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An email came in from Herbert Scholz of Germany in Feb. 2009, giving many generations of the Meysing family. Most of what is reproduced here is taken from information on ancestry.com or from Herbert Scholz ahnentafel, which he kindly shared. To jump to his listing of the generations going back to the 1600s click here. These names are not yet added to the surname index.

A second email arrived in July 2009 from Franz-Theodor Voss-Meysing of Switzerland offering corrections and some new information on the older generations of Meysings.

In double checking information with DeAnn Meysing, she pointed out that much of the information coming from abroad had originated with her, traveled to Europe, and came back to the US with no credit attached. I thank DeAnn, and Herbert and Franz-Theodor for offering information and corrections.

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Karl (Charles Bernard) Meysing

born 2-9-1887 to 12-17-1954

born Hohscheld/Solingen Germany, buried Evergreen Park, IL





married 6-4-1919


Anna Gertrude Jann

born 1890



 Raymond Meysing

born 9-30-1922 Chicago

died 1-1-2006 Lincoln NE

married Anna Gertrude Jann








Johannes Karl (Charles) Meysing


Anna Katharine Neumann Schmidt

spouse's parents:

Frederick William Jann


Anna Gertrude Utschig Jann (1870)

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Johannes Meysing 1825-85


Phillipina Apel 1825-97

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

Other family members may also be in the crowd in the photo below. Click to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, mover cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again.

April 1929, party that included guests Ray Meysing and Anna Gertrude Jann Meysing. Link to full caption below

Charles Meysing, husband of Anna's daughter Anna

Anna Gertrude Jann Meysing

Link to labeled version of Bornhofen's anniversary picture can be reached by clicking here: Bornhofen's 50th

1900 census, 5314 Halsted Avenue, Chicago:

Charles Meysing, head of household,  born Mar 1855 in Germany of German parents, age 45, married 14 years, day laborer.

Wife Annie, born Feb 1860 in Germany of German parents, age 40, married 14 years, mother of three all surviving

daughter Annie Neumann, born Sept 1878 in Germany, age 21, single, no profession listed

daughter Clara Neumann, born Feb 1882 in Germany, age 18, working as dry goods clerk

son Charles Meysing, born Feb 1887 in Germany, age 13, in school

All are listed as having immigrated in 1891, being able to read, write and speak English, and in a rented home.

Note that Charles' Meysing Sr's wife is listed as Anna Katharine Neumann Schmidt in Herbert Scholz' family tree, and the daughters of Charles Sr listed here are surnamed Neumann, and single. This implies they are his stepdaughters, though his wife, in the 1910 census, is listed as being in her first marriage, and indeed Neumann appears to be her maiden name. Something is a little screwy.


1910 census 835 53rd St. (around the corner from Halsted)

Charles B. Meysing head of household, 52, in 1st marriage 25 yrs, fireman in packing house

wife Anna J, age 49 (2nd digit blurred), in 1st marriage (it says) 25 yrs, mother of 3 all surviving

son Charles B, age 22, single, clerk in bank

son-in-law Louis W. Head, age 33, in 1st marriage 7 yrs, born in IL of English parents, telegraph router for postal telegraph

daughter Clara N. Head, age 25, in 1st marriage 7 years, mother of one

granddaughter Loletta (not sure, could be Doletta?) age 6, born in IL

domestic Josephine Kupper, age 19, divorced, mother of two neither surviving, nationality Serbian?, imm 1903

All Meysing family members except Louis Head and son are listed born in Germany, immigrated 1892, naturalized


1917 Draft registration

Charles B. Meysing of 835 W. 53rd St, born Feb 9 1887 in Solingen, Germany and naturalized by act of congress, employed as teller in bank. Employed by Live Stock Exchange located at Exchange Ave US Yards. Single, of medium height and stout build with gray eyes and brown hair.


1920 census: 5923 Princeton Ave., Chicago (writing very faint and faded throughout):

FW Jann, age 59, carpenter for the city, looks like immigrated 1882 and naturalized by "act of cong."

Wife Anna Jann, age 49.

Daughter Anna Meysing, age 29

son-in-law Charles Meysing, 32 (born in Germany), occupation: teller in bank

Son William Jann, age 26 (looks like he's marked Widowed), contractor in plaster industry

Son Leo C. Jann, 24, single, bookkeeper (looks like it says for Swift Yds)

Son Henry C. Jann, 21, single, salesman--advertising

Son Joseph B. Jann, clerical--auto supply

Son Edward B. Jann, 11


Cook County birth records 9-30-1922 Raymond Meysing


1927 death certificate for Charles Meysing Sr.

Born 3-4-1853 and died 2-6-1927 after being in doctor's care since 2-1. 71 years, 11 months, 2 days old. Retired building laborer, widower, late wife Anna Meysing. Residing at 6838 Morgan St. at time of death. Cause of death has illegible first word but second word is "insufficiency," and contributing cause is acute myocarditis. The informant was son Charles Meysing Jr of Michigan Avenue who supplied that his father's birthplace was "unknown, Germany," and said Charles Sr's father was John Meysing, of unknown Germany, wife's maiden name unknown. Burial 2-9 at "St. Maria's" (St. Mary's cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL).


1930 census, 7647 Michigan Avenue

Charles Meysing, age 43, married at 33, listed as born in IL of German parents, working as paying teller in a bank

wife Anna, age 38, married at 27, born in IL of a father born in Germany and a mother born in Wisconsin

song Ray, age 7, born in IL

Note that Charles lists that he owns his home, valued at $9000, and has a radio.


Social Security Death Index 1-1-2006 Raymond Meysing born 9-30-1922, died in Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska


Ahnentafel of Charles Bernard Meysing as sent by Herbert Scholz

First Generation:

Karl (Charles Bernard) Meysing born 2-9-1887 in Hohscheid/Solingen, Germany and died 12-17-1954 in Illinois, buried Evergreen Park (St. Mary's cemetery). Married 6-4-1919 in Cook County to Anna Gertrude Jann.


Second Generation (parents of Charles Bernard Meysing)

Johannes Karl Meysing born 3-4-1855 in Birkungen, Thuringen, Germany, and died 2-6-1927 in Chicago. (Note that in the US he listed himself as Charles Bernard Meysing Sr, and on his death certificate his father is listed as John). Married Anna Katharine Neumann Schmidt 12-26-1885 in Hoehschedit, Solingen. (See comments about the Neumann part of her name at the 1900 census info on this page).


Third Generation (grandparents of Charles Bernard Meysing)

Johannes Meysing born 10-5-1825 in Birkungen, Thuringen, Germany and died 4-19-1885 same location. Married 5-5-1850 same location to Phillipina Apel born 9-19-1825 in Birkungen and died 7-15-1897.


Fourth Generation (great-grandparents of Charles Bernard Meysing)

Johannes Heinrich Meysing born 5-29-1794 in Rustenfelde, Thuringen, Germany and died 4-17-1867 in Birkungen. Married 10-30-1820 in Birkungen to Dorothea Germeshausen who was born 3-24-1802 and died 12-26-1841 in Birkungen.


Also Johannes Georg Apel (father of Charles' grandmother Phillipina) born 3-1-1777 in Birkungen and died 1-18-1857 same location, married Katharine Margarethe Apel born 3-14-1782 in Birkungen and died 12-2-1851 same location.


Fifth Generation (great-great-grandparents of CBM)

Johannes Conrad Meysing born 7-3-1752 and died 8-3-1842 and married Maria Elizabeth Sittel born 3-10-1754 and died 8-8-1841 both in Rustenfelde, 2nd marriage 11-25-1776 to Margaretha Fuhlott (according to Franz-Theodor Voss-Meysing)

OR Johannes Conrad Meysing born 9-15-1741 in Rustenfelde, Thuringen, Germany and died 4-18-1800 same location, married Anna Elisabeth Sittel born 5-10-1739 (according to Herbert Scholz).


Michael Germeshausen (father of CBM's great-grandmother Dorothea) married Mararetha Fuhlrott (according to Herbert Scholz)


Georg Wilhelm Franz Apel (grandfather of Charles grandmother Phillipina) born 10-1-1731 or 32 in Birkungen, died 1-22-1800 in Birkungen, married Regina Grosse who died 6-13-1805 in Birkungen.

OR Georg Wilhelm Apel born 12-11-1744 in Birkungen and died 11-27-1790 same location married Clara Elisabeth Hesse perhaps born in Denna?


Sixth Generation

Johannes Michael Meysing born 8-2-1711 in Rustenfelde, Thuringen, Germany and died 12-27-1765 same location, married Maria Clara Sittel born 3-7-1718 same location and died 2-3-1772 same location.


Phillipp Apel born 5-3-1688 in Birkungen, married Maria Catharine Leinemann


Johannes Bartholomaus Apel born 8-24-1721 in Birkungen and died same place, married Catharine Margaretha Rogge born 8-24-1721 same location or born 2-19-1725


Seventh Generation

Johannes Meysing born 8-3-1667 died 2-28-1738, 3 chidren, married Maria Catharina Rittmuller 1-9-1707 in Rustenfelde, Thuringen, Germany. Maria Catharina was born 1678 died 10-23-1742 in Rustenfelde.


Jacob Apel born 1669 married Maria Junemann.


Johannes Bartholomaus Apel born 12-20-1676 in Birkungen and died 3-1-1745 same location married 1-19-1705 same location to Anna Margaretha Rogge born 5-18-1681 same location and died 7-7-1756 (note similarity to sixth generation)


Johannes Rogge married Martha Elisabeth Wiedelmann, who was born 5-29-1699 in Dingelstadt, Thuringen


Eighth Generation

Philipp Apel born 5-6-1655 in Birkungen and died 10-30-1709 same location married Margaretha Hunold who was born 1656 and died 4-14-1739 in Birkungen.


Valentin Rogge married Agnes Rogge.


Christian Wiedelmann born 1668 in Dingelstadt, Thuringen or St. Gertrudis, and died 2-20-1708 same location married Sophia Eckardt 2-13-1696 same location. Sophia born 1665 and died 9-11-1699.


Ninth Generation

Johann Adam Apel married Agnes Gotz.