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Tom Amos

born Jan. 1826 in Indiana, died between 1900-1910




Tri-County News, published by Tom's grandson, Leslie Sims, has these mentions:

   9-25-1913: Mr & Mrs JT Amos and children of near Dyer visited Dr JP Sims and family this week

   12-11-1913: Will Amos of Dyer was a visitor here Saturday and Sunday.

   7-17-1913 Manie Callis of near Dyer is the guest of her sister, Mrs. J.P. Sims.




Sarah E. Paul

sometimes called Eliza




c.1854-Kate Moore

c.1860-Mary Callis


1869-James Amos

1872-Effie Ann Amos (Sims)


plus one more


Gibson County TN marriage records show a Katy Amos married W.A. Moore 1876



spouse's parents:



Mary V. Paul

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1860 census, Gibson, TN, Trenton:

T. "Amoss," 33, born Ind. real estate value $400, personal estate $800. First word of profession not legible, second word "Maker."

Sarah, age 22

Kate, age 8

Mary, age 2

Next family listed:

W.H. Amos, age 24

Matilda, 20

Ada 2

Further down the same page is Sarah's mother, M.V. Paul, and possibly her sister Harriet and family.


NOTE: Gibson County marriage records show Thomas Amos wedding Eliza Miller in 1857. If that is the same Tom Amos (a big IF), then that would suggest two things: a previous husband for either Sarah Eliza (taking her from Sarah Eliza Paul to Eliza Miller) or for her mother (making her M.V. Miller before she was M.V. Paul) and a previous wife for Thomas Amos (whoever gave birth to Kate). It is possible, given that the children after Kate would all correspond with an 1857 marriage. If it is the case, then when Sarah Eliza Amos says in 1900 that she is mother of 7, 3 surviving, then Kate wouldn't count as one of hers, so 4 might be alive. Obviously, I need to try to sort out the wife of Tom Amos.


1870 census, Gibson, District 7:

Thos. Amos, age 45, carpenter, real estate value $800, personal estate $300, born IN

Wife "Eliza," age 36, born TN

Daughter Kate, 16, born IN

Mary, two digit age beginning with 1-second digit illegible, born TN

Ernest, 4 born TN

James, 2, both TN

Also in the house, Mary E. Paul, age 55, born in VA.


1880 census, Gibson County, TN, Grices

Thomas Amos, age 52, farmer, born in IN of parents born in KY

Wife Sarah E. Amos, age 43, born in TN of a father born in AL and a mother born in VA (All kids born in TN)

Daughter Mary E. age 20

son Earnest C. age 13

son James T. age 10

daughter "Effa A." age 8

daughter Lena M. age 3

Also in the house: Mary V. Paul, age 70, mother-in-law, born in Virginia of parents born in PA.


1900 census, Gibson County, TN, Civil District 11

Thomas Amos, age 74, farmer, born Jan. 1826 in Indiana of parents born in Kentucky, married 43 or 48 years

Wife Sarah E. Amos, age 63, born June 1836 in TN, father born in TN, mother born in Virginia, mother of 7 of whom 3 are alive.

Previous household on page (almost certainly his son:

James Amos, born Dec. 1869, age 30, married 7 years, farmer TN-IN-TN

wife Lena, born Oct. 1876, married 7 years, mother of one, one surviving, TN-TN-TN

son Willie (H?), born Sept. 1894, age 5, TN-TN-TN


1910 census, Gibson TN District 11

James T. Amos, age 40, marriage 1 for 17 yrs, TN-Ohio-TN, farmer

wife Lena, age 33/35, marriage 1 for 17 yrs, mother of two, both living, TN-TN-TN, farm laborer

son Willie H, age 15, TN-TN-TN, farm laborer

daughter Tommy, age 8, TN-TN-TN

mother Eliza, age 73, widow, mother of 7 of whom 3 live, TN-TN-TN