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Many thanks to Andy Harris for permission to reprint information he has posted to Rootsweb as part of the Andy Clay Harris Family Tree.

"Luquilene Suquimma" Duncan Barber

The most consistently used version of her name is Luquina or Luquinna

born c. 1808 NC




-Averyt Duncan

-Henry Duncan


-Winifred Joyner

-Alexander Duncan

-George W Duncan

-Betsy Johnson


The name Duncan is sometimes spelled Dunkin or Dinkin or Dinkins


married 10-15-1842


Plyer Barber

she was likely his 2nd wife




(these must be his children by his previous wife or--less likely--hers by a previous marriage, considering he married Lu in 1842)


c.1834-Smithy (female)



Smithy's married name was Smithy Young, and Penny married Joseph Penny, making her Penny Penny. Betsy's married name is apparently Duncan.


Henry Duncan


Christian Keziah Duncan nee Avery


spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Alexander Averet Sr. & Sarah

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

c.1764-Margaret "Peggy"; c.1766-aunt (m. Seals); c.1768-aunt (m. James); c.1774-Alexander Averet Jr. & Elizabeth Vinson; c.1776-Sally Norris & Nahor Norris, then Ambrose Ingram


Acc. to Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson's research as posted on Rootsweb, the Johnston County, NC deed books contain the following:

9-23-1833: Averyt Duncan and wife Patience of Johnston Co. NC to James Barber of same $30 all rights etc to land formerly owned by Aaron Avera deed on Swift Creek adjacent lands of Natham Bryan and Kadar Powel and others 629 acres the Duncans being entitled to one eleventh part. Witness Alexander Duncan. (Averyt Duncan is Luquinna's brother. More on his page)


1840 census, Wake County NC: Plyer Barber with one male under 5, one female under five, two females between 5-9, 4 males between 15-19, himself most likely as the male between 40 and 49, and a female who cannot be Miss Duncan between 30-39. (After the household of John W. Adams comes the household of Young Barber.


North Carolina Marriage Collection: 10-15-1842 Suquinna Duncan to Plyer Barber in Johnston County NC. She must be his second wife.


1850 census, Wake County, Panther Branch District:

Plyer Barber, age 57?, farmer, estate value 1200, born NC

Luquinsey, age 42

Betsy (A?) age 18

Smithy (G?) (female) age 16

Penny A, age 14

George B, age 12


1850 slave schedule, Wake County, Panther Branch

(same page as James Barber)

Plyer Barber is listed with females slaves ages 33, 5 and 1, and males slaves ages 17, 15, 12, and 8.


1860 census, Wake County NC, Southern Division (page 24 on ancestry)

Plyer Barber, age 65, real estate value 1350, personal estate 9106

Luessina, age 52

Penelope, age 23

George, age 20

Jasper Jonson age 17

John Rice, age 17 also

James Jonson age 12

(1850 census of Johnston County Dist. 3 had Burwell Barber on same page as John Johnson with son Jasper-age 5, next-door to James Johnson with son James-age 2).


1860 slave schedule Southern Division Wake County

Plyer Barber is listed owning females ages 43, 18, 11 and 2, and males ages 27, 24, 21, 5, 2, and 6 months (taken in July)

And in 1861, the Civil War began


Copied from transcription on Rootsweb by Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson: Will of Plyer Barber of Wake Co. NC, considering uncertainty of my earthly existence, 28 Nov. 1868; to my wife Luquinna Barber 267 acres of land more or less whereon I now live for her life in satisfaction for and in lieu of her dower and thirds of and in all my real estate. To the heirs of Betsy Ann Duncan 1/2 of this tract of land whereon I now live and the other half to Penny Ann Penny and her heirs (MAD: sic) except the life estate of my wife. To my wife all my household and kitchen furniture, stock ..., all the crop now on hand, for life and then all the property remaining be sold and equally divided among my three daughters, the heirs of Betsy Ann Duncan, Smithy G. Young and Penny Ann Penny. Appoint my friend Henry Duncan Sr. my executor. Wit. Jno. Q. Adams, James Adams. Probate Court 4 Dec. 1869, will produced by Henry Duncan. the exec, proved by Jno. Q. Adams and James Adams. (FHL film 20,018) (NOTE Henry Duncan Sr is his father-in-law. James and John Adams were neighbors, perhaps more.)


1870 census, Wake Co NC, Panther Branch District, post office Hen Hill

"Louis" Barber, female, age 61, keeping house, real estate value 970, personal estate 200

Mary Penny, age 35, no occupation

Smithy Young, age 35, asst. house keeper, real estate value 500, personal estate 200

(all born NC. NOTE: the same page of the census has Abram Barber, age 33, and household, and Willis Barber, age 36, and household).

1880 census, Johnston NC, Clayton District

(Frank Duncan is son of her brother Henry. John Johnson is son of her sister Betsy)

Frank Duncan age 24, farmer, born NC

Wife Rosa, age 22, born NC

Daughter Lillian, age 2

Sister Balsy, age 21

Sister Della, age 19

Aunt Luquina Barber, age 78

John Johnson, age 32, farm labor


1880 census, Wake County, Panther Branch District

Joseph J. Penny, age 38, farmer, born NC

Wife Penelope, age 42

Son George B, age 14, works on farm