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Many thanks to Jean Murchison for a family tree sent in 1998 that detailed the line of her husband, a descendent of TG Avery. The photocopy of the photograph of the William A.G. Avery family comes from Jean as well.

Carroll Rosamond "Boots" Avery

born 5-31-1913



1902-Eunice Ellen Avery

1903-Thomas Wilbur Avery

1905-Paul Constance Avery

1911-Minnie Rebekah Avery

1915-Nell Frances Avery

1917-Lena Mae Avery


There is a Rebecca Wells in Halls in the 1930 census, age 14, daughter of Dee Wells (salesman, wholesale groc), and Nealie (ages 40 & 36) with siblings Aleen, 16, Martha, 6 and Bobbie B (a boy under one yr old). Can't find them anywhere else.



Rebecca Wells




  William C.

  Martha Nell

  Linda Lee





Tom Avery


Minnie Viola Hawkins

spouse's parents:


Dee Wells



maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

William A.G. Avery & Sarah Rosamon

 maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1865-Charles Avery; c.1868-Sam Avery; 1870-Laura Avery Warmath; Lydia; Jessie; 1876-Ida Tennessee Avery (Hardison); after 1880-Joe Avery


maternal great-grandparents:

John D. Rosamon and Elizabeth Hefley


paternal great-grandparents:

BGHB Avery and Charity Brooks


1920 census, Lauderdale County, Gates:

Tom G. Avery, age 40, miller--flour mill.

Wife Minnie V., age 37 (now born in TN of parents born in TN).

Daughter Eunice E, age 18.

Son Wilbur, age 16.

Son Paul C, age 14.

Daughter Rebecca M., age 8.

Son Carroll R, age 6.

Daughter Nell, age 4 years 8 months.

Daughter Lena M, age 2 years 2 months.

5-31-1925 death of Minnie Viola Avery. Buried in Gates Cemetery.

7-23-1926 Lauderdale Enterprise: Gates: Mr. T.G. Avery and children, Carroll and Lena Mai, spent Sunday in Jackson with his daughter, Mrs. W.E. Perry. They were accompanied home by little Nell Avery who had been visiting her sister for several weeks.

1930 census, Lauderdale County, Halls:

Thomas G. Avery, age 52, married at 19, proprietor--flour mill, owns rather than rents, values his home at $4000, has a radio.

Wife Velma, age 41, first married at 25, born in TN of a father born in AL and a mother from TN, teacher--public school.

Daughter Rebecah, age 18

Son Carroll, age 16.

Daughter Nell, age 14.

Daughter Lena Mai, age 12.

Sister-in-law Erline Lighthart? Lighthost? maybe even Lightfoot? age 22, married at 22, born in TN of parents born in TN, teacher--public school (I guess Velma's sister under her married name, though their parents' origins should list the same as Velma's and do not).

Carroll R. Avery enlisted 5-4-1943 in Peoria IL. His state of nativity was TN but he was at the time from St. Louis, MO. Education: 4 yrs h.s. Occupation: teacher. 88 inches tall and 138 pounds.

There are two photos of Carroll Avery posted to the Crockett County page of TN Gen Web by Sandy Walker. The caption of one reads, "Carroll Avery WWII volunteered 11-12-1942 Army Air Force Radio Tech School." The other is a photo of the 1942 graduating class of Friendship High School, with Carroll Avery as part of the faculty.