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James M. Dunlap


 born in SC, moved as a boy to TN









 1844-Rebecca Dunlap Griffin


note George's birth year taken from tombstone, but by 1850 census birth years for the boys should be 1835-George 1836-Henry

















William D. Dunlap


Mary Hefley Dunlap

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

Michael Hefley &

Margaret "Peggy" Hamilton


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:

1804-Nancy Hefley Letsinger; 1806-Sarah Hefley Carter; 1808-Elizabeth Hefley (Rosamon); 1811-William Hefley; c.1813-James Hefley; 1816-Henry Hefley


paternal aunts & uncles:




1850 census, Gibson County TN, district 16

household 420

Mary Dunlap, age 46, estate value $700, born SC

John, age 23, farmer, born SC

Hilliard, age 21, farmer, born SC

William, age 20, farmer, born SC

Mary, age 16, born SC

George, age 15, born TN

Henry, age 14, born TN

Rebecca, age 6, born TN

household 435

James M. Dunlap, age 25, farmer, $600, born SC

Elizabeth, age 18, born TN

also in household WS Cheny? Chemp? 21, farmer, born TN

(household 434 is Henry W Hefley, presumably James' uncle)


1860 census, Gibson County TN District 16

Mary Dunlap, age 60, real estate value $1200, pers estate might say $785, born SC

Henry, age 21, labor, born TN

Rebecca, age 19

(skip one household and then)

JM Dunlap, age 33, real estate value $1000, pers estate $500, farm, born SC

Elizabeth, age 24, born TN

Thos, age 7

Sarah, age 5

Elizabeth, age 4

Ann, age either one month or six months (can't tell if it's 1 over 12 or over 2)


1860 mortality schedule Gibson TN

Rebecca Dunlap died Feb 1860, born TN, no age listed (might have been James' or not)


1870 census, Gibson County TN, district 16

household 23

T.G. Griffin, age 25, farmer, real estate value $400/pers estate $300, born TN

Rebecca, age 24, keeps house, born TN (James' sister)

Thomas, age 1, at home, born TN

Mary Dunlap, age 48, at home, born SC (James' sister)

household 24

Henry Dunlap, age 30, farmer, real estate value $2000/pers estate $500, born TN

Lizzie, age 34, keeps house, born TN

Mary James, age 40 (or might say 70) at home, born NC

household 26

HW Hefley (James' uncle, see Henry Hefley

household 27

J.M. Dunlap, age 44, farmer, $1000/$500, born SC

Lizzie, age 36, keeps house, born TN

Thomas, age 17, farm labor

Sarah, age 15, at home

Mary, age 12

Ann, age 9

James, age 7

Louisa, age 4

Manda, age 2


Rosamon Cemetery, Gadsden TN has together on one stone:

William Dunlap 1800-1846

Mary Dunlap 5-15-1801 to 6-30-1875

Hillard Dunlap 5-8-1829 to 8-5-1860

George Dunlap 1-1-1837 to 11-7-1858

and on another stone:

James M. Dunlap 1824-1880

Elizabeth Dunlap 1832-1906 (wife of James)