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Della = 3rd wife of William Leland Hardison

Ida = daughter of William Leland Hardison


1965 June 15 Della Persuaded Bill to go into hospital, "while he was there...he became numb in his right arm + leg + his speech was poor."


June 25, 1965: death of William Leland Hardison


1965 July 6 Della "I can see + hear Bill in everything I do..." On trying to get car title switched, maybe sell the bailer, lonesome, and rode out high winds in storm cellar alone, bluebirds nesting, everyone so kind, must keep in touch though "Daddy" is gone.


1965 Dec 11 Della "How I am going to miss Bill putting up the lights, mailing the Christmas cards, and a thousand other things." Sends black walnuts from the tree by the gas tank outside the fence for candy, and money to buy the kids a nativity set, etc


1968 June 2 Ida to her brother

On having 5 extra kids as guests "the house did ring" and weather in Huntsville Alabama, on details of trying to settle late father's estate with his widow, but "I don't know any more about the price of that land than I do about battleships." Della (the widow) and Aunt Mary Lou afraid to travel because they said "the negroes were uprising." About her kids. Exodus of Martin-Marietta families who don't like Huntsville. Friends from Colorado including one giving up baby just adopted due to getting cancer.


1968 enclosed Della included in above letter, this one is from Della Hodges Hardison to stepdaughter Ida. Talks of her new false teeth and weather, but primarily about details of selling the farm she lived on with Bill (William Leland Hardison, her husband and Ida's father), taxes, etc.


1966 Sept 13 Della