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 Nannie N. Rosamon Meadows Fairless

born Aug. 1865




c.1868-Ida E

1870-Cora Mae Jackson

1871-Robert L Rosamon

1873/4-John Henry Rosamon

1876-James R Rosamon

1879-Nora Alcena

1881-William Irby Rosamon



James W. Meadows

spouse 2

John W. Fairless




1892-Irby Lafayette

c. 1892-Sally L

1895-Robert Rosamon

c.1906-James C.


John Wesley Rosamon


 Mary Elizabeth Warmath Rosamon

spouse 's parents:

maternal grandparents:

Henry Warmath & Elizabeth Fly

paternal grandparents:

John D. Rosamon & Elizabeth Hefley

maternal aunts & uncles:

William Warmath; 1827-Micajah Washington Warmath; 1828-Sarah Alcenia Warmath Lewis; 1830-Thomas Dixon Warmath; 1832-Henry H Warmath; 1834-John Wesley Warmath 1834; 1838-Chesterfield Warmath; 1842-Julius Joseph Warmath; 1846-Robert H Warmath


paternal aunts & uncles:

1829-Henry C Rosamon, c.1831-Margaret Rosamon (Henderson), c.1833-Nancy Rosamon (Bell), c. 1835-Julia Ann Rosamon (Smith), 1838-Mary J Rosamon (Warmath), c. 1839-George M Rosamon, 1844-LDH (boy) died 1845, 1846-Ruthy Lucinda Rosamon (Warren), c. 1849-Sarah Rosamon (Avery)


1880 census Crockett Co, TN, dist. 3, Gadsden (same page as her aunts Ruthy Lucinda Warren and Mary Warmath):

JW Rosamon, age 38, born TN of a father born in NC and a mother born in SC, farmer

Wife ME, age 29, born in TN of a father born in NC and a mother born in TN?

Son JL, age 16 (all children born in TN)

Daughter NN, age 14

Daughter Ida E, age 12

Daughter Cora, age 10

Son RL, age 8

Son JH, age 6

Son Jim C, age 4

Daughter Nora A, age 1

Also in the house: Elizabeth Warmath, widow, age 75, no relationship listed, born in TN of parents born in TN

Also in house W.D. Bunn (m) age 22,  laborer, born in TN of parents born in TN.

Crockett County marriages record that N.N. Rosamon married J.W. Meadows on 10-30-1888.

1900 census, Gibson County, TN, district 11:

James W. Meadows, born Aug 1861 in TN of parents born in TN, married 17 years, occupation: teaching

Wife Nanie N, mother of 3, all three living, born August 1865

Daughter Pauline, age 10, born April 1890

Son Erby L. age 8, born Feb 1892

Son Robert R, age 4, born Oct. 1895.


1910 census, Gibson County, TN, district 11:

Nannie R? Meadows, age 44, widow, mother of 4, all 4 living, occupation: farmer

Daughter Pauline, age 20, single, teacher--public school

Daughter Sally L, age 18, single, farm labor

Son Robert R, age 14, farm labor

Son James C, age 4

Boarder Lila A. "Rosman," age 40, widow, mother of 0, born in TN, father born VA, mother NC, occupation: teacher

(note: where others say teacher--public school, hers is followed by a word that looks like "expressions.")

Boarder, Lotte Grims, age 35, single, teacher--public school. 

Draft registration 1917 for Nannie's son, Robert: Robert Rosamon Meadows, age 21, of R. 6 Trenton TN, born in Gibson County on Oct. 17, 1895, occupation: teaching and farming, employed by J.L. Meadows (clear L, not W), single, of medium height and medium build with gray eyes and dark brown hair.

Draft registration 1917: Irby Lafayette Meadows of R. 6, Trenton TN, age 25, born 2-28-1892 in Gibson County, occupation: farming, employed by self. Reason for exemption: married, wife to support. Of medium build and medium height with gray eyes and brown hair.

1920 census, Gibson County, civil district 11, district 54:

John W. Fairless, age 67, farmer, born in TN of parents born in NC

Wife Nannie N, age 54, born in TN of parents born in TN.

"Son" James C. Meadows, age 14, born in TN of parents born in TN.

6-18-1920 (Friday) Gibson Courier Chronicle: News of Interest From Gadsden: Friends in this community were pained and grieved to learn of the passing of Mr. John Fairless of Laneview. His remains were conveyed to Alabama for interment by the side of his first wife who is buried there. His present wife, Mrs. Nannie Rosamon Meadows Fairless, has the heartfelt sympathy of her many friends in her old home community in the loss she has been called upon to bear. Her mother, Mrs. JW Rosamon, and sister Miss Nora, were with her during her trial last week.

10-15-1920 Humboldt Courier Chronicle: Interesting items from Gadsden: Mrs. Nannie Fairless of Laneview spent several days last week at the bedside of her brother, Robert L. Rosamon.

1930 census, Gibson, Dist. 11 (name looks like McIlwain, but not certain):

McIlwain, William, age 71 married at 31, born in MS of parents born in NC, farmer

Wife Sallie, age 63, married at 23, born in TN of parents born in TN

Daughter Ruth Meadows, age 36, born in TN, father born MS, mother TN, widowed, wed at 22, teacher in public school

Ruth Irby Meadows age 9, TN-TN-TN. 

Also on the page are Bryant and Phelan families. (Suspect by the name of that child that this is the widow of Nannie's son, Irby. Going further, Oakland Cemetery in Trenton has William L McIlwain 8-9-1858 to 10-11-1943 s/o Dr. David McIlwain & Sarah Presley, h/o Sallie Love, plus also Sallie Love McIlwain 7-14-1866 to 11-3-1957, plus also Ruth McIlwain Meadows 10-26-1892 to 9-5-1983 w/o I.L. Meadows. Sounds like Irby Lafayette to me. (NOTE: Elvis Presley's mother's maiden name was Gladys Love. Hmm.)