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Sophie Elizabeth "Lizzie" Clark

1-2-1848 to 1-28-1923




1844-Mary Ann Hardison

1845-Sally Clark

1846-Noah T. Hardison

1849-James H. Hardison

1851-Asa Biggs Hardison

1852-Jessie Hyman Hardison

1854-Louisa Robertson

1856-John Franklin Hardison

1858-Fannie Harwell

1860-George Washington Hardison

1863-Alonzo Edwin Hardison

married 10-22-1893


James W. Clark

11-3-1840 to 2-17-1928

he was first married to her sister, Sally, who was his second wife











James W. Clark might be James William Clark



Asa Hardison


Clara Robeson

spouse's parents:


Charles P. Clark,

the grandson of Henderson Clark & Elizabeth Pate

maternal grandparents:

John Robeson & Winnefred (Wollard?)


paternal grandparents:

Jesse Hardison & Anna (Leggett?)

maternal aunts & uncles:

1805-Asa; 1806-Sintha Stallings; 1810-Sopha; 181?-Hyman; 1817-Matilda/Tillie Biggs; 1818-Sally


paternal aunts & uncles:

1814-James; 1816-Noah; 1820-Dave; 1829-Mary Ann



According to her niece, Mary Lou Hardison Barnett Foutch, speaking in 1998, Lizzie Clark had a lot of money. When she died, her brother GW used what she left him to buy a new homeplace.

born 1-2-1848 in NC and died 1-28-1923 in TN according to Hardison Family Bible as transcribed by Mary Lou. 1850 census SE age 2. 1860 census SE age 12. 1870 census Sopha age 22 (note--the Southern accent for some reason turned A to ie and ie to a, so that Asa was pronounced Acey, and Effie became Effa, and I guess Sophie becomes Sopha). 1880 census Sopha age 33.

4-16-1893 death of Sallie J. Clark, Lizzie's sister, wife of JW Clark. Sallie is buried at Mount Moriah.

10-22-1893 Dyer County marriage records show JW Clark marrying Lizzie Hardison. Believe this is Sally's sister, Sophia Elizabeth. Need to double check against notes from Mary Lou and Hardison Bible transcription by Mary Lou. Note that in the 1900 census his wife "Lizzie" is listed as born Jan. 1848 of parents born in NC, which matches Sophia Elizabeth)

1900 census, Dyer County Civil District 2:

James W. Clark born Nov. 1840, married 35 years (believe this is inaccurate--see 1920 census), farmer, TN-TN-TN

Wife Lizzie, born Jan. 1848, born in TN of parents born in NC, mother of one, one living (assumption based on Daniel?)

Son Daniel, born Nov. 1869

boarder Mattie? Beck white, female, born March 1884

boarder Geo. Barr or Ban, black, male, single, born Jan. 1870 in TN of TN born parents, occupation: farm laborer.

NOTE: on the same census page is the Hooks family, including son Carless Jewel. In 1907 he wed Lizzie's niece, Cottie Harwell but the marriage was apparently annulled, despite the birth of a son. The same Hooks family is also on the same census page as Lizzie in 1910)


1910 census, Dyer District 2:

JW Clark, age 70, m3 16 years (meaning 16 years into his third marriage)

Wife Elizabeth, 62, m1 16 years (meaning it's her first marriage), born in TN of parent born in NC

Orphan "Alce" surname illegible, age 18, white, female, born TN, father born TN, mother born NC

Hired Hand Carl Riggins, age 19, white, born in TN of parents born in TN.

(The Hooks family is again nearby, including son Jewel. Despite having married Lizzie's niece, Cottie Harwell in 1907, despite her two-year-old son, Rufus Hooks, both Cottie and Jewel are back with their families in 1910, listed as single.)


1920 census, Dyer County District 2:

James W Clark, age 79

Wife Elizabeth, age 72, born TN of parents born in NC.

Tombstone at Mount Moriah for James W. Clark 11-3-1840 to 2-17-1928.

For further information on JW Clark and his children, go to the Sally Clark page.