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The name spells many different ways, including Robson, Robason, Roberson, Robertson, but I have changed them all to Robeson for simplicity. Much of this info from Robeson family Bible (see note at page bottom).

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Clara is mentioned briefly in the Transcription of a taped 1998 conversation with her granddaughter, Mary Lou Hardison.

Clara Robeson Hardison

also called Clarissy

5-23-1821 in NC to 12-4-1875 in TN




 1806-Cyntha Stallings



 1817-Matilda Biggs


married 4-1-1841 in NC


Asa Hardison

7-30-1818 to 8-26-1911




1844-Mary Ann Hardison

1845-Sally Clark

1846-Noah T. Hardison

1848-Sophie Elizabeth

1849-James H. Hardison

1851-Asa Biggs Hardison

1852-Jessie Hyman Hardison

1854-Louisa Robertson

1856-John Franklin Hardison

1858-Fannie Harwell

1860-George Washington Hardison

1863-Alonzo Edwin Hardison




John Robeson


Winnifred (Wollard?)

spouse's parents:

Jesse Hardison


Anna (Leggett?)


maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

James Robeson & (Charlotte Reeves?)

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1769-Cloanna, 1772-Luke, 1773-Mary (Hardison), 1775-Henry, 1780-Martha, 1784-Millie (Wollard), 1786-Anna, 1789-Harmon, 1791-Noe (probably Noah)

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Mary Lou's tintype labeled "George Hardison & Maggie Nash" (see info on Maggie below photo gallery). Note portrait he holds.

zoom on the portrait--GW's mother died 1876, so it might be her?

cleaned up and lightened, courtesy of Natalie Huntley

grave of Asa and Clara, Mount Moriah Cemetery, near Medina & Friendship TN

Grave of her sister Matilda. Forgot to photograph Cynthy Stallings grave

Regarding Maggie Nash, in the photo above with Clarry's son, George. Maggie was born 1859, the daughter of William B. Nash and his first wife, Marina. At Marina's death, William married Lydia Ann Stallings, the daughter of Clarry's sister, Cynthy Robeson Stallings.  

Death date taken from Hardison Family Bible, as transcribed by her granddaughter, Mary Lou.

Clara's sisters came to Dyer Co. TN at the same time as Clara and Asa Hardison did. Her sister, Tillie, is buried in Mount Moriah like Clara (Matilda Biggs, 6-25-1817 to 9-27-1898 and Wm. W. Biggs 8-16-1817 to 9-8-1884). So is her sister Cynthy (Cynthy Stallings, 4-7-1805 to 2-8-1889).

Source info: Someone sent Mary Lou a copy of a page from DAR Magazine that began, "Copied from Bible belonging to Mr. Claudius Roberson, Williamston, NC. Given by H.L. Robertson through the John Alexander Chapter of Alexandria, Virginia." The Bible was printed "for Matthew Carey, No. 118 Market St., Philadelphia, and dated October 27, 1802" and the information in it was not chronologically listed. The relevant parts were condensed to give the Robeson info above. Regarding the variant spellings of the name: within the Bible the family is listed as Robason (but it is listed as belonging to Roberson, submitted by Robertson).

The 1850 census, Dyer County TN shows the following:

District One, page 1

Risdom Robeson* age 50, farmer, estate value $1000, born NC

Christina Robeson, age 48, born NC

A. Robeson (male), age 22, born NC

Martha Robeson, age 19, born NC

A. Robeson (male), age 18, born NC

Luke Robeson, age 16, born TN

Marina Robeson, age 14, born TN

Wm Robeson, age 13, born TN

H or A Robeson (female), age 10, born TN

Geo Robeson, age 8, born TN

A. Robeson (male), age 6, born TN

(family arrived in TN after 1832 but before 1834)


District One, page 4

W.W. Biggs, age 32, farmer, estate value $1000, born NC

Matilda Biggs, age 32, born NC

Asa R. Biggs, age 8, born NC

J.M. Biggs (female), age 3, born TN (first initial could also be I or T)

C. Peel (female) age 22, born NC

(family arrived in TN after 1842 but before 1847)


District Two, page 9

Cynthia Stallians, age 44, farmer, estate value $600, born NC

J.A. Stallians (male), age 23, born NC (all born NC)

B.B. Stallians (male), age 20

L.P. Stallians (male), age 18

E.G. Stallians (male), age 17

Wm B Stallians, age 15

L.A. Stallians (male), age 13

Lydia A. Stallians, age 9

Louisa Stallians, age 7

(family arrived in TN after 1843)

(note that household above Cynthy is Riddick house including Louisa, age 41, probably the wife, and last listed is Priscilla Stallians, age 52, born NC)


District Two, page 10

Asa Hardison, age 30, farmer, estate value $400, born NC

Clarisa, age 27, born NC

MA (female), age 6, born NC

SJ (female) age 5, born NC

SE (female), age 2, born TN

JH (male) age 1, born TN

(family arrived in TN before 1848, but SE--Sophia Elizabeth--listed as born TN here, is listed as born NC in 1860 & 1870, but TN in 1880)

Their neighbors are the Nash family (John, 26, & Martha, 19, born in TN, with female H. Nash, age 1 and also in the house H. Dent, female, age 50, born SC and Nancy Dent, age 17, born TN)


*DNA tests (thanks Sue Hall) show that Risdom Robeson descended from Clarry's great-grandfather, Henry Robeson. Note also by birth of his children that Risdom was in TN by 1834, where Clarry Tilly and Cynthy all arrived after 1840.