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All the information on this page is from a chart sent via email by the very helpful and generous  Mary Utschig Read. She labeled it, "Information gathered from several people who are related to these families: Alice Erdmann, Raymond and DeAnn Meysing, David Jann, CA, David M. Jann, Marion Melsheimer Czachor, John H. Traut, and personal research. I hope I have not left anyone out--everyone has been very helpful and happy to share with one another. This chart has been put together by Mary Utschig Read. It is not complete, but the best that could be done with the information had by January 2007. Any corrections and/or additions are welcomed and hoped for so that the family's histories can become more complete and accurate. THANK YOU again for everyone's help in gathering the information so far collected."

Anton/Anthony Frank Utschig

born 1871




 Catherine Merten Bornhofen

 Margaret Merten Eck

 Emma/Anna Merten Voell

 Therese Utschig Gesellchen

 Maria Utschig Jann

 Veronica Juliana Bittner

 Anna Gertrude Utschig Jann

 Anthony Utschig

 Gertrude Utschig



Christina Rothgary




  1902-twin daughters died in infancy


 1903-Anton (died 1910)


 1907-Esther I. (Rosenow)


 1915-Ludgilla E. (Wirkus)


Members of this family may be in the crowd in the 1929 photograph of his half-sister's anniversary. To see the photo, click here:

Bornhofen's 50th


August Utschig


Gertrude Schmitz

(previously wife of Joseph Merten)

spouse's parents:

Anton Rothgary



maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Franz Joseph Utchig & Katharine

(of Einseidl)


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1822-Henrietta (Saitz); 1823?-Maria (Urban); 1824-Johann Norbert; 1826- Juliana Rosina; 1830-Albert Utschig & Anna Klapperich; 1833-Anna (died 1833); 1834-Anna Carolina ; 1837-Karl D.G.; 1840-Karl der grosse; 1843-Alfred Tobias


Esther I. Utschig married Walter Rosenow.

Ludgilla E. Utschig married Albert Wirkus.

1900 census, Fond Du Lac County, Marshfield Wisconsin:

Utschig, Anton, age 29, born Apr. 1871, married 0 years, tinsmith, born in WI of German parents

Wife Christina, age 28, born Jan. 1872 in WI of father born in OH & mother in WI

(Note: the household below them is Anton & Mary Rothgary and the household above them is his sister, Juliana, now Bittner, with his father in the house. Also note, in the 1880 census of Mt. Calvary WI showing Christina Rothgary in the household of her parents, Anton and Mary, there is one household separating her from the house in which Anton's sister, Julia Utschig (Bittner) is a servant to the Wilersheimer or Wilesheimer family. )


1905 Wisconsin Census, Fond Du Lac, Marshfield

Utschig, Anton, 31, born in WI, father born in Germany, tinsmith

Wife Christina, age 30, born in WI, father born in US

Son Ernestus (it looks like), age 1?


Wisconsin births 4-21-1907 Esther I. Utschig in Fond Du Lac County


1910 census, Fond Du Lac, Marshfield

Utschig, Anton F., age 40, married 9 years, profession: hardware store--own shop

Wife Christina, 39, mother of 3 of whom 2 survive

Son Anthony E., age 6

Daughter Ester F, age 3



1905 Wisconsin census, Calumet, Woodville:

Utschig, Anton, age 33, farmer, born in WI of German parents

Wife Christina, age 28, born in WI of a German father, WI mother

Son Alfred, age 7

Daughter Mary, age 5

Daughter Magdalen, age 3

Son Bernard, age 1


1920 census, Calumet, Woodville

Utschig, Anton, age 52, Wis-Austria-Prussia, farmer

Wife Christina, 43, Wis-Prussia-Wis

Son Alfred, 23, single

Daughter Marye, 20, single

Daughter Helen (Magdalena to Lena to Helena?) 18

Son Raymond, 15

Son Ralph, 4 yrs 10 months (census taken in January)


1930 census, Calumet, Chilton City

Utschig, Anton, age 64, married at 29, WI-Ger-Ger, no profession

Wife Christine, age 54, married at 19, WI-Ger-Wi

Son Alfred, 32, repairman in garage

Son Ralph, 15.