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Paper Trail (census, marriage record, son's draft registration)

Lena Amos is discussed in the Transcription of a 1998 taped conversation with Mary Lou Hardison.


James T. Amos




c.1854- Kate Moore

c.1860-Mary Callis


1872-Effie Ann Amos (Sims)


plus one more


Tri-County News, published by Tom's grandson, Leslie Sims, has these mentions:

   9-25-1913: Mr & Mrs JT Amos and children of near Dyer visited Dr JP Sims and family this week

   12-11-1913: Will Amos of Dyer was a visitor here Saturday and Sunday.


married 1893


Lena Mosley





1894-Willie H

1901-Tommie Amos Grier


Gibson County TN marriage records show W.H. Amos wed Beulah Keathley 1917 and Tommie Amos wed Willie G. Greer 1919.


(Tri-county News also has this: 9-4-1913 Miss Carrie Greer of Alamo was the guest of Miss Lida Sue Sims this week)


In 1935 Mrs. Beulah Amos wed J.T. Dodson (assume that's Beulah Keathley)



Tom Amos


 Sarah Paul

(sometimes called Eliza)

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:


Click image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, mover cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again. These photos are from the unlabeled scrapbook of James' niece, Lyda Sue Sims. They appear to be family gatherings.

Front and center is Lyda Sue Sims, niece of Jim Amos. Others unidentified, likely kin

Some of the same group from Lyda Sue's scrapbook

Think that's Effie Amos Sims seated in the center. Note the dress.

Jim's sister, Effie Amos Sims with husband John P. Sims. Note the dress.

Jim's sister, Effie, niece Lyda Sue, and brother-in-law John P. Sims

tentatively identified as Lena Amos, Effie Amos Sims, unknown, and unknown baby

niece Lyda Sue, sister Effie, wife Lena, unknown child


Paper Trail


1870 census, Gibson, District 7:

Thos. Amos, age 45, carpenter, real estate value $800, personal estate $300, born IN

Wife "Eliza," age 36, born TN

Daughter Kate, 16, born IN

Mary, two digit age beginning with 1-second digit illegible, born TN

Ernest, 4 born TN

James, 2, both TN

Also in the house, Mary E. Paul, age 55, born in VA.


1880 census, Gibson County, TN, Grices

Thomas Amos, age 52, farmer, born in IN of parents born in KY

Wife Sarah E. Amos, age 43, born in TN of a father born in AL and a mother born in VA (All kids born in TN)

Daughter Mary E. age 20

son Earnest C. age 13

son James T. age 10

daughter "Effa A." age 8

daughter Lena M. age 3

Also in the house: Mary V. Paul, age 70, mother-in-law, born in Virginia of parents born in PA.


Gibson County TN marriage records show J.T. Amos marrying Lena Mosley 1893


1900 census, Gibson TN District 11

James Amos, born Dec. 1869, age 30, married 7 years, TN-Indiana-TN, farmer

wife Lena, born Oct. 1876, 23, married 7 years, mother of one, one living, TN-TN-TN

son Willie H, born Sept. 1894, age 5, TN-TN-TN

(next household)

Thomas Amos (his father), born Jan. 1826, age 74, married 43/48 years, Indiana-KY-KY, farmer

wife Sarah, born June 1836, age 63, married 43/48, mother of 7 three of whom live, TN-TN-VA


1910 census, Gibson TN District 11

James T. Amos, age 40, marriage 1 for 17 yrs, TN-Ohio-TN, farmer

wife Lena, age 33/35, marriage 1 for 17 yrs, mother of two, both living, TN-TN-TN, farm laborer

son Willie H, age 15, TN-TN-TN, farm laborer

daughter Tommy, age 8, TN-TN-TN

mother Eliza, age 73, widow, mother of 7 of whom 3 live, TN-TN-TN


draft registration 1917 for Willie Amos, most likely the right one

Willie Holan(?) Amos, age 22, born Sept. 15, 1894 in Gibson County, current address R. 5, Trenton TN, self employed farmer, support of wife, medium build, medium weight, black hair and black eyes.


1919 Tommie Amos wed Willie G. Greer


1920 Gibson TN District 11

James T. Amos, age 50, TN-Indiana-TN, farmer

wife Lena, age 47, TN-TN-TN

Also Gibson District 11

Willie H. Amos, age 25, farmer, TN-TN-TN

wife "Beula", age 23

daughter Demetra M, 10 months (census taken in January)


1930 census, Gibson District 11

Willie Greer, age 27, married at 20, TN-TN-TN, farmer

wife Tommie Greer, age 28, married at 19, TN-TN-TN

daughter Effie G. Greer, age 2 yrs 4 months (in April)

mother-in-law "Lenna" Amos, age 53, widow, married at 17, TN-TN-TN


Gibson County marriage records show Effie Jean Grier wed George Harmon Scarborough in 1948


Poplar Grove Cemetery in Gibson County TN has graves for

Jim Amos 1869-1921 (Woodmen of the World Emblem) & Lena Amos 1876-1964

Willie H. Amos 1894-1924 (Woodmen of the World Emblem) & Beulah 1895-1964

Willie G. Grier 1900-1964 & Tommie Amos Grier 1901-1993

(the graves next to Willie & Beulah Amos are for Cora Lee & Gladys, no dates, no surnames)