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Matilda "Tillie" Robeson Biggs


born 1817




 1806-Cyntha Stallings




 1821-Clara Robeson Hardison



WW Biggs





SM or JM (f) Strayhorn

William H





John Robeson


Winnifred (Wollard?)

spouse's parents:


maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

James Robeson & (Charlotte Reeves?)

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1769-Cloanna, 1772-Luke, 1773-Mary (Hardison), 1775-Henry, 1780-Martha, 1784-Millie (Wollard), 1786-Anna, 1789-Harmon, 1791-Noe (probably Noah)

1850 census, Dyer County TN, District One, page 4

W.W. Biggs, age 32, farmer, estate value $1000, born NC

Matilda Biggs, age 32, born NC

Asa R. Biggs, age 8, born NC

J.M. Biggs (female), age 3, born TN (first initial could also be I or T)

C. Peel (female) age 22, born NC

(family arrived in TN after 1842 but before 1847)


1850 slave schedule Dyer District 1, page one of two pages:

WW Biggs with two females age 15 and one male age 12.


1860 census, Dyer County TN, District one, page 2, post office: Dyersburg/Friendship

WW Biggs, age 42, farmer and grocer, real estate value $8000, personal estate $7470, born NC

M Biggs (female), age 42, born NC

AR Biggs (male), age 17, farming, born NC

SM Biggs (female), age 12, born TN

WH Biggs (male), age 9, born TN

L Biggs (female), age 2, born TN


1860 Slave Schedule, Dyer District 1

WW Biggs with females ages 24, 24, 4 and 1, and males ages 24, 6 and 2.


1870 census, Dyer County, District 1, page 17, post office: Friendship

Wm W Biggs, age 58, farmer, real estate value $8500/personal estate $1000, born NC

Tildie Biggs, age 49, keeping house, born NC

Asa Biggs, age 28, "Ret. Merchant", real estate value $1000, personal estate $1300, born NC

Wm H Biggs, age 19, clerks in store, born TN

Lucy Biggs, age 10, attending school, born in TN


1880 census, Crockett County (formed from Dyer in 1871), District 9, Friendship

WW Biggs, age 62, farming, born NC of parents born in NC

wife Matilda, age 61, born in NC of parents born in NC

daughter JM? Strayhorn? age 32, farmer, born TN of parents born in NC

grandson AC Strayhorn, age 10, works on farm, born TN of parents born TN

granddaughter EJ Strayhorn, age 7, born TN

granddaughter CM Strayhorn, age 5

granddaughter SL Strayhorn, age 1