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Names and dates taken from Hannigan family tree supplied by Justina Hannigan Wachdorf.

Mary Catherine Hannigan Capetto





 1918-Justina Hannigan

 1919-John Patrick Hannigan

 1921-Henrietta Daly

 1925-Patricia Michaels

 1929-Francis Hannigan



  Her husband's siblings:









Leonard Lewis Capetto 

12-15-1913 to 12-26-1985



current generations

not listed

to protect

their privacy


Mary's parents:

Patrick Hannigan


 Margaret Theresa M******

(intentionally omitting mother's maiden)

His parents:

Michael Capetto


Lucia Pignatello

Her maternal grandparents:

Patrick ****** and Mary Kenny


Her paternal grandparents:

Michael Hannigan and Bridget Rochford


Her maternal aunts & uncles: Winnie M******


Her paternal aunts & uncles: Martin Hannigan



Lucy Pignatello's immigration date given as 1912 on census. In 1912 the ship Taorima had a Lucia "Pigmtiello" on board from Orsara, Italy (Mike's hometown according to his draft card) but in the same year the Mendoza also had a Lucia Pignatiello, also from Orsara. Both the right age.

1917 draft registration card: Mike Cappetto, 5002 Dearborn St., born June 27 (or 22) 1890 in Orsara, Italy. Occupation: railroad laborer for Pennsylvania RR on 55th & Normal. Reason for exemption: support of wife and three children. Signed "Michel" Cappetto. Of medium build, medium height, with gray eyes and brown hair.

1920 census, Chicago, Ward 29: Mike "Capatto", 28, born in Italy, immigrated 1909, laborer--machine shop. Wife Lucy, age 28, immigrated 1912. Son "Lenard" age 6. Daughter Annie, age 5. Daughter Beatrice, age 4 years and two months. Daughter Carmella, one year and seven months. Daughter Lucy, three months. All children born in IL.

1925 Mike was still alive because his youngest is born c. 1925.

1930 census, Chicago, Wood St?: Luce Cappetto, widow, age 39, other information the same. Son "Lenord" age 16. Daughter Anna, 15. Daughter Beatrice 14. Daughter Carmella 12. Daughter "Luca"age 10. Daughter Antonett age 8. Son Michael age 5. (Note: the neighbor in the next house was the family of Carmel "Cappito," age 54, and wife Angeline with children Fred, Dan, Beatrice, Michael, Joseph and Anton. Carmel was from Italy, and a machinist for the RR. In the 1920 census he shows up as "Charles" Cappetta, immigrated 1913 from Italy. Don't know if the two Cappetto families were related.)