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Julia A. Cook Sims




  c.1826-Richard D

c.1835-Robert A.

c.1838-Pleasant? G (male)

c.1841-Catherine M




William Sims




  1853-James R Sims

  1858-Will Sims


  1861-John P. Sims

  1863-Robert Sims







Richard Cook



spouse's parents:

Matthew Sims



maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

possibly John Cook & Mary

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:




1820 census, Rutherford County

There are two John D. Cook households, 16 pages apart

The first has 3 males under 10, three males 10-16, one male 16-26 and one male over 45, plus one female under 10, and one female 26-45 and no slaves, four members of household engaged in agriculture.

The second household has no mother. It has five males under 10, one male 16-18, two males 16-26, and one male over 45, plus one female under 10, no slaves, five members of household engaged in agriculture.


1830 census Rutherford County

two Jno. D. Cook households. First one has one male 10-15, two males 15-20, and two males 20-30, plus 3 females 10-15, and one female 60-70, plus a male slave 24-35 and another male slave 36-55 and a female slave 10-24.

The second Jno. D. Cook household (first is tenth from the bottom of a page, and the second is third from the top of the next page) has no slaves, 2 males under five, one male 10-15, and one male 20-30, plus 1 female under 5, and one female 20-30.


1840 census, Rutherford County has households of

Jno D. Cook

Jno D. Cook Sr.

Rchd Cook

Lurainey? Cook

Tho. Cook

Will put details later


1850 census, Rutherford County TN, Mechanicsville

(all of these Cook families occur within four pages of the census)

Thos Cook, age 40, farmer, estate value $2000, born TN

Curan? (female), age 39, born NC

Newton C, age 12 born TN

Hartwell, age 9 (male)

William A, age 8

Sarah J, age 6

Louisa F, age 4

Talbert G (male), age 2


JW Cook, age 36, farmer, born TN

Mary Cook, age 33


Robt Cook, age 32?, school teacher, born TN

Nicey Cook, age 28, born TN


Lucy Cook, age 41, estate value $400, born NC

Pruella? Priscilla? Cook, age 17, born TN

Sally, age 16

Mary, age 12

James, age 10


Richard Cook, age 44, farmer, born NC

Unity Cook, age 34, born NC

Julia A, age 16, born TN

Robert A., age 15

Pleasant? G, age 12 (male)

Catherine M, age 9


Jno D. Cook Sr., age 77, farmer, estate value $8000, born NC

Mary Cook, age 75, born NC

Andrew J, age 7, born TN

Benj. F, age 5

"not named Cook", age 3, male (had others look at it & agree that's what it says)


Louraney? Cook, female?, age 47, estate value $2000, born VA

Jno Cook, age 22, farmer, born TN

Frances, age 18 (female)

Green? B. Cook, age 15

Wm. W. Cook, age 13


Richard D. Cook, 24, farmer, born TN (the one who stays near Julia in 1870 & 1880)

Elizabeth, age 21

Josiah, age 2


Jno D. Cook, age 44, farmer, born NC

Betty?, age 47, born NC

Jno C., age 22, farming, born TN

Wm. L, age 20, farming

Thos. M, age 18, farming

Frances E, 16 (female)

Katherine? (female) age 14

Rebeckah L. 12

Robt. A, age 9


1860 census Haywood TN

District 13, page 15 of 17

Wm Sims, age 33, farmer, real estate value $600, personal estate 392, born ALA

Julia A, age 27, born TN

James, age 7, born TN

Wm, age 4, born TN

Susan, age 2


District 12 page 12 of 16

Richard Cook, age 53, farmer, real estate value $2000, personal estate 2260, born NC

Unity A, age 47, born TN

(male) R.A. age 25, clergyman, Christian

(male) P.G., age 23, teacher

(male) A.J. (or I.J.?) age 17

Ben, age 16

William, age 14

Henry, age 9

Catherine, age 18

Martha, age 7 (these last two out of order suggest wife and child of either R.A. or P.G.)

(next household)

R.D. Cook, age 35, farmer, 1200/2580 born TN

Elizabeth, 33

Joseph, 13

Robt, 8

(female) looks like Lem or Tenn? 4

(next household)

Lurrancy Cook, age 57 (female) farmer, 1760/500 born NC

John Bennett, age 12, born TN

(next household)

Noah Ward, age 26, overseer and 21-yr-old wife "Wealthy" and daughter Ellender, 2

(next household is Robertsons.


1870 census, Haywood County TN, District 12, Johnston Grove Post Office

William Sims, age 43, farmer, born Alabama, real estate value 4200, personal estate 600

Julia, age 33, keeps house, born TN

James, age 17, farm hand, born TN

William, age 13

Susan, age 11

John, age 9

Robert, age 7

Ida, age 3

Sarah, age 70, at home, born Alabama (William Sims' mother?)

 Previous page of census  (and he's a neighbor in 1880 too) has household of:

R.D. Cook, age 45, farmer, born TN, real estate value $3500, personal estate 800

Elizabeth, 42

Josiah, 22

Robert, 18

Sarah, 12

Lonz? Tony? (male), age 7


1880 census, Crockett County TN:

William Sims, age 56, farmer

Wife Julia A. Sims, 46, keeping house

Daughter Sudia A. Sims, 21, at home

Son Jno P.G. Sims, age 19, labor

Son Robert A. Sims, 18, labor

"Ider" L or D Sims, between 10 and 19 (can't read 2nd digit) at home.

        (Next household)

AH? WH? Cooke, age 43, farmer, TN-TN-TN

wife Mary A, 41 TN-TN-NC

daughter Mary H, 19

son William A, 9

daughter Ninie?, 6

        (next household)

RD Cooke, age 54, farmer, TN-NC-TN (like Julia Sims)

wife Elizabeth, 58?

daughter Sarah A, 22

son Tilden D, 17