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Many thanks to Andy Harris for permission to reprint information he has posted to Rootsweb as part of the Andy Clay Harris Family Tree.

Christian Keziah Avery Duncan

born c. 1772 NC




c.1762-baby (died c. 1766)

c.1764-Margaret "Peggy"

c.1766-daughter (m. Seals)

c.1768-daughter (m. James) 

c.1770-William (died 1771)

c.1774-Alexander Averet Jr.

c.1776-Sally Norris


NOTE: deed involving her presumed son Averyt Duncan lists his grandfather as Abraham Averytt, not Alexander, and mentions also an Aaron Avera.

married 3-20-1792

Johnston Co, NC


Henry Duncan





-Averyt Duncan

-Henry Duncan

-Luquinna Barber


-Winifred Joyner

-Alexander Duncan

-George W Duncan

-Betsy Johnson

the birth years for these kids wobble about from census to census. According to the 1860 census, birth order is roughly: 1794-Avrit,  1798-Alexander,  1805-Henry, 1806-George, 1808-Luquinna, 1810-Betsy, 1812-Sally, 1813-Winnie.


Alexander Averet Sr.




spouse's parents:


The name Duncan is sometimes spelled Dunkin or Dinkin or Dinkins


Her maiden name was spelled Averyt, Averytt, Averet, Averit, Avrit, Avera etc.



Daughter Sally, born c. 1812-1813 apparently did not marry. In the 1850 census she is living with her brother George, and in the 1860 census she is in the household of her sister Winnie Joyner.


North Carolina marriage bonds, Johnston Co:

Bride: Keziah Averyt

Groom Henry Duncan

Date: 3-20-1792

Bondsman: William Durham

Witness: R. Sanders


1800 census Johnston County NC (males, then females by ages, under 10, 10-15, 16-25, 26-44, 45 and over, then free blacks, then all slaves)

 (Note the census was taken in April, and Alexander Averet Jr. married Elizabeth Vinson in January--that there is not a third A.A. in Johnston County  implies that Alexander the 1st died some time between the 1790 census and the 1800 census, and perhaps it was some inheritance that enabled to A. Jr. to marry. The ages of the A. Jr. household here support the idea the Alexander the 1st has left the stage)

p 19 Daniel Everet (her uncle, most likely)

5 males under 10, 4 males 10-15, 2 males 16-25, 1 male 26-44, no males above 45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 26-44, 6 slaves (since there is no male over 44, either this is not Alexander's brother, Daniel, or Daniel was one of the youngest children of Alexander the 1st)

p 23 Henry Avery 1 - 2 - - * - 1 - - 1 * - -

Nahor Norris (her sister's household)

2 males under 10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 25-44 * 1 female under 10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 26-44, 9 slaves

P 24 Henry Duncan and the two Everets all next to each otherr

Henry Duncan

(household of Alexander Sr's daughter, most likely)

4 males under 10, 1 male 26-44 (Henry Duncan), 1 female 16-25 (prob Christian Keziah Averet Duncan) 1 slave

Alexander Everet Jr (her brother, most likely)

1 male 16-25 (himself)

1 female 16-25 (his wife, most likely)

1 female under 10 (only three months into marriage, perhaps not his daughter)

4 slaves

Alexander Everet Sr (her father, most likely)

1 male 16-25

1 male over 45 (himself, most likely)

1 female 16-25

1 female over 45 (his wife, most likely)

4 slaves

Samuel Avery (son of Daniel?), John Avery, Aventon Avery (son of William?), Thomas Avery



Copied from transcription on Rootsweb by Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson: Will of Plyer Barber (son-in-law of Christian Keziah Avery & Henry Duncan) of Wake Co. NC, considering uncertainty of my earthly existence, 28 Nov. 1868; to my wife Luquinna Barber 267 acres of land more or less whereon I now live for her life in satisfaction for and in lieu of her dower and thirds of and in all my real estate. To the heirs of Betsy Ann Duncan 1/2 of this tract of land whereon I now live and the other half to Penny Ann Penny and her heirs (MAD: sic) except the life estate of my wife. To my wife all my household and kitchen furniture, stock ..., all the crop now on hand, for life and then all the property remaining be sold and equally divided among my three daughters, the heirs of Betsy Ann Duncan, Smithy G. Young and Penny Ann Penny. Appoint my friend Henry Duncan Sr. my executor. Wit. Jno. Q. Adams, James Adams. Probate Court 4 Dec. 1869, will produced by Henry Duncan Sr. the exec, proved by Jno. Q. Adams and James Adams. (FHL film 20,018)