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This is a photo gallery associated with the main Edward Wachdorf page.

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Harry and Ed (with tambourine) around 1890

school portrait?

Probably Ed as a boy (original about 1 inch square and very dirty)

Ed on the left with unknown bandmate

418 58th St. (before they moved to 316) Harry, maybe Madge and Fran, Joe and Edward

close up of the same. Possible this is their sister Clara's wedding day (she married around 1905, and Madge was born in 1902)

Ed, Harry and Joe on the same day

photo stamp box on back of this photo-postcard puts the date between 1905 to 1908.

just for comparison, his future wife on left with a friend (photo postcard from Sans Souci, a sort of amusement park)

Ed's class, with everyone labeled, Ed far left behind the girls

Less formal, but I think it's another class portrait. Ed 2nd from left

just for comparison, this looks like the girls doing the same thing, and his future wife, Irene is on the right, in the feathered hat

Ed and unknown friend (maybe his Cousin Bill Falkenthal) hit the penny photo arcade with cigars--graduation?

more from the photo arcades, friend in hat unknown

Ed and his friend Eddie Antermeyer in 1908