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Paper Trail (census, newspaper clippings, obituaries, marriage records)

dozens of Tri-County News blurbs


Kate Amos Moore

born c. 1854



c.1854- Kate (Moore)

c.1860-Mary Callis


1869-James Amos

1872-Effie Ann Amos (Sims)


plus one more



W.A. Moore



Erma (Thompson)

Cassie (Privett)

Ettie (Leath)

Bob Taylor Moore

Buster Moore




Tom Amos


 Sarah Paul

(sometimes called Eliza)

spouse's parents:


maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:


Click on image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again. These photographs are from the unlabeled scrapbook of Kate's niece, Lyda Sue Sims. They appear to be family gatherings. Note that Kate Moore had 3 sons and s daughters. Add her plus Lyda and you have the first shot. Add her and possibly her mother and you have the second shot.


Front and center is Lyda Sue Sims, niece of Kate Moore. Others unidentified, likely kin

Some of the same group from Lyda Sue's scrapbook

Think that's Effie Amos Sims seated in the center. Note the dress.

Kate's sister, Effie Amos Sims with husband John P. Sims. Note the dress.

Kate's sister, Effie, niece Lyda Sue, and brother-in-law John P. Sims

Paper Trail


1860 census, Gibson, TN, Trenton:

T. "Amoss," 33, born Ind. real estate value $400, personal estate $800. First word of profession not legible, second word "Maker."

Sarah, age 22

Kate, age 8

Mary, age 2

Next family listed:

W.H. Amos, age 24

Matilda, 20

Ada 2

Further down the same page is Sarah's mother, M.V. Paul, and possibly her sister Harriet and family.


1870 census, Gibson, District 7:

Thos. Amos, age 45, carpenter, real estate value $800, personal estate $300, born IN

Wife "Eliza," age 36, born TN (next census she is Sarah E, age 43)

Daughter Kate, 16, born IN

Mary, two digit age beginning with 1-second digit illegible, born TN

Ernest, 4 born TN

James, 2, both TN

Also in the house, Mary E. Paul, age 55, born in VA.


1880 census, Crockett County, District 6, Cairo

W.A. Moore, age 26, farmer, born TN of parents born NC

wife Cate, age 25, born IL of parents born IL

daughter Ettie, age 3

(W.A. is in household of S.T. Moore, apparently his father)


1900 census, Crockett County, District 9 (ink got wet/blurry on this page, partially illegible)

William A. Moore, age 47, born Feb? 1853, married 24 years, TN-NC-NC

wife Katie N, age illegible, born August illegible, mother of 7, six surviving TN-IN-IN

son Seth T, age 21, then illegible

son Bob T, age 13, born Oct. 1886

son Bill S, age 11, born June 1890

daughter Bessie S, age 8, born May 1891 (Cassie)


1910 census, Crockett County District 6

Kate Moore, age 56, widow, mother of 6, five surviving TN-TN-TN, no occupation

daughter Cassie, age 18, TN-TN-TN, no occupation


9-28-1913 Crockett County marriage records show "Casey" Moore marrying Tom Privett.

1913-1914 there are numerous references to members of Kate's family in the Tri-County news, all listed at the bottom of this page. Scroll down or click here: Tri-County News.


1930 census, Crockett County, District 6 (NOT SURE THIS IS THE RIGHT KATE MOORE)

John B. Fleming, age 71, widowed, married 20, farmer, TN-VA-NC

daughter-in-law Bessie Fleming, age 40, married 22, TN-TN-TN

servant Kate Moore, age 75, widow, married 31, TN-TN-TN

Crockett Times, Thurs. Dec. 4, 1947: Mrs. Tom Privett, 55, died Monday evening at 8:45 at her home in Alamo after a few hours illness. She had not been in perfect health for sometime, but was thought to be improving and was in town Monday morning. Her death came as a great shock to her legion of friends in Alamo and throughout the county. She was a daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Moore, pioneer citizens of the Crockett Mills community, where she was born and reared. She was a devout member of the Baptist Church, devoted to her family and loved by all her knew her. Mrs. Privett is survived by her husband, a leading business man of Alamo and Dyersburg; one son, O.T. Privett, connected with Privett Motors in Memphis; a daughter, Mrs. Warren White of Friendship; two sisters, Mrs. Erma Thompson of Friendship & Mrs. Clyde Leath of Alamo; one brother, B.T. Moore of Drumright, Okla., and many other relatives and friends. Funeral services Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Alamo Baptist Church by Rev. Paul Palmer, with Thompson Funeral Home in charge. Burial in Alamo cemetery. (obit contributed to Rootsweb by Natalie Huntley)

Crockett Times 6-10-1948 Mrs. Ettie Moore Leath, wife of B. C. Leath, died of a heart attack Thursday at her home in Alamo. Mrs. Leath was 71 years of age and a member of the Church of Christ. She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Moore of the Crockett Mills community and lived in that community until a short time ago when the family moved to Alamo. Mrs. Leath had many friends and is survived by her husband, four sons, Willie Leath of Chicago; J. C. Leath, Friendship; Finis and Clyde Leath, Jr. of Alamo; a daughter, Mrs. Almer Terry of Alamo; a sister, Mrs. W. M. Thompson of Dyersburg and a brother, B. T. Moore of Drumright, Okla., also a number of grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Church of Christ in Alamo Saturday afternoon, R. E. Black, minister, officiating, assisted by E. V. Boone. Burial was in Alamo Cemetery with Thompson Funeral Home

Crockett Times, Thurs. Sept. 2, 1948: Bob Taylor Moore Dies Very Suddenly--Word was received here Monday of the sudden death of Mr. Bob Taylor Moore of Drumright, Okla., who died of a heart attack Monday. Mr. Moore was the son of the late W.A. Moore of Crockett Mills and brother of Mrs. W.M. Thompson of Dyersburg, and the late Mrs. Clyde Leath, whose funeral he attended three months ago, and Mrs. Tom Privet, whose funeral he attended in November. He left Crockett Mills in 1909 and for the past 40 year has been Assistant Post Master at Drumright. he has been a frequent visitor in Alamo, Crockett Mills and Friendship. he, with his brother Buster, who died in 1945, made an annual visit to see their mother, Mrs. Kate Moore, until her death. Another brother, Ewell Moore, died at Crockett Mills in 1940. Surviving are his wife; three sons, Bob Taylor Jr. of New Orleans, La., Billy Moore and Joe Moore of Drumright. Mr. Moore was 61 years old and a member of the Church of Christ at Drumright where his funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. Interment was in the cemetery there. He, with his brother Buster Moore, his sisters, Mrs. Leath and Mrs. Privett, all died suddenly. (Obit contributed to Rootsweb by Jean Cox Holden)

Crockett County Sentinel, Thurs. Feb. 17, 1949: Bells, TN death: Mrs. J.P. Sims died at the home of her son, Leslie Sims in Alamo, Tuesday at 3 a.m. A member of a West Tennessee pioneer family, she was born in Trenton in 1872 and was the daughter of the late Tom Amos. She came to Crockett County as a school teacher in her teens and made her home with her sister, the late Mrs. Kate Moore. Here she met and married Dr. J.P. Sims. She leaves two sons, Leslie Sims, Editor of this paper and Paul Sims, Editor of the States Graphic in Brownsville; one daughter, Mrs. W.L. Hardison, of Chicago, Illinois. Funeral services were held Wednesday at the Church of Christ in Friendship, burial in Bell Vernon Cemetery.

Crockett County Sentinel, Thursday May 25, 1950: B. Clyde Leath, age 80, died Friday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. H.A. Terry, in Alamo. He was married to Miss Ettie Moore, daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Moore. Mrs. Leath died in June 1948. Four sons, Willie Leath of Chicago, Jim B. Leath of Crockett Mills, Finis Leath & Clyde Leath Jr. of Alamo; one daughter, Mrs. M.A. Terry of Alamo; 7 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild survive. Services were held Saturday at Alamo Church of Christ, burial in Alamo.

Tri-County News:

Mentions of the Leath, Moore, Privett, Thompson families (not always the right ones) in the Tri-County News, a newspaper edited by Kate Moore's nephew, Leslie Sims:

4-3-1913 Ewel Moore and wife, Mrs. William Nettles, and Miss Clemmie Leath of Crockett Mills were in town shopping Saturday.

4-24-1913 F.S. Moore made a business trip to Bells Tuesday...Dave Thompson of Caruthersville, Mo. was here Tuesday en route to Crockett Mills where he will work for his brother, Dr. Thompson.

5-1-1913 Mrs. F.S. Moore was a visitor in Dyersburg Tuesday...Uncle Jeff Moore was in town Monday.

5-15-1913 Dr. W.M. Thompson of Crockett Mills was in town Friday.

5-22-1913 J.E. Privett attended court in Alamo Monday.

5-29-1913 Mrs. O.C. Cude and mother, Mrs. Moore, of McKenzie, are visitors here.

6-5-1913 Mrs. T.G. Miller and daughter, Mrs. Bertha Wilson of Halls are guests of Mr. and Mrs. F.S. Moore.

6-12-1913 Esq. F.S. Moore was in Tigrett Tuesday morning.

6-19-1913 Dr. W.M. Thompson & children of Crockett Mills came down Sunday night to hear Wild Bill preach.

7-10-1913 Buster Moore and family of Midland, Ark. are visiting his mother, Mrs. W.A. Moore of Crockett Mills. Mr. Moore is a prominent business man of Midland and has met with great success in his adopted (home). This is his first visit home in four years and the many changes in old Crockett were something new to him.

8-7-1913 Robert Moore returned to Trenton Sunday after a visit to his parents here.

8-14-1913 Esq. F.S. Moore was in Halls Wednesday...Dr Will Thompson of Crocket Mills was here Wednesday...Clyde Leath of Crockett Mills was in town Friday.

9-11-1913 Mrs. W.W. Thompson and son spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. W.M. Curtis.

9-25-1913 We are informed that Dr. D.W. Thompson, the veterinary surgeon of Crockett Mills, wills move here in a few weeks to open a veterinary hospital and practice his profession...Mrs & Mrs Eriel Moore of near Crockett Mills was in town shopping Monday.

10-2-1913 Mr. Tom Privett and Miss Cassie Moore of Crockett Mills were united in marriage Sunday night at the home of the groom's parents. The ceremony was performed by the groom's father, Esq. Joe Privett. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. W.A. Moore...Dr. Will Thompson of Crockett Mills purchased the Haley Place on College Square and will take possession January 1...Clyde Leath of Crockett Mills was in town Monday.

10-16-1913 Mr & Mrs. J.E. Privett were Dyersburg visitors Tuesday

10-30-1913 Robert Moore and W.F. Simmons of Trenton were visitors here Sunday...The stock barn of Dr. Will Thompson of Crockett Mills was destroyed by fire Monday. Origin of fire is unknown. He lost quite a lot of feed stuff.

11-13-1913 Harwell Moore of Oklahoma is visiting in the county.

12-11-1913 Mrs. T.G. Miller and daughter, Miss Bertha, of Halls, visited Mayor and Mrs. S.F. Moore this week...Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Moore of Bonicord were guests of Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Smith Saturday and Sunday...Euriel Moore and family of Crockett Mills were the guest of Dr. Thompson and family Sunday.

12-18-1913: Olin Moore of Dyersburg was here Monday.

12-25-1913 Clyde Leath  of near Crockett was in town Sunday.

1-8-1914 Clyde Leath of near Crockett Mills was here yesterday.

1-29-1914 Catherine, the little daughter of Dr. & Mrs. W.M. Thompson is quite sick.

2-5-1914 Mrs. W.A. Moore of Crockett Mills has been attending the bedside of her little granddaughter, Catherine Thompson...Olin Moore of Dyersburg was in the city Saturday...Euriel Moore of the Crockett Mills vicinity was here last Saturday...Mr. & Mrs. Tom Privett of Crockett Mills were visitors at the home of Dr. W.M. Thompson last week...Dr. W.M. Thompson made a professional visit to Alamo Saturday...Little Miss Catherine Thompson is improving.

2-19-1914 Euriel Moore of Crockett Mills was in town yesterday... Geo. Leath has been assisting Wray Bros., the hardware men, this week

3-5-1914 Election today...the tickets are...Mayor: F.S. Moore...Dr. W.M. Thompson, our popular veterinary (surgeon), has been vaccinating hogs as preventative from cholera and reports that nearly every owner of hogs will take this precaution.

3-12-1914 The vote in the municipal election last Thursday was as follows Mayor: Frank Moore 54, Thad Haley 47...Mr. and Mrs. Euriah Hardy of Dyersburg were guests of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Moore Sunday... Roy Privett leaves this week for Missouri...Dr. W.M. Thompson went to Jackson Monday and purchased a new Ford car. He was accompanied by Mr. John Wray. (Earlier comment in paper that Friendship now has 7 automobiles).

3-19-1914 article of birthday party of Little Mary Jones includes guest list with Katherine Thompson

4-9-1914 Miss Clemmie Leath of near Crockett Mills was shopping in town Monday...Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Leath of Crockett Mills vicinity were in town shopping Monday.

4-16-1914 Some unknown person or persons broke into the grocery of J.E. Privett Tuesday night. They took some soda water, pocket knives, and a few other small articles. The guilty parties have not been caught...Mrs. W.W. Thompson and little son Shelby of Tigrett are visiting her brother Dr. Lemmons in Pine Bluff Arkansas.