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Photos and letters to be added. Only letters transcribed so far: 1955 Aug 8; 1957 Jan 2; Justy & her mother briefly mentioned 1966 Dec 10 Galligan2-19-1967 Hilda; 1968 Feb 23 Harry (big one); 1968 July 25 Harry; 1969 Feb 5 Harry (refers to death of Justy's Aunt Mary--not sure maternal or paternal aunt); 1969 Dec 27 by young niece thanking Justy & Harry for gift of bride doll

Information on the Hannigan and ******* families taken from a family tree compiled by Justina's brother. Maiden name omitted to protect privacy of living descendents.

Justina Theresa Hannigan Wachdorf





 1914-Mary Capetto


 1919-John Patrick Hannigan

 1921-Henrietta Daly

 1925-Patricia Michaels

 1929-Francis Hannigan


The children were all born in Chicago.

Their parents were both born in Ireland and didn't arrive in the US until after 1900.


in St. Justin Martyr, Chicago


Harry Wachdorf 




current generations

not listed

to protect

their privacy


Justina's parents:

Patrick Hannigan


 Margaret Theresa M******

(intentionally omitting mother's maiden)

Harry's parents:

Edward Wachdorf


Irene Pfleger

Her maternal grandparents:

Patrick ****** and Mary Kenny


Her paternal grandparents:

Michael Hannigan and Bridget Rochford


Her maternal aunts & uncles: Winnie M******


Her paternal aunts & uncles: Martin Hannigan


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5-24-1941 Justy and Harry on wedding day of Harry's brother Jerry

Harry and Justy flanked by his parents and sister on trip to Mackinac 1949

on the ferry to the island

from left: Char & Jerry, Millie & Dick Heagberg, Justy & Harry, Jinny's brother Grover Rose & date, Jinny & Bunky (photo courtesy of Dick Heagberg)

Justina, husband and children, Easter, April 1955

Irene Wachdorf and Margaret Hannigan

Ed & Irene Wachdorf with Margaret & Patrick Hannigan and their shared grandchild

Ed Wachdorf Sr and daughter-in-law Justina

Justina and husband Harry Wachdorf, July 1958

Margaret Hannigan on the right, her granddaughter in the middle, and Louise Pfleger on the left.


June 1998

showing her serious side in Christmas present bug glasses 2001

parents: Patrick Hannigan 1-20-1886 to 12-7-1973 and Margaret ******* 9-23-1888 to 6-6-1985

Justina said her Mom was on the Lusitania when it was brand new, never so sick in her life. Margaret Hannigan: 9-23-1888 to 6-6-1985. Based on that, the Lusitania departed Queenstown, Ireland on April 5, 1908 (she was first launched in 1907) and arrived in NY on April 10. On board was Margaret ****** (perhaps the right one), age 22, occupation: servant. Looks like her hometown was Cassamon, Killasser (Killasser is in County Mayo), and her contact in Ireland was Mrs. *******. She was headed for Chicago, Illinois with $50, and her contact info in the US was sister Winnie *******, address 5446 Michigan Ave, Chicago. Margaret was listed as 5'6", with brown hair and gray eyes. A side note: the Lusitania was sunk by torpedo returning to Ireland from NY with 1200 people aboard in 1915. They were only ten miles off the coast of Ireland, that close to home. Imagine the impact that news story had on Margaret, and on her mother back in Ireland.

Found a Winnie ****** arriving in the US on the Lusitania 10-12-1907, age 18, servant, listing her last address as Geevagh, Ireland, and the address of nearest relative Mrs. ******* in Straduff, Co. Galway. She paid her own passage, heading to NY to 202 115th St., NY to the home of "Uncle Wife J. Daly" with $5 on her. She'd never been in the U.S. before. She was 5'2" with dark hair and blue eyes. Note: Geevagh is County Sligo, Straduff is County Galway and Margaret (perhaps her sister) said she was from Killasser, County Mayo. Mayo, Sligo and Galway are all right in a row along the coast of Ireland.

(This may not be Justina's kin but she says it sounds right) 1909 departing Queenstown, England 5-2, arriving NY 5-8, the Campania carried passenger Patrick Hannigan, age 21, with a ticket to Chicago paid for by his brother Martin and $20 to his name. Name of a contact person from whence he came: Miche Hannigan, Knock Ballyhouris (Ballyhounis?). Never been in the US before, 5'9", in good health, not deformed, crippled, anarchist or polygamist.

1910 census, May Street, Chicago: (it's the guy from the Campania, but still might not be Justina's kin) Patrick Hannigan, 22, and Martin Hannigan, 24, both from Ireland, both laborers on buildings, both boarders in the home of Bridget McKevitt and her son James.

According to the Hannigan family tree, Patrick Joseph Hannigan married Margaret Theresa ******* on June 1, 1913 in St. Brendan's Church, Chicago.

1918 draft registration: Patrick Joseph Hannigan, 7028 Winchester, born Jan 20 1886. Coke man in steel mill, for Wisconsin Steel Works and International Harvester. Spouse: Margaret Hannigan.

1920 census, Chicago, Ward 29, Winchester Ave:

Patrick Hannigan, 33, born in Ireland, immigrated in 1909, naturalized in 1914, laborer for coke co (not the beverage).

Wife Margaret Hannigan, 32, born in Ireland, immigrated 1908.

daughter Mary H., age 5

son Martin, age daughter Justina, age 1 year and 11 months

son John P., age three months, all born in Illinois.


1930 census, Chicago, Winchester Ave.:

Patrick Hannigan, 43, born in "Irish Free State," immigrated 1909, naturalized, laborer--plasterer.

Wife Margaret, 41, also now from the Irish Free State, immigrated 1908, naturalized.

daughter Mary, age 15 (all children born in IL)

son Martin, age 14

daughter Justina, age 12

son John, age 10

daughter  Henrietta, age 8

daughter Patricia, age 5

son Francis, age one year and 3 months. 


Martin Leo Hannigan 4-11-196 to 8-12-1900

From the Blue Island Sun Standard 1976 (Blue Island, IL): John P. Hannigan, 57,14357 Midlothian, died Oct. 16 at Ingalls Memorial Hospital. Born Sept. 9, 1919 in Chicago, he was a plumber and a member of the VFW. Mr. Hannigan was the husband of Marie (nee Heniff), father of ***, ***, ***, grandfather of two, son of Margaret and the late Patrick; brother of Mary Capetto, Martin, Justina Wachdorf, Henrietta Daly, Patricia Michaels and Frank. Services were Oct. 18 at the Hickey and Vanderberg chapel in Midlothian. Interment was at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

The Social Security Death Index lists Margaret Hannigan's birth date as 5-20-1885 (died June 1985) but the family tree lists her birth date as Sept. 23, 1888. The age of the girl on the Lusitania more closely matches the 1885 date, if the girl on the Lusitania is the right Margaret ******* instead of another.