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Some of this information comes from Nell Murchison, Jean Murchison, Connie Lane, Martha Avery Molly (Mullins) Hoffman and Mrs. CC James, Crockett Co. TN Historian. Much of this information comes (with permission) from a detailed family tree posted on Rootsweb by Andy Clay Harris.

Bolin Green Henry Bascom Avery

born 1803 NC, died in TN (signed his will in 1871)



1800-Eliza Warren

1807-Winifred McEwen

1809-Rev. William "Alexander" Avery

1811-Drury Vinson Avery

1813-Troy (prob same person as Reuben T.)

1815-John Avery

1817-Reuben T. "Sidney" Avery

1820-HDC Avery

1822-James A. Avery

c.1825-Sarah Elizabeth Avery(McDougald) (Hall)


Troy & John are not proven to be brothers of BGHB


married 12-21-1822

in Johnston Co NC


Charity Brooks


(italics=not certain)


c.1823-Sarah Elizabeth Avery Babb

c. 1820-1825 daughter

1828-M.J. (Spencer & Bodkin)

c.1829-James F Avery

c. 1825-1835 daughter

c.1830-Margaret Avery Pate

c.1832-John H Avery

c.1834-Martha Avery Tatum

c.1836-Frances Avery Booth

c.1838-Emily Avery Tatum

c.1840-Henry Avery

c.1842-William A.G. Avery

c.1844-Thomas Avery

c.1846 Louisa/Margaret (Aspray)


2 unnamed daughters based on 1830 & 1840 census



Alexander Averet Jr.


Elizabeth Vinson

spouse's parents:


Jacob Brooks


Sarah Warrington

maternal grandparents:

Drury Vinson & ?


paternal grandparents:

Alexander Averet Sr. & Sarah

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

c.1764-Margaret "Peggy"; c.1766-female Avery (m. Seals); c.1768-female Avery (m. James); c.1772-Christian Keziah Duncan; c.1776-Sally Norris

1822: B.G. "Averet" was one of the witnesses who signed the will of Jacob Brooks (his wife's father). The codicil to the will, dated 11-22-1822, was "If daughter Charity marry Bolling Green Averet--1 tract of land joing B.G. Averet, to her." (full will on Jacob Brooks page.)

1822: North Carolina marriage records, Johnston Co, Boling G Avera wed Charity Brooks 12-21-1822 (note that Nicy Brooks wed Micajah Midyett 1821)

1830 Sheriff's list of free inhabitants of Gibson Co. TN included BGHB Avery, his father Alexander, and brothers Drury and John.

1830 census, Gibson Co. TN (listed right below his father, Alexander)

"Bolling" Avery (names and approx ages added)

males: one under 5 (James, 1), one 20-30 (BGHB)

females: two under 5 (Margaret, 0 & MJ, 2), two 5-10 (Sarah Eliz, 7 & ??), one 20-30 (Charity)

1834 Gibson County Tax list includes BGHB Avery (62.5 acres) as well as his brother H. Avery (70 acres) both in District 13.

1835 Gibson County Tax list includes two men named Alexander Avery Sr. (one with 274 acres, one with 50), one Alexander Avery (with no acreage listed), and BGHB Avery (62.5 acres) in District 13. Suspect Alexander Avery with 274 acres is Alexander Avery Jr, father of BGHB, and Alexander with 50 acres is BGHB's brother, William "Alexander" Avery.

1835 According to the history of the Center Methodist Church posted on the Crockett County page of TN Gen Web by Natalie Huntley with the permission of the Crockett County Historical Society, land was first given for use of the church in 1835 by Carroll Jackson, and the pastor was Rev. Avery (both BGHB & his brother, William Alexander, were ministers). On 5-1-1845 John Scott deeded 1 acre for the church to trustees BGHB Avery, James Porter, D. Pennington, and Kinchen Carter.

1840 Gibson County TN (page 32 of 117):

Note: parenthetic added names with approx. ages. There are two unaccounted for girls, one 5-10 and one 10-15. The unaccounted for girls from 1830 would be 10-15 and 15-20 by 18-40, which means two daughters whose names are not listed above, one born 1820-25, the other 1825-35 (can't be sure because Margaret, born 1830, could be in either the 5-10 or 10-15 group)

BGHB Avery:

males: one under 5 (Henry, born 1840), one 5-10 (John, 8), one 10-15 (James, 11), one 30-40 (BGHB,  37)

Females: two under 5 (Frances 4 & Emily, 2), two 5-10 (Martha, 6 & Margaret, 10 or ??), two 10-15 (Margaret, 10 & MJ 12 or ??), one 15-20 (Sarah Eliz 17), one 30-40 (Charity, 35)

one male slave age 24-35. Thirteen in the household, three in agriculture.


1850 census, Gibson County, TN., District 16, household 493:

(note that household 495 is his daughter Margaret Pate and household 496 is his brother RTS Avery)

BGHB Avery, age 47, Meth. E. Clergm., worth $5000, born NC.

Charity, 45, born NC. All others born TN.

James, 21.

John, 18.

Martha, 16.

Frances, 14.

Emily, 12.

Henry, 10.

William, 8.

Thomas 6.

Louisa 4 (she becomes Margaret in the next census).


1860 census, Gibson County, TN, District 4, post office Quincy, household 441:

BGHB Avery, age 56, MM and farmer (take that to be Methodist Minister), real estate value 14,000, pers. estate 14,000. Born NC.

Charity, 55, born NC (in this census all the children are listed as born in NC).

Henry, 20.

William, 19.

Thos. 17.

Margaret, 13 (She was Louisa in the last census).

NOTE: There are three columns after place of birth, the first is "married within the year." The second is "Attended school within the year." The third is "Persons over 20 years of age who cannot read or write." The census taker has marked 1 in the first column, and 4 in the second. Nothing is marked in the third.

(Household 443 is his daughter Margaret Pate, household 444 is his brother Reuben T.S. Avery and wife Mary "Polly" Babb and household 446 is his daughter Sarah A.E. Babb, and household 523 is his daughter Emily Tatum)

           The 1860 slave schedule lists BGHB Avery with 3 slave houses and what looks like a family of slaves (Female 50, male 49, male 23, female 17, female 16, male 14, female 10, female 3, and a mulatto age 1 and a half). The next person listed in the slave schedule is R.L.S. Avery, who also has three slave houses, and has two males, 41, a male 22, female 21, male 15, female 13, and female 1. Imagine it's not R.L.S. but RTS.

           The 1860 Gibson, TN mortality schedule has four listings under the name BGHB Avery (he did not bother to supply the names of his dead slaves, but simply put them all under his own name): all females, a 26-year-old in January, a 24-year-old in November, another 24-year-old in June and an infant in September. The 26-year-old died of fever after 9 days illness. The 24-year-olds died of unknown causes with no duration of illness listed. The infant died of unknown causes after 8 days.

            One year later the Civil War was underway.


1870 census, Gibson County, TN, District 4, post office Quincy:

B.G. Avery, age 69, farmer, real estate worth $5000, personal estate worth $1000, born NC.

Wife Charity "Keeps house," age 65, born NC.

Cassie Coorland (it looks like), domestic servant, black, age 24, born in TN

Joseph Coorland, age 10, black, domestic servant.

2-10-1871 date of signature on will of BGHB Avery, Gibson, TN Will Book G, page 202. To wife Charity: half of stock, so Jonas and Katy may make a living, house and land on which she lives, beginning line of James F. Avery's 40 acre tract, so as to include the graveyard, and over to the corner of the gin field, including the field to the lane. To son W.A.G. Avery: the rest of the tract to live on. To son James F. Avery: 50 acres. Daughter Martha has had $400 worth of land in Arkansas; must make account to estate before she shares. Grandson B.G. Pate owes me some notes and accounts and he has acted very strange. It is my will that two-thirds of what he owes me be collected and paid his sisters Amanda and Emily. Grandson B.G. Tatum: $150 put to interest, and when he is twenty years old, principle and interest to be paid to him. All others equally. Executors: sons H.B. and James F. Avery

1880 census, Crockett County TN, District 3, household 128

Jas. F Avery, age 51, farmer, born TN of parents born TN (son of BGHB & Charity)

wife Nancy, age 45, born TN of parents born TN

son Will A., age 16

boarder Jas Hopper/Hoppen? age 25, white, laborer, TN-TN-TN

mother Charity Avery, age 75, NC-NC-NC

boarder Grand? Carman/Farmer? age 55, black, laborer, NC-NC-NC