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Sarah E. Paul Amos

parents: father unknown Mr. Paul, mother Mary E. or V. Paul

siblings: Harriet, Matilda, Mary, Sylvester?

spouse: Tom Amos

children: Kate (Moore), Mary E, Ernest C, James T, Effie Ann Amos (Sims), Lena M, plus one more

1850 census, Gibson TN, town of Trenton: Mary V. Paul, age 40, born in VA. All children born in TN. Harriet, 17. Sarah, 14. Matilda, 11. Mary, 9. The last name looks like Sylvester but is marked female, age 7.

1860 census, Gibson, TN, Trenton: T. "Amoss," 33, born Ind. real estate value $400, personal estate $800. First word of profession not legible, second word "Maker." Sarah, 22, Kate 8, Mary 2. The next family listed is W.H. Amos, age 24 and Matilda, 20, and Ada 2. Perhaps his kin.

Further down the same page: M.V. Paul, age 50, real estate value $800, personal estate $400, born in VA. Mary Paul, age 18. Silvester R or B, age 16, looks like the profession says "painter." Considering they probably aren't all living off 16 year old Sylvester, the next household listed has wife Harriet, age 26, but unfortunately I can't read the name of her 28 year-old husband (might be Spencer?) but the children are William (can't read his age), James age 2, and Sarah 1/3. The husband's profession is the same as Tom Amoss, the (illegible) maker.

1870 census, Gibson, District 7: Thos. Amos, age 45, carpenter, real estate value $800, personal estate $300, born IN. Wife "Eliza," age 36, born TN. Daughter Kate, 16, born IN. Mary, two digit age beginning with 1-second digit illegible, born TN. Ernest, 4 born TN. James, 2, botn TN. Also in the house, Mary E. Paul, age 55, born in VA.

1880 census, Gibson County TN, Grices: Thomas Amos, age 52, farmer, born in Indiana or parents born in KY. Wife Sarah Amos, age 43, born in TN of a father born in Alabama and a mother born in VA (in 1900 her father is listed as from TN). All children born in TN. Daughter Mary E. age 20, son Ernest C. age 13, son James T. age 10, Daughter "Effa" A. age 8, daughter Lena M, age 3. Also in the house, mother-in-law Mary V. Paul, age 70, born in Virginia of parents born in PA.

1900 census, Gibson County, TN, Civil District 11: Thomas Amos, age 74, farmer, born Jan. 1826 in Indiana of parents born in Kentucky, married 43 or 48 years. Wife Sarah E. Amos, age 63, born June 1836 in TN of a father born in TN and a mother born in Virginia, mother of 7 of whom 3 are alive.

The household above them on the same page is: James B. Amos, age 30, born Dec. 1869, born in TN of a father born in Indiana and a mother born in TN, married 7 years, farmer. Wife Lena age 23, born Oct. 1876 in TN of parents born in TN, married 7 years, mother of one. Son Willie Amos, age 6, born Sept. 1894, born in TN.