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Charlotte Roster Pekarek

born c. 1906 (maybe 8-25-1905 to 6-5-1991)



   Gertrude (Miller)



   Dorothy (Lebo)


married c. 1925


George Pekarak





   c. 1927-Elenore

   c. 1928-Robert



her parents:

Clara Roster (nee Wachdorf)


Henry Roster

his parents:


Her maternal grandparents:

Anton Wachdorf & Anna Klein


Her paternal grandparents:

Michael & Barbara Roster 

Her maternal aunts & uncles:

 1884-Kitty Hochertz & Tony, 1886-Harry H. Wachdorf & Dell, 1888-Edward Wachdorf & Irene, 1892-Joseph Wachdorf & Jessie, 1895-Lettie Myers & Harvey, 1897-Mae Wachdorf, 1899-Frances Stevens & Frank, 1902-Madge Wachdorf


Her maternal great-grandparents: John Klein and Christina Alberg Klein 

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Charlotte's parents, Clara Wachdorf and Henry Roster

Charlotte and sisters with her aunt Mae Wachdorf and her Uncle Edward's kids, Ed Jr. and Irene "Sis" Wachdorf

same group with her Uncle Edward's son Art added

Charlotte's maternal grandparents, Anna and Anton Wachdorf

Charlotte's maternal great grandmother, Christina Alber Klein, mother of Anna Klein Wachdorf, mother of Clara Wachdorf Roster, mother of Charlotte

Paper trail for Charlotte Roster Pekarek: the 1930 census shows a Charlotte and George Pekarek, married 5 years, living on S. Lyman in Oak Park. George is the driver of a milk wagon. Their children are listed as Elenore, age three, and Robert, two. There is no guarantee these are the right Pekareks, but if they are, then the Social Security Death Index and FL death index combined give the data that Charlotte A. Pekarek, born 8-25-1905 (SS# issued in Illinois) died 6-15-1991 or 6-27 (the two indexes disagree), and her last residence was 32748 Leesburg, in Lake County, Florida. George W. Pekarek of the same address is listed as born 2-26-1905, died 2-27-1977 (the day after his birthday).

The name Pekarek is Bohemian (sort of German, sort of Czechoslovakian, sort of Austrian) and the George Pekarek of the 1930 census is listed as born in Bohemia. In fact, under the nationality of George's father, the census taker started to write German, then crossed it out and wrote Bohemian.

I tried using the census to track possible Pekarek families, but unfortunately, the nationality is so thick on the ground in that area they were actually called "Cicero Bohemians." Pekarek is a relatively common Bohemian last name, and George was a common enough first name, so there were at least two possible families with sons named George of the right age.