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Cyntha Robeson Stallings


born 1806 NC, died TN






 1817-Matilda Biggs


 1821-Clara Robeson Hardison



Humphrey Stallings








Wm B


Lydia Ann





John Robeson


Winnifred (Wollard?)

spouse's parents:


maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

James Robeson & (Charlotte Reeves?)

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1769-Cloanna, 1772-Luke, 1773-Mary (Hardison), 1775-Henry, 1780-Martha, 1784-Millie (Wollard), 1786-Anna, 1789-Harmon, 1791-Noe (probably Noah)

1850 census, Dyer County TN, District Two, page 9

Cynthia Stallians, age 44, farmer, estate value $600, born NC

J.A. Stallians (male), age 23, born NC (all born NC)

B.B. Stallians (male), age 20

L.P. Stallians (male), age 18

E.G. Stallians (male), age 17

Wm B Stallians, age 15

L.A. Stallians (male), age 13

Lydia A. Stallians, age 9

Louisa Stallians, age 7

(family arrived in TN after 1843)

(note that household above Cynthy is Riddick house including Louisa, age 41, probably the wife, and last listed is Priscilla Stallians, age 52, born NC)


1850 Slave Schedule, Dyer District 1, page one of two pages

Cyntha Stallians with one male age 34, one female age 22, and one male age 2.


1860 census, Dyer County TN, District 1, page 17, post office: Dyersburg

S. Stallings (female), age 54, farmer, real estate value $3375/personal estate $5540, born NC

LM Stallings (male), age 21, born NC

LA Stallings (male), age 19, born NC

L Stallings (female), age 17, born NC

(Next household)

LP Stallings (male), age 30, farmer, real estate $2276/personal $425, born NC

SF Stallings (female), age 19, born TN

LB Stallings (female), age 8 months (census taken in June), born TN


1860 slave schedule for Dyer County District 1

shows S. Stallings (Sintha) with males ages 44, 10 and 7 and a female age 31.

The Dyer District 1 slave schedule also shows LP Stallings (one female age 8), JA Stallings (one female age 9).

JA Stallings is listed on the same page as WW Biggs (Cyntha's brother-in-law)

In Dyer District 2 EG Stallings has one slave (female, age 9).


In 1860 P. Stallings, age 62 (female) who is probably the Priscilla who ends up with Cynthy, is in Dyer District 1, page 1, in the household of BB Stallings (male), age 30, carpenter, and JA Stallings (male), age 34, farmer, and LR Stalling (male), age 22, all born NC. (Also in household a 42 year old woman, MJ, age 24, born NC, and four children born in TN: PA (female, 7), JL (male, 4), HH (male, 2), and O.K. (5 months old, census taken in June, forgot to note sex). Also in the household is S. Haley, 18, male, laborer born in TN.

(Page 6 of the same county & district has K. Stallings, age 38. Page 17 has LP Stallings)


1870 census, Dyer County, District 1, page 25, Post Office: Friendship

Stallings, Cintha, age 67, out of employ, born NC

Stallings, Silla, age 71, out of employ, born NC

(listed below Thomas Ward and 42 yr old wife Sarah. Next page has Alf Stallings, age 45, and family)