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He and his wife are mentioned in the Transcription of a taped 1998 conversation with his niece, Mary Lou Hardison.

James Henry Hardison

5-29-1849 to 9-6-1936/1937




1844-Mary Ann Hardison

1845-Sally Clark

1846-Noah T. Hardison

1848-Sophie Elizabeth

1849-James H. Hardison

1851-Asa Biggs Hardison

1852-Jessie Hyman Hardison

1854-Louisa Robertson

1856-John Franklin Hardison

1858-Fannie Harwell

1860-George Washington Hardison

1863-Alonzo Edwin Hardison

married 8-31-1876

in Dyer County to

Missouri Louise Miller

(Mary Lou said she lived to 102)








 1890-Elwin (or Elmo?)


 (nine total, six survived)




Asa Hardison


Clara Robeson

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

John Robeson & Winnefred (Wollard?)


paternal grandparents:

Jesse Hardison & Anna (Leggett?)

maternal aunts & uncles:

1805-Asa; 1806-Sintha Stallings; 1810-Sopha; 181?-Hyman; 1817-Matilda/Tillie Biggs; 1818-Sally


paternal aunts & uncles:

1814-James; 1816-Noah; 1820-Dave; 1829-Mary Ann


His great niece, Mary Lou, said that James Henry was referred to as Uncle Bud (and his brother, Alonzo Edwin, was referred to as Uncle Buddy). Born 5-29-1849 in TN and died 1937, according to Hardison Family Bible as transcribed by Mary Lou, but funeral home records (listed below) give his year of death as 1936. 1850 census JH age 1. 1860 census JH age 10. 1870 census James age 21.

12-2-1873 JH Hardison (might have been Jesse Hyman instead) and CT Nash signed a bond choosing JJ Yates as guardian of the minor heirs of F. Harwell, deceased (including LC Harwell, future husband of his sister, Fannie).

Dyer county marriages: J.H. Hardison to M.S. Miller 8-31-1876 (Missouri Miller).

1880 census, Dyer County District 2:

James Hardison, age 31, farmer, born in TN of parents born in NC.

Wife Louise, age 20, born in TN with a line through instead of a state of origin for her parents birthplaces.

Daughter Clara, age 3, born in TN.

Son Asa, age 2.

The very next household (you have to turn the page) is his father, Asa, and family.


1900 census his own household, same county and enumeration district as Alonzo and Asa.

JH Hardison, head of household, born May 1849, age 51, married 24 years, born TN of parents born NC, farmer.

Wife Missouri, born Sept. 1860, age 40, married 24 years, mother of nine, six surviving, born TN of TN-born parents.

Son Acy, born Oct 1878, age 21, single, born TN, occupation: farm labor.

Daughter Annie, born July 1880, age 19, single, born TN.

Son*, born Nov 1885 in TN, age 14, farm laborer.

Son (but marked female) Elmo (only the E is legible), born Jan. 1890 in TN, age10

Daughter Effie, born Sep 1892 in TN, age 7

*Son has a name that begins with a clear R, second letter seems to be O, transcriber guessed Roscoe

12-25-1902 Dyer County marriage records show Annie Hardison and Lee Fuller. Believe this is James Henry's daughter.

WWI draft registration: Asa Henry Hardison of Dyersburg, born 10-7-1878, farmer, nearest kin: wife Ruby Hardison. Not sure if this is James Henry's son, but the town and birth year are right.

1917 draft registration for David Elmo Hardison, born in Bonicord, residing in Maury City gives a birth date of Jan. 24, 1890. Profession: farming and garage business. Single. Of Medium build with light blue eyes and dark hair.

9-16-1917 Dyer County marriage records: Elmo Hardison and Florence Smith. Believe Elmo is James Henry's son, whose full name was David Elmo. (Among the WWI draft registrations there was one for a black man named Walter Matthews of Alamo, who put down under profession "farms for D.E. Hardison.")

1920 census for MS, Attala County, Beat 5:

David E Hardison, age 28, farmer, born in TN of parents born in TN.

Wife Florence, age 23, born in TN of parents born in TN.

Son David, age 1 and a half.

8-17-1923 Crockett County Sentinel: Lee Fuller, wife, and niece Annie Katherine Pierce, of Oakland MS, spent Tuesday night with his uncle JD Hardison and family. (Note: not sure who "JD" is. There was Jesse Hyman and there was John Franklin...Note also that Oakland MS is mentioned as the death place of James Henry in the funeral home records)

1930 census, Memphis District 207:

David E Hardison, age 40, profession looks like office mechanic?

Wife Florence, age 35.

Son John D, age 11.

Daughter Mary L, age 6.

9-6-1936 Curry Funeral Home Records, Dyer, TN: JH Hardison 5-29-1849 to 9-6-1936, age 87. Place of death: Oakland, MS. Wife: M. Louise Miller. Services at Leroy Ward residence on 9-7-1936. Father: "Ace Hardison." Mother: "Miss Stallings of VA" (got that wrong--his mother was Clara Robeson Hardison; Clara's Sister was Cynthy Stallings, and they were from NC, not VA). Burial: fairview. (Fairview Cemetery has James H. Hardison 1843 to 1936 sharing a stone with Lutie Miller Hardison 1859 to 1962. Note that his birth year is wrong and her name was Missouri Louise Miller Hardison.)

11-10-1949 Thursday Crockett County Sentinel, Bells TN, Deaths: David Elmo Hardison, long time Memphis resident, was found asphyxiated in the bedroom of his home in that city Friday morning by his wife, Police inspector Wiebenga, head of the Homicide Bureau, said Saturday. He was 59. Death will be listed as suicide, he had been in ill health for sometime. He was born in Dyer County and lived in the Bonnicord community for many years. The family is widely connected in Crockett County and the deceased well known there.... (later in same edition) C.A. Robertson and Pearl Jetton attended the funeral for Elmo Hardison in Ripley Monday (note: believe these are Carl Robertson and Mary "Pearl" Robertson Jetton, the children of James Henry's sister, Louisa Robertson, and therefore cousins of the deceased).