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Almost all the information on this page is from a chart sent via email by the helpful and generous  Mary Utschig Read. She labeled it, "Information gathered from several people who are related to these families: Alice Erdmann, Raymond and DeAnn Meysing, David Jann, CA, David M. Jann, Marion Melsheimer Czachor, John H. Traut, and personal research. I hope I have not left anyone out--everyone has been very helpful and happy to share with one another. This chart has been put together by Mary Utschig Read. It is not complete, but the best that could be done with the information had by January 2007. Any corrections and/or additions are welcomed and hoped for so that the family's histories can become more complete and accurate. THANK YOU again for everyone's help in gathering the information so far collected."

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Anna Gertrude Utschig Jann

born 1870




 Catherine Merten Bornhofen

 Margaret Merten Eck

 Emma/Anna Merten Voell

 Theresa Utschig Gesellchen

 Maria Utschig Jann

 Veronica Juliana Bittner

 Anthony Utschig

 Gertrude Utschig



Frederick William Jann




 1890-Anna Gertrude Jann Meysing

 1892-William Peter Jann

 1894-Herbert/Hubert Jann

 1895-Leo C. Jann

 1898-Harry C. Jann

 1903-Joseph B. Jann

 1909-Edward B. Jann,

 Mathilda Jann (died as infant)





August Utschig


Gertrude Schmitz

(previously wife of Joseph Merten)

spouse's parents:

Johann Hubert Jann


Anna Marie Reuter

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Franz Joseph Utchig & Katharine

(of Einseidl)


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1822-Henrietta (Saitz); 1823?-Maria (Urban); 1824-Johann Norbert; 1826- Juliana Rosina; 1830-Albert Utschig & Anna Klapperich; 1833-Anna (died 1833); 1834-Anna Carolina ; 1837-Karl D.G.; 1840-Karl der grosse; 1843-Alfred Tobias


Other family members may also be in the crowd in the photo below. Click to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, mover cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again.

April 1929, 50th anniversary of Anna G's half-sister Catherine Merten and John Bornhofen. Link to photo with labels below this gallery

Anna, cropped from the previous photo (i.d. by Marion Melsheimer Czachor in 2007)

Lee Jann, son of Anna, cropped from same, i.d. by Marion Melsheimer Czachor in 2007

Herb Jann cropped from same photo, son of Anna, i.d. by Marion Melsheimer Czachor in 2007

Herb Jann Jr. cropped from same photo, identified in 2007 by Marion Melsheimer Czachor

labeled "Pearl Jann, wife of Herb Sr." Not sure if that's Anna's Herb or Mary's Herb

another Herb Jann identified by Marion Melsheimer Czachor, but not sure where he connects

Charles Meysing, husband of Anna's daughter Anna

Anna Gertrude Jann Meysing

Henry Jann (not sure to whom he belongs, will try to get it clarified) as identifed in 2007 by Marion Melsheimer Czachor

Link to labeled version of Bornhofen's anniversary picture can be reached by clicking here: Bornhofen's 50th

Anna Gertrude and her sister Maria married brothers Johann and Frederick Jann.

Anna's children: Anna Gertrude married Charles Meysing.

William Peter married Catherine McDonald.

Herbert/Hubert married Adeline Lynch or O'Brian.

Leo C. married Esther Lanning. (See article below at Leo.)

Harry C. married Irene Howard d/o Mr & Mrs P.H. Howard.

Joseph B. married Margaret Hasty (article on her parents below at Hasty)

Edward B. married Elizabeth Short.

1900 census, Southtown, 3144 Lowe Ave.: F William Jann, age 32, born Jan. 1868 in Germany, immigrated 1870, married 11 years, occupation: carpenter. Wife Annie Jann, age 30, born Jan. 1870 in Wisconsin, mother of 5 of whom 5 are surviving. Daughter G. Annie Jann, 9, born Oct. 1890. Son William Jann, 7, born June 1892. Son "Hubbard" Jann, 6, born Jan. 1894.Son C. Leo Jann, 4, born Dec. 1895. Son C. Harry Jann, 2, born Feb. 1898.

1917 draft registrations for her sons, all single, all listing home address of 5923 Princeton (her sister Mary is at 5657 Princeton)

Herbert John Jann, born 1-20-1894, assistant to vice president, Protector Mutual Insurance, tall, medium build, blue eyes, brown hair

Leo Christ Jann, born 12-13-1895, manager of order dept., (illeg) Concrete Steel, medium build & height, hazel eyes, dark brown hair

Harry Caspar Jann, born 2-14-1898, stenographer for (maybe) Lowe Lorenzen & Woodrow? medium height & build, gray eyes, black hair

Also registering, but no longer living at home: William P. Jann, born 6-18-1892, living at 6946 Cr(illegible) Ave, contractor working for self from 30 N. La Salle, support of wife, tall, medium build, blue eyes and light hair.

(Harry lists next of kin Mrs Anna Jann--mother.)

1920 census: 5923 Princeton Ave., Chicago (writing very faint and faded throughout): FW Jann, age 59, carpenter for the city, looks like immigrated 1882 and by naturalized it seems to say "act of cong." Wife Anna Jann, age 49. Daughter Anna Meysing, age 29 and son-in-law Charles Meysing, 32 (born in Germany), occupation: teller in bank. Son William Jann, age 26 (looks like he's marked Widowed), contractor in plaster industry. Son Leo C. Jann, 24, single, bookkeeper (looks like it says for Swift Yds). Son Henry C. Jann, 21, single, salesman--advertising. Son Joseph B. Jann, clerical--auto supply. Son Edward B. Jann, 11.

Englewood Times, 6-30-1922: Mrs & Mrs. P.H. Howard, 7029 Stewart ave., announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Irene Howard, to Harry C. Jann.

Leo: From the Englewood Times 8-4-1922: George Johnson, Thomas Bashold, Leo Jann and Otto Stumpf are spending one week's vacation at Saugatuck, Mich,. following which they intend to visit Eagle Lake, isc. The quartette has a new line of songs to present to the vacationeers at these resorts. (Spellings of quartet and vacationers as printed.)

From the Merchants Telegram (Daily Southtown) 8-2-1923: Hubert Jann conducts a radio concert every Saturday night. The loud speaker planted on his rear porch provides many hours of music for the neighbors. (But which Hubert?)

From the Merchants Telegram (Daily Southtown) 10-11-1923: Mr. Jann is again traveling a la automobile, after making the trip to and from his place of business via Blair's express for the past month. (But which Mr. Jann?)

Obituary from the Southtown Economist (Chicago) 10-29-1924: F. William Jann, 7419 Perry ave. (print too faded to read) died Tuesday evening, October 14, at Wesley Hospital following an operation. Mr. Jann was 63 years old. He was an employee in the repair department of the board of education. Mr. Jann was formerly a building contractor. He had made his home in the community the last twenty years. Surviving him are his widow, Mrs. Anna Jann, a daughter Mrs. Anna Meysing, and his sons, William, Herbert, Leo, Harry, Joseph and Edward. Mr. Jan was a member of St. Laborious Court, C.O.F. Solemn requiem high mass was celebrated at 10 o'clock Friday morning at St. Martin's church and interment was at St. Mary's cemetery.

Hasty: Southtown Economist 10-1-1941: Mr & Mrs. James Hasty, 6746 Lowe ave., celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday with a mass of thanksgiving at 9 a.m. in the St. Bernard church, the same church in which they were married in 1891. Msgr. John F. Ryan was the celebrant. He was assisted by the Rev. Daniel Wynn of the Dominican House of Studies, River Forest, a school-days friend of Mrs. Hasty, and the Rev. John Houlihan. After the church ceremony relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Hasty honored the couple at a breakfast in the Windermere East hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Hasty are life-long residents of Chicago and have lived their entire married life in Southtown. They have a son and three daughters, John J. Hasty, Mrs. John Mahon, Mrs. Joseph Jann and Mrs. Edward T. Hayse, all of Chicago, as well as three grandsons and three granddaughters. (Mrs. Hasty's first name Julia, derived from this obit, 10-26-1941 Southtown Economist: Veronica C. Hasty Mahon, 6746 Lowe ave., wife of John J., daughter of James and Julia Hasty, sister of John J, Mrs. Margaret Jann, and Mrs. Cecelia Hayes. Funeral held Thursday in St. Bernard church. Burial Holy Sepulchre. Member of McHale Englewood C.D.A.)

Connection: her niece, Gert Bornhofen Pfleger, was sister-in-law to Irene Pfleger Wachdorf