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Some information on this page taken from "The Pariss Sims Family and Related Families 1765-1965" by Almon J. Sims. Keep in mind that the "Sims Book" as I refer to it, is often inaccurate in it's details.


 William Sims

born 1858



  1853-James R Sims


  1861-John P. Sims

  1863-Robert Sims

  c. 1867-Ida





married 12-25-1883


Lillian McCulloch

born Dec. 1862

called "Martha" in 1910 census



 1884-Ernest Carlton

 1887-Herbert McCulloch

 1889-Edith Bingham




William Sims


 Julia Cook

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

Richard Cook & Unity


paternal grandparents:

Matthew Sims & Sarah

maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1826-Richard D. Cook, c.1835-Robert A. Cook, c.1838-Pleasant? G. Cook (male), c.1841-Catherine M. Cook


paternal aunts & uncles:

John Sims, Martha Sims White



From the Sims Book: "Dr. William Sims (Dr. Will)...was born in 1858 in Dyer County and began the practice of medicine at Tiptonville, Lake County, TN. Later he practiced in Paragould, Ark, and in St. Louis, Mo, where he died."


1860 census Haywood TN

District 13, page 15 of 17

Wm Sims, age 33, farmer, real estate value $600, personal estate 392, born ALA

Julia A, age 27, born TN

James, age 7, born TN

Wm, age 4, born TN

Susan, age 2


1870 census, Haywood County TN, District 12, Johnston Grove Post Office

William Sims, age 43, farmer, born Alabama, real estate value 4200, personal estate 600

Julia, age 33, keeps house, born TN

James, age 17, farm hand, born TN

William, age 13

Susan, age 11

John, age 9

Robert, age 7

Ida, age 3

Sarah, age 74, at home, born Alabama


1880 census, Crockett County, Friendship Dist. 9

Wm. A. Sims, age 23, dry goods clerk, TN-TN-TN


Crockett County Marriages: W.A. Sims & Lillian McCulloch 12-25-1883

By births of children they moved to Arkansas c. 1888.


1900 census, Greene Co ARK, Paragould Dist 31, Clarke Township

Will A Sims, age 42, born Jan 1858, married 16 yrs, physician, TN-TN-TN

wife Lillian, age 37, born Dec 1862, mother of 3, all surviving, TN-TN-TN

son Earnest, age 15, born Nov 1884 TN

son Herbert, age 12, born Aug 1887 TN

daughter Edith, age 10, born Nov 1889 ARK

servant Ben Camp, age 75, born Apr 1825, black, widowed, GA-GA-GA

servant Irene Fowks?, age 17, born May 1883, white, single, housekeeper, ARK-ARK-ARK


1910 census, Greene Co ARK, Paraould Ward 3 District 57, Clarke Township

Wm. A Sims, age 54, in marriage 1 for 27 years, Physician--general practice, TN-TN-TN

"Martha" Sims, age 50, in marriage 1 for 27 years, TN-TN-TN

roomer Benjamin Warren, age 28, white, single, tailor in own shop, KY-KY-KY


1920 census, St. Louis MO, Ward 28, Dist 592

Lloyd Scruggs, age 44, KY-KY-KY, can't figure out what it says his profession is

Edith Scruggs, age 30, ARK-TN-TN

father-in-law William Sims, age 62, physician--medical, TN-VA-TN

mother-in-law Lillian Sims, age 57, TN-TN-TN


In the 1930 St. Louis census, Lloyd's profession is manufacturer--stoves or stores.

Lloyd and Edith are listed on ship's registers traveling back and forth to Europe as follows:

8-22-1930 on the America from Cherbourg to NY

        Lloyd Scruggs born 3-11-1875 Willisburg KY

        Edith Scruggs born 11-13-1889 "Paragouth" Arkansas (corrected on next two)

        home address 816 Wainwright Bldg, St. Louis

7-15-1937 on the Bremen from Bremen to NY

        same info but home address 7469 Washington Blvd, St. Louis

9-3-1939 on the Empress of Australia from Southampton to Quebec

        same info, same address


Social security death index: Edith Scruggs born 11-13-1889 Arkansas died May 1976, St. Louis.