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Many thanks to Stan Warmath, a descendent of this line, for the information on this page, sent in an email in 2008. The information that he sent along (spouses, children's names) was not part of any other Warmath genealogy I had seen, and so is much appreciated. Where possible, I have added the paper trail backing up his information (census, WWI draft registration, etc).

Clyde Clifton Warmath

born 1883



1875- William Clarence Warmath

1877-Mary Warmath Underwood

c.1879-Edward H

-Ollie (female)

- Hadie

-Sallie (Hadie's twin?)

1888-Grace T

1890-Floyd Linwood Warmath


plus step-siblings by his father's first wife, Mary Francis Hall:


c.1869-Julius Everett

c.Feb 1870-Ninnie




Brooksie Davidson

born c.1888




-Willard Hayes Warmath

-Gerald Little


W. Hayes Warmath


in Brown Cemetery

Madison Co TN

Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII

4-15-1911 to 4-26-1995


William James Warmath


Sarah Jane Wilson


spouse's parents


maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Henry Warmath


Elizabeth Fly


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

827-Micajah Washington Warmath; 1828-Sarah Alcenia Warmath Lewis; 1830-Thomas Dixon Warmath; 1832-Henry H Warmath; 1834-John Wesley Warmath 1834; 1838-Chesterfield Warmath; 1840-Mary Elizabeth Warmath Rosamon; 1842-Julius Joseph Warmath; 1846-Robert H Warmath


1900 census, Weakley County TN, Civil District 2, district 114

SJ Warmath, age 53, born Nov. 1846, widow (no. of children not listed)

son WC, age 24, born Aug 1875, married, telephone manager

daughter-in-law IM, age 20, born Sept 1879, mother of 0

son CC, age 16, born Oct. 1883

son FL, age 10, born Nov. 1890

daughter ME, age 22, born Mar 1877

daughter GT, age 11, born Dec 1888

(Don't know why the girls are listed out of chronological order. Note also that this is

household 45, and Jeff Underwood--future husband of Mary Elizabeth-- is boarding in household 43)


1910 census, Weakley County TN, Martin district 137

Sallie J. Warmath, age 63, widow, mother of 9, five surviving, born in TN of parents born in TN, owns rooms

son Clide C., ge 26, single, think occupation says "flagman" for Steam RR

daughter Grace T, age 21

son Floyd L, age 18, painter--house

daughter Mary E. Underwood, age 33, married 7 years

son-in-law Jefferson A. Underwood, age 41, born in TN of parents born in TN, salesman--groceries


WWI draft registration 1918

Clyde Clifton Warmath, of Poplar, Martin, Weakley County TN, age 34, born 10-2-1883, occupation: electrician for Weakley Tel. Co on Lindell in Martin TN. Nearest relative: Wife Mrs. Brooksie Warmath of Poplar, Martin. Of medium height and build, with gray eyes and black hair. Signed C.C. Warmath.


1920 census, Weakley County, Martin TN

Clyde C. Warmath, age 36, salesman--automobile

wife Brooksie, age 32

son Willard Haynes, age 9

son Gerald, age 2