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This is a photo gallery associated with the main Edward Wachdorf page. See also love letters & Irene Pfleger Wachdorf.

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Ed and Irene on the far right. By the stamp on the back, this photo postcard is from 1905-1908

another picnic (labeled when you click) with Ed's sister Kitty, and also looks like his friend Eddie Antermeyer and her friend Mae Howard

inscribed watch locket "To Edward from Irene 12-25-08" which he had on his watch chain all his life

partial marriage certificate from St. Martin's, Nov. 1909 (original 16x20)

on the back, at the bottom, evidence of the Crown Point elopement in June and the baby is born in April)

on the back, at the top. Oscar Pfleger = Irene's brother.

with their first baby, born in April 1910

Excerpt from letter to his children, 10-13-1955: I have a habit of leaving the hose connected to the house faucet which allows the hose to stretch across the walk, a damn fool stunt. So yesterday morning I was sitting in the car at the curb, waiting rather impatiently for Mom to go shopping. The big goof, wanting to show me how fast she could go, starting doing hand spring, somersaults, and dives through the gate. As soon as I saw her sprawled on the walk, I wondered how I left her off so easy, but I was at her side in a jiffy, lifting her to her feet, only to find she had left a few inches of skin on the cement walk. One hand bleeding, two knees skinned and lacerated, two nylons ruined and Mom's disposition undescribable. So when Larry came home Mom was looking for Sympathy, but from the wrong source. She hiked up her skirt to show off her knees to Larry, while he turned to me and said, was that all you did? Just then I saved him from your Mom's fury by tucking him under my mighty arms for protection  while he smilingly looked on. See how men folk stick together.