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Many thanks to Andy Harris for permission to reprint information he has posted to Rootsweb as part of the Andy Clay Harris Family Tree.

Henry Duncan

born c.1804 NC

His age wobbles from census to census. Born between 1804-1812




-Averyt Duncan

-Luquinna Barber


-Winifred Joyner

-Alexander Duncan

-George W Duncan

-Betsy Johnson


The name Duncan is sometimes spelled Dunkin or Dinkin or Dinkins

married 11-30-1857/58


Emaline C. Boon

born c. 1832 died between 1861-70



(birth years approximate based on census)






Names of the last two are girls, my best guess as to what the census said.


Franklin may be the child of a marriage before Emaline.


NC marriage records have a "Lou Della" Duncan marrying Robert Durham 11-21-1883. two of her uncles married Durhams.


Henry Duncan


Christian Keziah Duncan nee Avery

spouse's parents:

John Boon



maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Alexander Averet Sr. & Sarah

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

c.1764-Margaret "Peggy"; c.1766-aunt (m. Seals); c.1768-aunt (m. James); c.1774-Alexander Averet Jr. & Elizabeth Vinson; c.1776-Sally Norris & Nahor Norris, then Ambrose Ingram


1850 Johnston County NC, District 1

Henry Duncan, age 46, doctor, estate value: 750, born NC

(presuming this is the right guy because the one in 1860 is a physician, and also because he is next-door to John Boon, age 60, farmer, with wife Sitha or Letha? age 53, and daughter Emmaline C. Boon, age 18.)


Johnston County records: 11-30-1857 bond date, 11-30-1858 marriage date between Henry "Dunkin" and Emeline C Boon, bondsman William S. Boon, witness Alfred Holland, marriage performed by J.F. Ellington (note that 1857 and 1858 do not make Franklin legitimate--wonder if there was an earlier wife).


1860 census, Johnston County, NC, Neuse River District, post office: Clayton

(presuming this is the right Henry, despite wife Emaline being listed as Elizabeth, because his neighbor is Averit Duncan)

Henry Duncan, age 55, physician, real estate value 3300, personal estate 3418

Elizabeth, age 28

Franklin, age 4

Abalsey, (female) age 1


1870 census, Johnston County NC, Clayton District, Post Office Selma

Henry Duncan, age 58 (only three years in a decade, hmm), farmer, real estate value: 1500, personal estate 300

Franklin Duncan, age 14, farm hand

Anabaley (female) age 11, at home

Ludelis? (female) age 9, at home


1880 census, Johnston NC, Clayton District

Frank Duncan age 24, farmer, born NC

Wife Rosa, age 22, born NC

Daughter Lillian, age 2

Sister Balsy, age 21

Sister Della, age 19

Aunt Luquina Barber, age 78

John Johnson, age 32, farm labor

(John most likely Frank's cousin, son of Betsy Avery Johnson, sister of Frank's father)