Anton's children

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Anton and Anna Wachdorf had nine children. Click any of the links above to go to their detailed info or to go to the Wachdorf index, click here: Wachdorf names. For the general surname index, click here: surnames. The photo gallery is the few shots taken of Anton and Anna's children when they were children. Click on any image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again.

Kitty, Harry and Clara around 1887

Harry and his little brother Edward (with the tambourine) around 1890

Edward's school photo

Joe's school photo

Edward on the left

Edward's class, with all the people labeled, including his maternal cousin, Bill Falkenthal

Edward's class, looking less formal (he's second from left)

Harry, two of the girls, Joseph and Edward in front of the first 58th St. address c. 1910

same shot, zoomed. Think the girls are Madge (born 1902) and Fran, so this might be their sister Clara's wedding day, around 1905

The tall one is Madge

Madge with flowers

Fran with flowers


Clara Christina Wachdorf born June 1883 married Henry Roster

8-28-1884 Catherine "Kitty" Wachdorf born. She married Tony Hochertz

8-21-1886 Henry H. "Harry" Wachdorf born. He married Dell Pleger, and after she died, Lydia Harnois

8-8-1888 Edward John Wachdorf. He married Irene Rose Pfleger.

June 1892 or 1893 Joseph George Wachdorf born. He married Jessie McCormick.

5-29-1895 Coletta "Lettie" Wachdorf born. She married Harvey Myers.

7-26-1897 Mae Wachdorf born. She never married.

8-2-1899 Frances "Fran" Wachdorf born. She married Frank Stevens.

8-16-1902 Magdalen "Madge" or "Midge" Wachdorf born. She never married.