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Names and dates taken from family tree provided by Justina Hannigan Wachdorf. Mother's maiden names omitted to protect privacy of current generations.

John Patrick Hannigan

9-8-1919 to 10-16-1976



 1914-Mary Capetto


 1918-Justina Hannigan

 1921-Henrietta Daly

 1925-Patricia Michaels

 1929-Francis Hannigan



  Henrietta Daly

  Patricia Michaels



  Marie Coletta's siblings:

Edward, 16. Rita, 15. James, 12. Richard, 12. Francis, 10. Marie, 7. Loretta, 6. Robert, 4yrs 4 months.



Marie Coletta Heniff 




current generations

not listed

to protect

their privacy


John Patrick's parents:

Patrick Hannigan


 Margaret Theresa M******

(intentionally omitting mother's maiden)

Coletta's parents:

Edward Heniff


Helen ***

name intentionally omitted

His maternal grandparents:

Patrick ****** and Mary Kenny


His paternal grandparents:

Michael Hannigan and Bridget Rochford


His maternal aunts & uncles: Winnie M******


His paternal aunts & uncles: Martin Hannigan



Heniff paper trail in reverse chronological order:

1930 census, Illinois, Midlothian, Bremen township, W. 148th St: Edward J. Heniff, age 45, born in KS of parents born in the US (this changes to IL and Ireland), married at 27, occupation: contractor--building. Wife Helen, age 42, born in IL of a father born in Poland and a mother born in Germany (this changes), married at 24. All children born in IL. Edward, 16. Rita, 15. James, 12. Richard, 12. Francis, 10. Marie, 7. Loretta, 6. Robert, 4yrs 4 months.

1920 census, Chicago Ward 20, W. 16th St.: Edward J. Heniff, age 33, born in Missouri (see 1910 census) of parents both born in Ireland (this changes to IL and Ire.), contractor for wrecking co. Wife Helen, born in Illinois of parents born in Germany. Children all born in IL. Edward, 5. Rita 4 yrs 5 months. James, 2 yrs 0 months. Richard, 2 months.

1917 draft registration card: Edward James Heniff, 1508 W. 51st St. born June 7, 1886 in Crawford County, Kansas. Occupation: President of Globe Wrecking and Lumber Company of Chicago. Reason for exemption: wife and two children. Tall and stout with brown eyes and dark brown hair. Bald? slightly.

1910 census, Chicago Ward 29, Laflin: John Heniff, age 52, born in IL of parents born in Ireland, married 24 years, laborer--packing house. Wife Marie, age 42, born in Ireland of Irish parents, married 24 years, mother of 7 of whom 7 are living. Son Edward Heniff, age 23, born in Kansas, laborer--packing house. Daughter Charlotte, age 21, born in Missouri (that explains why Edward says he's from Missouri in 1920), no profession (note that Daughter Charlotte here is son Charles in the 1900 census). Son John, age 19, born in IL (as are the rest of the kids from John down), clerk for scale co. Daughter Alice, age 16, inspector for department store. Daughter Nellie, 14. Daughter Agnes, 11. Won William, 9. Also in the house, Chas Sullivan, lodger, age 21, born in IL of Irish parents, railway conductor.

1900 census, Chicago Ward 6, South township, Parnell: John J. "Haniff" age 42, born Oct. 1867 in IL of Irish parents, married at 25, laborer. Wife Mary, age 31, born Oct. 1868 in Ireland, immigrated 1882, married at 16, mother of 6 of whom 6 are living. Son Edward, 13, born June 1886 in KS. Son Charles (becomes daughter Charlotte in 1910 census), age 12, born May 1888 in KS. Son John, age 10, born Mar. 1890 in IL. Daughter Alice, age 6, born June 1893 in IL. Daughter Ellen, age 4, born Aug. 1895 in IL. Daughter Agnes, six months, born Nov. 1899 in IL.