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This information comes from many different sources, people with whom I have corresponded and information off the internet. I will try to gather a paper trail to verify it, but for now I present it without backup.

Henry Warmath (son of Thomas Warmath and possibly Mary Polly Wooten) married Elizabeth Fly (daughter of John Dixon Fly and Sarah S. Woodard).

Their children included: Micajah Washington Warmath, Sarah Alcenia Warmath, Thomas D. Warmath, John Wesley Warmath, Chesterfield S. Warmath, Henry H. Warmath, Mary Elizabeth Warmath, Julius Joseph Warmath, and Robert H. Warmath.


Henry Warmath's children had a tendency to marry the descendents of Michael Hefley. Michael Hefley had among his children Henry William Hefley and Elizabeth. Elizabeth married John D. Rosamon. To simplify a portion of what happens next, I have put matching colors on the people who marry each other.

        Elizabeth Hefley Rosamon ---siblings--- Henry Wm Hefley                               Henry Warmath

               her children incl                            one son was                                     whose children included 

 Sally (Avery), John Wesley, & Mary J          William Rufus Hefley      John Wesley Warmath, Mary Eliz Warmath, & Chesterfield Warmath

Sally's dau=Laura Avery                                                                   JW's son=Albert Sidney "Sid" Warmath   Ches' dau=Harriet Della Warmath


In other words, Michael Hefley's grandchildren married a son, a daughter and a granddaughter of Henry Warmath, and then one of Michael Hefley's great granddaughters married a grandson of Henry Warmath. Things aren't simplified if you try to remember that Mary Warmath married John Wesley Rosamon, but Mary Rosamon did not marry John Wesley Warmath, but instead married his brother Chesterfield. The criss crossing backfires for Harriet Della Warmath (daughter of Chesterfield Warmath and Mary J. Rosamon) because her husband's grandfather is her great-grandfather (Michael Hefley in both cases). Laura Avery and her husband Sid Warmath on the other hand, despite sharing the same aunt Mary & uncle Ches Warmath, and aunt Mary & uncle John Rosamon, they shared no blood themselves; it just happened that his father's brother and sister married her mother's brother and sister.

Chesterfield S. Warmath and Mary J Rosamon (d/oJohn D. Rosamon and Elizabeth Hefley) are believed to have had at least the following 8 children:

1859-John Henry Warmath 10-4-1859 to 9-9-1896, married 9-18-? to Anna R. Brooks. Their children included Johnnie, Willie D, and Mary (who married Jim Heffington)

1864 Harriet Della Warmath (Hefley) 6-15-1864 to 1908, married on 1-17-1885 to William R. Hefley (4-27-1855 to 6-28-1926). Their children included I-Chester Hefley (7-21-1887 to 4-11-1962, married Rosa Wright on 12-25-1910); II-James Henry Hefley (9-21-1888 to 2-5-1962, married in 1915 to Emma A. Conley); III-Annie Marie Hefley (4-10-1890 to 1-11-1981, married first in 1910 to Earl Wood, and again on 4-25-1917 to Lester E. Woods); IV-Nannie Mae Hefley (11-9-1893 to 4-2-1966, married 4-6-1919 to Otis C. Jones).

1866-Thomas Chesterfield Warmath 11-2-1866 to 1-10-1942, married 10-29-1891 to Maggie Ambrazine McLeary (11-15-1869 to 12-8-1971, died in Sherman TX). Their children included: I- Julius Lipscomb Warmath (no further info); II-Hattie McLeary Warmath (born 8-18-1892, married 12-26-1911 in Humboldt TN to John Stephen Robinson born 8-29-1899 in Milan TN, son of Stephen W Robinson & Emma Judson. The children of Hattie Warmath Robinson included Nell Ambrozine Robinson, who married Ralph Edwin Gray; Thomas Stephen Robinson 10-10-1912 to 8-17-1913; and Maggie Maureen Robinson born 5-25-1916, whom married on 12-7-1940 to Mordies Commander, and whose children included Thomas William Commander & Peggy Elaine Commander, who married Herbert Keedy); III-Andrew Chesterfield Warmath (9-9-1896 to Aug 1983, died in Dallas, TX, married 3-19-1922 in Biloxi MS to Lucille Alberta Hass, daughter of Martin Hass and Electa E. Goathright. Lucille born 4-29-1899 in Meridian MS, died in Dallas); IV-Nell Jane Warmath (12-21-1900 to 11-18-1988 died in Victoria TX, married 5-25-1920 in Trenton TN to Luther Lyle Lane who lived 9-16-1898 to Aug 1966); V-Perry James Warmath (12-21-1900 to 12-24-1959 died in Dallas, married Marjorie Elizabeth Hampson, and had daughter Marjorie Ann Warmath on 3-30-1929 in Tulsa, whose married name was Dorsett).

c.1871-Bettie Warmath

1876 Charlie A /Charlie Day Warmath

1880-J. Marian/J. Marvin Warmath

Tri-County News 12-18-1913: "Misses Flora Warmath of Jackson and Nannie Hefley of Crockett Mills visited T.G. Avery and family this week." (Flora Warmath prob. d/o Laura Avery & Albert Sidney "Sid" Warmath, the son of John Wesley Warmath. Nannie Hefley probably the daughter of Harriet Della Warmath & William Rufus Hefley, thus cousin (I think) of Sid Warmath. TG Avery is Tom Green Avery, brother of Laura Avery Warmath and thus Sid's brother-n-law.

Tri-County News 6-5-1913 "News From Sanders: Miss Fannie Mai Green and Miss Georgie Warmath of Tigrett attended church here Sunday morning."