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Some information on this page taken from "The Pariss Sims Family and Related Families 1765-1965" by Almon J. Sims. Keep in mind that the "Sims Book" as I refer to it, is often inaccurate in it's details.


James R. Sims

10-24-1853 in TN to 10-11-1903 in IL



  1858-Will Sims

  1861-John P. Sims

  1863-Robert Sims







married 10-29-1874

in Crockett County


Ascenith Avery

born June 1851 by census

or 1-26-1852 to 5-27-1933 by Sims Book




 1878-Edgar Earl

 1880-Horace R

 1881/3-Nina Irene

 1884-William Andrew

 1886-Ida Elnora

 1889/90-Julia Ann

 1894-James Avery

Sims Book say, "their first child, born in 1869, died before he was a year old." He has incorrect marriage date, and this child's birth date also off.


William Sims


 Julia Cook

spouse's parents:

James A. Avery


Sally Lanier

maternal grandparents:

Richard Cook & Unity


paternal grandparents:

Matthew Sims & Sarah

maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1826-Richard D. Cook, c.1835-Robert A. Cook, c.1838-Pleasant? G. Cook (male), c.1841-Catherine M. Cook


paternal aunts & uncles:

John Sims, Martha Sims White


From the Sims Book p. 112: "Dr. Jim, as he was known, first taught school. Then he attended the Dr. James Marion Sims College of Medicine and began the practice of medicine at Bells, TN in 1878...In 1889 Dr. Jim moved his family to DuQuoin, IL, where he was a typical country doctor until his death in 1903. Loved by his community for his devotion to his practice, he was never known to refuse to go to a patient day or night."


1860 census Haywood TN

District 13, page 15 of 17

Wm Sims, age 33, farmer, real estate value $600, personal estate 392, born ALA

Julia A, age 27, born TN

James, age 7, born TN

Wm, age 4, born TN

Susan, age 2


1870 census, Haywood County TN, District 12, Johnston Grove Post Office

William Sims, age 43, farmer, born Alabama, real estate value 4200, personal estate 600

Julia, age 33, keeps house, born TN

James, age 17, farm hand, born TN

William, age 13

Susan, age 11

John, age 9

Robert, age 7

Ida, age 3

Sarah, age 74, at home, born Alabama


Crockett County Marriages: Jr. Sims to Asenith Avery 10-29-1874


1880 census, Crockett County, Cairo, District 8, Enumeration District 6, household 25

J.R. Sims, age 26, born TN, profession: Dr (born TN of parents born TN

wife Asenith, age 28, keeping house, born TN of parents born TN (not accurate)

son EE, age 2 (Edgar Earl)

son HR, born April

servant Ella Avery, age 12, black, born TN


by children's births, they moved to IL between 1886 and 1890.


1900 census, Perry County IL, DuQuoin

James R. Sims, age 46, born Oct. 1853, married 25 yrs, MD, TN-TN-TN

wife Asinoth Sims, age 49, born June 1851, mother of 8, seven living, TN-NC-NC

son Harris? R Sims, age 20, born Apr 1880, clerk--store, born TN (sources say "Horace")

daughter Nina I, age 18, born Dec 1881, born TN, at school (Nina Irene)

son William A, age 16, born March 1884, born TN, at school (William Andrew)

daughter Ida E, age 13, born July 1886, born TN, at school

daughter Julia A, age 9, born July 1890, born IL, at school

son James A, age 5, born Nov 1894, born IL (James Avery Sims)


1910 census, Perry County IL, DuQuoin ward 4, District 75

Asenith Sims, age 57 or 59, widow, mother of 8, seven living, TN-NC-NC

daughter Nina I, age 27, single, sales lady--dry goods

daughter Idie C, age 23, single, sales lady--dry goods

son James A, age 16, no job, IL-TN-TN