c.1741 Jonathan

c.1744 Jacob

c.1754 Henry

c.1756 William


of his children: Christian Keziah's son, Averit,

married Patience Avery, whom sources list as the daughter of Daniel Avery. Daniel in turn is listed as the son of Alexander Avery Sr.

Christian's son Alexander married Sabrina Durham, granddaughter of Sarah Averyt d/o Alexander


in Johnston Co. NC





c.1762-baby (died c. 1766)

c.1764-Margaret "Peggy"

c.1766-daughter (m.Seals)

c.1768-daughter (m.James) 

c.1770-William (died 1771)

c.1772-Christian Keziah Duncan

c.1774-Alexander Averet Jr.

c.1776-Sally Norris Ingram



Margaret married a Smith, possibly the Edwin Smith who was executor of her father's will






Alexander Averyt


either Olive or Judith


Alexander Averet

paid his brother Daniel to serve for him in the Revolutionary war

He attended Congress in 1776

at Halifax

The name is variously spelled Averet, Averyt, Avera, Avery, etc. This suggests phonetic spelling of a French pronunciation. In addition, one of his sons marries into the Vinson family, sometimes alternately spelled Vincent (again, Vinson is a phonetic spelling of what Vincent would sound like if spoken with a French accent). This suggests the Avery family originated in France or Scotland.


1787 state census of North Carolina, Johnston County

(NOTE THAT Daniel is probably Alexander's brother, and since Alexander's son Alexander does not marry until 1800, the two Alexander's listed here are probably Alexander Averet Sr. and his father, Alexander the 1st)

"A list of the Inhabitants of Capt. William Bryant's Company" p. 2

Danil Avrit 2 males 21-60, 1 male either under 21 or over 60, 1 female, 2 blacks 12-50, 4 blacks under 12 or over 50 (prob. his brother)

"A list of the inhabitance within the District of Capt. Alexander Hobbys Company for the year of 1787 both white and black of every denomination" taken by Wm. Avera

Jacob Avera 2 males 21-60, 3 males under 21 or over 60, 7 females, no blacks

Alexdr Avera 2 males 21-60, 5 males under 21 or over 60, 5 females, no blacks

Lewis Avera 1 male 21-60

Mary Avera 2 males under 21, 5 females

Alexdr Avryt 1 male 21-60, 3 males under 21 or over 60, 4 females, one black 12-50

Wm Avera 1 male 21-60, 2 males under 21 or over 60, 5 females, 5 blacks 12-50, 3 blacks under 12 or over 50


NOTE In the 1790 census, the two Alexanders listed are most likely Alexander the 1st and his son Alexander Sr, since Alexander Sr's son was not married until January 1800.

    column 3 page 1 of 5

John Vincent 2 adult males, 1 boy under 16, no women, 3 slaves

Daniel Averit (probably brother of this page's A.A.)

1 male above 16

5 males under 16

2 females

3 slaves

    column 2, page 4 of 5, not side by side except William and Alexander Jr.

Alexander Averite (prob. Alexander the 1st, father of this page's A.A.)

2 adult males

1 male under 16

4 females

5 slaves

Jacob Avery 4 adult males, 2 under 16, 6 females, no slaves

Lewis Avery 2 adult males, 1 under 16, 1 female, no slaves

    3rd column

Thomas Avery 1 adult male, 1 under 16, 4 females, no slaves

William Avery 3 adult males, 5 females, 11 slaves next to

Alexander Avery Jr. (prob. this page's A.A.)

4 adult males (one of them likely Alexander Averet Jr)

2 males under 16

5 females

no slaves


North Carolina marriage bonds, Johnston Co:

Bride: Keziah Averyt

Groom Henry Duncan

Date: 3-20-1792

Bondsman: William Durham

Witness: R. Sanders


Index to Johnston County NC marriages lists Sarah Vinson marrying Samuel Avera on 6-30-1794 (son of Alexander Sr's brother Daniel?)


North Carolina marriage bonds, Johnston Co:

Bride: Sally Averyt

Groom: Nahor Norriss

Date: 2-22-1797

Bondsman: John Sanders

Witness: R. Sanders

(per info on Sally Norris page, Sally was the second wife of Nahor Norris. His first wife, Pherabe, was the daughter of William Avera, mentioned in his will probated 1796 Johnston County. William's first wife was Rachel Averton, thus the "Aventon" Avery in the census is likely the son of William Avera.)



Elizabeth Vinson married Alexander Avery Jr. 1-31-1800 according to Johnston County NC index to marriages (1810 census he's listed as Elleck Averytt Jr)


1800 census Johnston County NC (males, then females by ages, under 10, 10-15, 16-25, 26-44, 45 and over, then free blacks, then all slaves)

 (Note the census was taken in April, and Alexander Averet Jr. married Elizabeth Vinson in January--that there is not a third A.A. in Johnston County  implies that Alexander the 1st died some time between the 1790 census and the 1800 census, and perhaps it was some inheritance that enabled to A. Jr. to marry. The ages of the A. Jr. household here support the idea the Alexander the 1st has left the stage)

p 19 Daniel Everet 5 males under 10, 4 males 10-15, 2 males 16-25, 1 male 26-44, no males above 45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 26-44, 6 slaves (since there is no male over 44, either this is not Alexander's brother, Daniel, or Daniel was one of the youngest children of Alexander the 1st)

p 23 Henry Avery 1 - 2 - - * - 1 - - 1 * - -

Nahor Norris (his daughter's household--she married a widower with kids)

2 males under 10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 25-44 * 1 female under 10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 26-44, 9 slaves

P 24 Henry Duncan and the two Everets all next to each otherr

Henry Duncan (his daughter's household)

4 males under 10, 1 male 26-44 (Henry Duncan), 1 female 16-25 (prob Christian Keziah Averet Duncan) 1 slave

Alexander Everet Jr  (his son's household)

1 male 16-25 (Alexander Jr)

1 female 16-25 (his wife)

1 female under 10 (only three months into marriage, perhaps not his daughter)

4 slaves

Alexander Everet Sr

1 male 16-25

1 male over 45 (himself, most likely)

1 female 16-25

1 female over 45 (his wife, most likely)

4 slaves

Samuel Avery (son of Daniel?), John Avery, Aventon Avery(son of William?), Thomas Avery


Notes gleaned from postings on the internet (I have not seen any of the wills or pension applications myself, and so take all of this with a grain of salt):

Will signed 12-16-1818, probated Feb. 1832 in Johnston Co. names sons William, Alex, daughters Sally Ingram, Christian Duncan, Peggy Smith, wife Sarah, grandsons Alex Norris and Harry Ingram. Executor Edwin Smith (perhaps husband of Alexander's daughter, Peggy). Witnesses: James Woodall, John Baker, Absolom Woodall.

3-20-1832 Obituary of Alexander Averyt, Esquire said that he died "lately" at age 94, and was one of the last three members of the Halifax Congress of 1776 (which adopted the NC Constitution)

11-24-1851 Revolutionary War Pension Application (rejected) for Nahor Norris, by Henry Ingram (Nahor Norris=first husband of Henry's mother, Sally Averyt) Source: "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Vol. III: N-Z" abstracted by Virgil D. White, 1992 p. 2510. States that Sally Ingram, maiden name Averyt, was first married in 1790 to Nahor Norris who died c. 1801. She then married Ambrose Ingram who died in 1836. Sally herself died 3-4-1846 at age 80, leaving no children by her first marriage (last child Alexander Norris an Episcopal minister died at Smithfield VA in 1839). Henry Ingram only surviving child of 2nd marriage applied for benefits.

        Asserted his mother was daughter of Alexander Averyt who sat in the 1st NC Legislature and his grandfather was "well acquainted with General Washington and General Lafayette." Said his grandfather was "drafted to in the Revolutionary war and he hired his brother, Daniel Averyt, to take his place. The said Daniel Averyt started about the same time that Nahor Norris did in the War. Daniel Averyt was in the Battle of Brandywine and fired there till his gun bursted in his hands and the fountain of Brandywine run blood and water three days and nights." (Battle of Brandywine 9-11-1777 on Brandywine River in PA.)