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Alonzo Edwin is mentioned in the Transcription of a taped 1998 conversation with his niece, Mary Lou Hardison.

Alonzo Edwin, Edna, her mother Alice at the homeplace

same photo, color balanced to try to improve clarity

Alonza Edwin and Edna Costello, Mount Moriah

Alonzo Edwin "Buddy" Hardison

9-12-1863 to 3-28-1929




1844-Mary Ann Hardison

1845-Sally Clark

1846-Noah T. Hardison

1848-Sophie Elizabeth

1849-James H. Hardison

1851-Asa Biggs Hardison

1852-Jessie Hyman Hardison

1854-Louisa Robertson

1856-John Franklin Hardison

1858-Fannie Harwell

1860-George Washington Hardison

married 9-12-1901


Edna Costello Williamson

3-8-1880 to 12-22-1961




  1903-son (Sylvester?)

  1905-Joseph D

  1908-daughter (Ruey?)

  1910-Robert Roland

  1914-Katie M

  1916-Harry E


photo above

cropped from

larger group portrait

 on the Asa Hardison page


his niece, Mary Lou, named

some of the children of "Uncle Buddy" as Sylvester, Joe, and what sounded like "Ruey."


Asa Hardison


Clara Robeson

spouse's parents*:

Frank Williamson


Alice Nash

maternal grandparents:

John Robeson & Winnefred (Wollard?)


paternal grandparents:

Jesse Hardison & Anna (Leggett?)

maternal aunts & uncles:

1805-Asa; 1806-Sintha Stallings; 1810-Sopha; 181?-Hyman; 1817-Matilda/Tillie Biggs; 1818-Sally


paternal aunts & uncles:

1814-James; 1816-Noah; 1820-Dave; 1829-Mary Ann



*Information on the family of Alonzo's wife Edna from an email June 2007 by Natalie Huntley which said, in part, "Edna's mother was Alice Nash, the daughter of William F. & Eliza Nash. Edna's father was Frank Williamson."

Born 9-12-1863 in TN and died 3-28-1929, according to Hardison Family Bible as transcribed by Mary Lou. 1870 census "Abner" age 8. 1880 census, "Alonsa" age 17.

1891 Dyer County TN census listed the household of Alonzo's father, Asa Hardison, as #72, and the household of GW Williamson as #88. Not sure if that's the family of his future wife or not.

1900 census, Dyer County, District 2, enumeration District 13: Hardison, Elonza E., head of household, single, age 36, born Sept 1864 (should be 1863), born TN, farmer. Mary Hardison, sister, age 50, born Jan 1850 (way off--should be April 1845), single, born NC, no occupation listed. Acey Hardison, father, age 81, born July 1818 in NC, widowed, occupation: retired farmer. Jessie H., brother, single, age 47, born Feb 1853 (should be May 1854) in TN, farmer.

Dyer County marriage records 9-12-1901 Alonzo E. Hardison and Edna C. Williamson.

1910 census, Dyer County, District 2:

Head of househould, AE Hardison, age 47, born TN, occupation farm--general farm, in marriage one for eight years.

Wife Edna, age 30, born TN of parents born in TN, mother of three of whom three are alive, in marriage one for 8 years.

Son age 7 name transcribed as Hael, might be Noel or Carl?

Son Joseph D, age 5.

Daughter perhaps Rue V or Pearl? age 2.

Mother-in-law Alise Williamson, age 61, born TN, father born TN, mother from NC, widowed mother of one, one surviving.

Father Asa Hardison, age 93, widowed, born in NC, occupation: "none too old."

"Brother" Elonza E Hardison, age 47, single, farm labor.

Brother Jessie H Hardison, brother, age 49, single, farm labor

(also Nick Ferrell, age 28, hired hand, black, and Frank Nash, 27, hired hand, black).

Strange as it sounds, I think AE, Head of household, and Elonza E, "Brother," both age 47 are both Alonzo Edwin, somehow listed twice.

5-25-1923 Crockett County Sentinel (NOTE: not sure this Katie Hardison is Alonzo's) "Miss Katie Hardison, who underwent an operation last week at Dyersburg, was able to come home Saturday and spend the night with home folks. She returned Sunday and will have to be there about two weeks longer."

1929: tombstone at Mount Moriah for Alonzo Edwin Hardison 9-12-1863 to 3-28-1929. Same stone as Edna Costello Hardison, 3-8-1880 to 12-22-1961

1930 census, Dyer County:

Edna C. Hardison, head of household, age 50, widow, married at 21, occupation: farmer, born in TN of parents born in TN.

Son Robert R, age 19.

Daughter Katie M, age 15.

Son Harry E, age 13.

Also 1930

Joe D. Hardison, age 25, married at 22, farmer.

Wife Aylene, 22, married at 19, born in TN of parents born in MS.

Daughter Billie G, age one year and 10 months.

Daughter Bobbie A, one month. (The previous family in the census is the Nash family).

1961: tombstone at Mount Moriah for Edna Costello Hardison 3-8-1880 to 12-22-1961

1964 SSDI Robert Hardison born 10-13-1910, died July 1964 TN. Bellvernon Cemetery has Robert Roland Hardison, 10-13-1910 to 7-19-1964 sharing a stone with wife Laverna Lee.

Tombstones at Mount Moriah Cemetery include:

-Single stone for both Joe D. Hardison 2-16-1905 to 2-21-1976 and Aylene Hardison 6-5-1908 to 4-3-1990 (Joe son of Alonzo).

-Bobby Ann Hardison 2-10-1930 to 9-12-1930 (daughter of Alonzo's son Joe)

-tombstone marked "Brother" on one side and "Sister" on the other, for Harry E. Hardison 12-7-1916 to 10-13-1973 and Katie M. Hardison 4-13-1914 to 7-26-1992 (Alonzo Edwin's children).

-Patty Evelyn Hardison 1-28-1940 to 12-8-1940. Not sure whose child she was.

-Alonzo Edwin Hardison born 12-27-1932 died 7-5-1933. Not sure how this baby connected to Alonzo Edwin but based on the name, I'd say he did.